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    CBD has become a part of daily life for many people in the UK, and with this have come many innovative ways of taking CBD, which include CBD Chewing Gum. We carry the best brands of CBD Chewing Gum including Endoca and Clever By Nature, which are some of the top CBD brands in the UK! As soon as you try it, you’ll see just how perfectly it fits into your daily life. Learn More

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    What is CBD Chewing Gum?

    CBD chewing gum is the same as normal chewing gum, except it has CBD in it. It is consumed the same way as normal chewing gum, and the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream that way. It’s much like sublingual consumption of CBD oil, except it’s easier, more convenient, and itt makes your breath minty fresh in the process!

    What is CBD Chewing Gum Made Of?

    CBD chewing gum is often made from 100% natural, organic ingredients that are also biodegradable. Its ingredients often include natural gum base such as chicle gum, which is the gummy sap from the chicle tree (fun fact: aztec and mayan people used to chew it just like us to freshen their breath and keep their teeth clean!) and CBD. Additional ingredients include natural essential oils and stevia or xylitol.

    Benefits of CBD Chewing Gum

    CBD chewing gum has its set of benefits, and these are the main reasons that people simply love it! Here is a list of some of CBD chewing gum’s most important features and benefits:

    • CBD’s bioavailability is increased when it’s chewed.
    • Chewing CBD  throughout the day helps maintain the desired level of CBD in your body.
    • Pieces of CBD chewing gum come in pre-measured CBD doses, which makes dosing your CBD simple and easy to keep track of.
    • It is very discreet and easy to take anywhere, anytime.
    • CBD chewing gum is great for beginners.
    • CBD chewing gum is microdosing-friendly.


    The Best CBD Chewing Gum


    Endoca CBD Chewing Gum

    This wonderful CBD chewing gum has 150mg of CBD per 10 piece pack (15mg per piece), is made with 100% natural, organic ingredients, and is sugar free. It comes in an amazing wild peppermint flavour made with natural essential oils!

    Two Wise Chimps Clever By Nature

    This CBD chewing gum has a total of 45mg of CBD per 9 piece pack (5mg per piece), is completely biodegradable and plastic-free, and is made with an all-natural gum base! It’s also sugar free and made with natural ingredients.