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What Is The Love CBD Entourage CBD Oil?

Love CBD has tried to unlock the greatest possible value out of the cannabis plant in their entourage line. How did they do it? By sourcing a unique mix of cannabis extract from various strains and climates from Ukraine, Netherlands and the Czech Republic. By doing this, they developed a unique and excellent mix of extract. Leading you to get an amazingly high-quality mixture of full spectrum CBD and terpenes suspended in olive oil. Giving you some of the best Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, lactose-free CBD Oil that comes in a really handy spray bottle making it great to take on the go!

Key Features

  • A unique and perfected cocktail of three plant strains sourced from Ukraine, Netherlands & Czech Republic.
  • 20ml bottle in three strengths: 4, 7 & 10%
  • Grown without herbicide, pesticide, artificial fertilizer & harmful chemicals 
  • Vegan
  • Lactose & Gluten Free
  • Contains trace amounts of THC (less than 0.2%).
  • This oil cannot be vaporized. It is intended for oral use only.
  • The Entourage Oil is a food supplement.

What is the Entourage effect?

Dr Raphel Mechoulam is a scientist who has dedicated his life to testing and studying Cannabinoids. His team developed the concept of the entourage effect. He suggested that all the compounds found in the cannabis plant such as CBD, terpenes and phytochemicals work better when taken together. This is why proper cannabidiol extract and full spectrum CBD is considered more effective than a CBD isolate, which is what is used in many other CBD oils. 

This is why Love CBD provides a Full spectrum CBD product that has been CO2 extracted to ensure as much of the CBD terpenes and vitamins are maintained in Love CBD's Entourage CBD Oil.

What is in the Love CBD Entourage Oil

Love CBD aims to create a plain, simple and straight forward CBD Oil, with no chemicals or flavourings. With a unique cocktail cannabis extract sourced from pesticide, herbicide and artificial fertilizer free plants. This means the Entourage CBD Oil only contains: 

  • Cannabis Extract
  • Olive Oil
  • Total THC Content: 0.0478%

Recommended dosage 

1 spray under the tongue daily, ideally with food. let the oil sit under the tongue for 20-30 seconds before swallowing.

Lab report

10% (100mg/10ml)