Why Vaporize CBD Over Other Methods?

Most CBD vapers chose to vape instead of the alternatives due to the easy on demand nature of vaping. This is because when you inhale CBD vapor it’s a lot faster acting. Additionally, vaping CBD is a lot more efficient method of consumption, due to the High Bio-availability of CBD vaping albeit in CBD e-liquid, or CBD vape oil cartridges; they have a bio-availability of up to 56%.

Bio availability is the efficiency that consumption method is at getting the CBD to the blood stream. Some methods such as edibles have a bio-availability of 10%. So technically you can get up to 5 times the CBD in your blood where it can interact with your bodies systems, for the same amount of CBD.  

Is CBD E-Liquid Legal in the UK?

CBD e-liquid is legal in the UK if it contains less than 0.2% THC as its total mass. All CBD E-liquid you find on bloom Botanics UK, is Lab tested and 100% legal in the UK. We only source from established & well-regulated brand who lab test their products, so that we the team here at Bloom Botanics and you can rest assured that we are all working with 100% legal CBD.

CBD E-liquid, CBD Vape Juice & CBD Vape Oil; Are They the Same Thing?

No there are two different products here: CBD E-Liquid & CBD Vape Oils. These often get mixed up but they are two different things:

CBD E- liquid

(AKA: CBD Vape Juice, CBD Vape Liquid, CBD E Juice, ….)

This is very similar to most e-cigarette e-liquids, but instead of added addictive nicotine there is non-addictive & non-psychoactive CBD. CBD E-liquid at is base is a mixture of:

  1. CBD Isolate,
  2. Propylene glycol (PG)
  3. Vegetable glycerine (VG)

With the addition of additional perfumes for taste and sometimes terpenes (another Hemp/cannabis extract) are added to enrich the mixture due to the wellness benefits people find they have.

CBD E-liquid/ CBD vape juices will work in any normal e-cigarette you may own already. As a non-addicting alternative to nicotine E-liquid. Some people even mix CBD and nicotine E-liquid together.

Need a CBD vape?

Don’t worry we have many options for you, from completely disposable CBD Vaporizers, to slim and prefilled cartridge CBD vape pens, to modern and reusable pod vaporizers.

New to vaping? we highly recommend using a prefilled CBD vape pen, or a disposable vaporizer due to their simplicity and low cost which makes it a great way to try out vaping.

CBD Vape Oil

(AKA: CBD Distillate, CBD Concentrate, …)

This is extracted from Hemp in different methods and can’t be consumed in normal e-cigarette tanks like CBD e-liquid. However, for your convenience we only stock CBD vape oil in single use cartridges. These cartridge work with any 510 threaded vaporizer (this is the standard screw thread fitting on most vapes). But you can also get the official branded batteries for each of the cartridges we sell so that you can vape the way the manufacturer intended.

If using your own battery, we recommend using a low temperature for the vape oil cartridges, to avoid burning out the element in them.

Who Are the Biggest Brands in CBD E-liquid?

In the UK there are 6 main brands when it comes to CBD, in no particular order:

 Harmony CBD E Liquid

1. Harmony CBD

 Koi CBD E-Liquid

2. Koi CBD

 Love Hemp CBD E-Liquid

3. Love Hemp

 Love CBD -CBD E-liquid

4. Love CBD

 CBD Asylum CBD E-liquid

5. CBD Asylum

 CBD Life E-Liquid

6. CBDLife


Who Are the Biggest Brands in CBD Vape Oil?

CBDLife are pioneers in this area and produce a great CBD vape oil cartridge in two strengths: 10% and the insane 40%. You can also dab up to 99% CBD Isolate using their CBD Dab pen.

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