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    Canabidol is a 100% UK-based brand with a beautiful range of both unique and well-known CBD products. They represent transparency, consistency, and loyalty, and they make each and every one of their CBD products with these principals in mind. 

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    Who Are Canabidol?

    Canabidol are a CBD brand from Berkshire, UK. They began back in 2015, making them one of the oldest and most well-established CBD brands in the UK. Since 2015, Canabidol has been making a beautiful array of products that are made from their amazing hemp.
    Canabidol has their own CBD hemp farms in Portugal, which allows them optimal quality control over the hemp and CBD they use in their products. They also source their hemp from other European hemp farms that are either certified organic or in the process of gaining their organic certification.

    What Makes Canabidol Stand Out?

    Canabidol is a very well-centred and well-established CBD brand. They have built their CBD empire on a set of commendable values: transparency, consistency, dependability, confidence, and loyalty; and their dedication to their values has a great effect on the quality of their products, the transparency they present to the world, and their overall success.
    Their products also set them apart from the rest of the CBD market. They offer a variety of products for a variety of different people’s needs and preferences. Some come in well-known formats, such as their CBD oil, and others come in more unique presentations such as their hemp supplement capsules and their CBD tea. 

    The unsurpassed quality of Canabidol CBD products is another defining quality of this UK CBD brand. Not only is the quality hardly matched by other CBD brands, but it is always backed by their third-party lab test results. 

    What Is Our Expert Opinion?

    Here at Bloom Botanics, we’re always learning about new and old CBD brands. As we’ve become more acquainted with Canabidol, we’ve found that their dedication to their philosophy and values is the thing that makes them stand out. 
    They are transparent in every step of their CBD production process, they are very reliable when it comes to consistent CBD quality, and their products are designed to be used by everyone and anyone seeking better CBD. 

    There is one small detail that we’ve found to be a bit of a downside, and that is that when it comes to accessing the third-party lab test results for their products, you have to go to, then locate and enter each product’s batch number to access the results.

    This is a small price to pay for the good CBD products they make, but we would have prefered to have immediate access to the third-party lab results.

    Canabidol History

    Canabidol started back in 2015 in Berkshire, UK. From the very beginning, they have sourced their hemp from farms that they trust, and that can keep up with their precise quality control requirements.
    Since 2015, Canabidol has used its growing platform to spread education about cannabis, hemp, and CBD, and has also made sure to always stay transparent throughout all the changes in legality and regulations.

    As of today, Canabidol remains one of the UK’s most trusted CBD brands not only because of their age, but because they have proven the true worth of high quality, traceable, reliable CBD products.