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    CannabiGold is a Polish CBD brand that has developed their premium line of oral CBD products. Led by an expert team who have managed over 5000 hemp extraction cycles and recieved the first contract for growing Cannabis Sativa in Poland for CBD. Due to their comitment to excellence in production and accountability. Learn More

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    Who are Cannabigold?

    CannabiGold is a Polish CBD brand that has developed their premium line of oral CBD products. They are one of the most unique brands, not only because of their range of products (which are amazing) but because of their unique supercritical CO2 fluid extraction process, and their unique CBD quality control. They create phytocannabinoid-rich CBD products that beautifully reflect their guaranteed quality control and the work of their team of scientists’ research. All their CBD is sourced from their own 600ha hemp farm and extracted using their very own CO2 extraction method. 

    What Makes CannabiGold Stand Out?

    CannabiGold as a brand was the first private Polish company to acquire a state license to farm and use Cannabis Sativa. Since then, their leading PhD scientists, including Jarosław Szulfer who has a PhD in pharmaceutics, has been overseeing the quality of their CBD products and has been closely studying their hemp strains and products in order to make perfect CBD products. One of the things that makes CannabiGold unique among the other brands is their terpene-rich formulas. Both their CBD products contain +/- 0.7% terpenes, which are native to the hemp strains they grow. Another defining feature of CannabiGold’s products is their attention to detail. This is seen at its peak in their CBD Balance Oil’s unique bottle design and, of course, in their unique CBD oil formula. 

    What is our Expert Opinion?

    Our experts here at Bloom Botanics know a good CBD brand when we see one, and CannabiGold is as good as it gets. All their products are the highest quality, we like that they have a scientific research and quality control team overseeing all production, and we approve of their terpene-rich formulas! If we had to mention downsides, we would say that their range of CBD products is a bit limited, as they only have CBD Capsules and CBD Balance oil available to us right now. Another detail that we don’t necessarily love is the fact that the third-party lab results on their products need to be requested as they are not available online.

    What are their most popular products?


    Who are CannabiGold products for?

    CannabiGold makes products for anyone and everyone seeking to take high-quality oral CBD products. They are great for those who want to have a more substantial terpene intake, and who want trust-worthy, controlled CBD products. As CannabiGold only makes 2 oral CBD products, this does exclude people seeking, say, a topical CBD product, or another type of CBD product. However, they do offer both capsules and oil, allowing people to either taste the CBD oil or not depending on their preferences.

    CannabiGolds Company History

    CannabiGold is actually HemPoland’s in-house CBD brand. They have been in the game ever since CBD was legalized in Poland, and they have been collaborating with professionals in both the cannabis and food supplement fields in order to create an impressive range of products. HemPoland has been creating hemp-based food supplements since before CannabiGold came about, and they are known around Europe for their incredible food supplements. However, not all products contain CBD and are solely hemp-derived products such as hemp protein and hemp fibre.