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    CBD Paste is one of the highest strength CBD products you can get. That's because it is the pure and whole plant extract from CBD plants (hemp). Not only is CBD Paste packed with Cannabidiol (CBD), but it is rich in Cannabinoids, Terpenes and many of the essential nutrients and fatty acids found in hemp plants. Learn More

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    2 Variants Available

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    What is CBD Paste?

    To put it in simple terms, CBD Paste is the whole-plant extract. It is the result of taking whole cannabis or hemp plants and putting them through an extraction process (such as CO2 extraction).

    This extraction process draws out all the nutrients and oils from the plants, and as a result, a nutrient-packed paste-like substance is obtained.

    Thanks to the fact that CBD is a raw extract, CBD Paste is packed with CBD and other cannabis and hemp-derived substances such as terpenes, flavonoids, resin, and other nutrients. It’s good to note that this makes CBD Paste a ‘full spectrum’ form of CBD.

    It is easy to dose, and it lasts a very long time for many people, since all you need it just a little bit at a time.

    Is CBD Paste Different from CBD Oil?

    CBD Paste is different from CBD oil for a few different reasons:
    - CBD Paste is the raw extract from hemp and CBD Oil is actually CBD Paste diluted in a carrier oil.
    - CBD Paste is viscous and thick in consistency, and CBD Oil is a very fluid liquid.
    - CBD Paste is packed with all of the nutrients in the plants, and only a Full Spectrum CBD Oil will contain the same nutrients, except in diluted form.
    CBD Paste usually contains a very high content of CBD, whereas CBD oil can vary in CBD content.

    What does CBD Paste taste like?

    CBD Paste is famous for its unique flavour. Its taste is very strong at times and can range anywhere from strong and earthy to a very plant-like taste. CBD, to begin with, is a bit bitter, but CBD Paste is a whole-plant extract, and therefore tastes even stronger.
    Of course, it is definitely an acquired taste, but if you simply can’t deal with the flavour, there are always other ways to take your CBD that taste better.
    Since CBD Paste doesn’t taste wonderful, there are a few ways you can make it a bit more appetising. One way is by adding some honey under your tongue and then adding the CBD Paste. It will make it sweeter, and the taste of the honey will come through, making the experience more pleasant.
    Another way to make the experience more enjoyable is by putting some flavouring drops such as peppermint extracts or orange extract (only one or two drops at the most) under your tongue before adding the CBD Paste. Or you can also mix it in with your CBD Paste dosage right before you take it.
    Also, if you like peanut butter or almond butter, you can eat some right before and right after taking the CBD Paste. This will make it taste more like the butter you ate rather than the CBD Paste and it will be much tastier.


    How do I take CBD Paste?

    The best way to take CBD Paste is sublingually. First, you measure out your dose. This can vary from person to person, but a good starting point would be a small amount about the size of a rice grain. Then, you place the CBD Paste under your tongue and leave it there until it begins melting (around 60 seconds). Once that is over, you can wash it down with a glass of water or a flavoured drink of your choice.

    What are the Benefits of CBD Paste?

    One of the main benefits of CBD Paste is that it lasts a long time. It can cost a little more than some CBD oils, but due to its high CBD content, a little goes a long way, therefore it actually costs less in the long run.
    Also, CBD Paste contains many of the nutrients found in cannabis and hemp plants, therefore it is more nutritionally rounded than just CBD Isolates, for example -- so it can add much more to your diet than other CBD products.
    CBD Paste is also very easy to dose, and it usually comes packaged with all the necessary tools you need to take the Paste. So not only is it a good investment, but it is nutritious and it is very simple to take.