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    CBD Coffee

    CBD Coffee

    Nothing beats a cup of fresh coffee infused with CBD. Due to this it has recently become popular in the UK, and many people are using it in their daily routines to boost them up and get them ready for their day. It is one of many CBD drinks and beverages, such as CBD teas, CBD shakes, CBD drink enhancers, and many more; but it’s become one of the most popular CBD drinks on the market.Learn More

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    What is CBD Coffee Good For?

    Many people suffer from high stress levels or anxiety, and throwing coffee into the mix simply makes things worse. But coffee is essential to many people’s morning routine that it’s almost impossible to cut it out completely.CBD coffee is the solution to this problem! CBD coffee still energises you, gives you the caffeine that you’re after, but it reduces the post-coffee jitters! Helping you feel energised focused and at ease.

    Is CBD Coffee Safe?

    CBD coffee is totally safe. As long as the CBD coffee is put through the necessary testing, and it meets all the requirements necessary, it is always safe. Here at Bloom Botanics we always value your safety and wellbeing, and we only offer products that we know are safe for you to consume. Therefore, as long as you buy from reputable brands and stores, you’ll always be safe!

    Is CBD Coffee Legal in the UK?

    Yes! CBD coffee is legal in the UK. All CBD products are required to contain less than 0.2% THC, and when CBD coffee contains less than this legal amount, it is 100% legal. Of course, you can always choose a CBD coffee made with CBD isolate and cut out the possibility of consuming any THC whatsoever, but it’s not illegal for a CBD coffee to contain small traces of THC -- as long as it’s less than 0.2%.

    CBD Coffee FAQ

    How Do I Make CBD Coffee?

    CBD coffee can be made just like any normal kind of coffee! Whether you make espressos or drip coffee, all you need to do is make sure the coffee is ground to fit the coffee maker you have.

    What Are the Effects of CBD Coffee?

    CBD coffee is energising just like any other kind of coffee, but it is also said to help your mind focus and become less jittery. So don’t worry, coffee and CBD don’t cancel each other out, the CBD simply makes the coffee a more enjoyable experience!

    How Did the CBD Coffee Trend Get Started?

    Coffee is one of everyone’s favourite beverages, and many people drink it on a daily basis. CBD coffee is the perfect way to both drink your favourite drink and get your daily CBD dose! It’s delicious, it’s convenient, and it’s the perfect drink for the morning!

    Is CBD Coffee the New Best Thing?

    We think it is! There are so many reasons why CBD coffee can make the perfect addition to your daily routine; and with CBD gaining popularity every single day, we predict CBD coffee making its way into everyone’s daily routine!