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    Bloom Botanics Bundles

    Bloom Botanics CBD Bundles

    Bloom Botanics carries the best and most popular CBD brands in the UK. We do not carry any white label products that are sold on in our name. This way we can not have any bias towards our own products. It also means that the brands and products we carry are ones we ourselves use because we love them. We have made bundles of our own favourites plus ones we think you would love! Great products bundled together to save money... What's not to love?Learn More

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    Who are Bloom Botanics?

    Bloom Botanics LTD comprises of CBD Enthusiasts, eCommerce Experts and International Cannabis & Hemp Industry Veterans. Together they strive to provide the UK the best marketplace to buy CBD. They recognised a high level of confusion around CBD and CBD products in the UK. They solved this by providing an environment with lab tested and legal high-quality products in the UK. Making it easy to compare products and find the best product for you, due to the uniform structure and objective views they give on every product. Helping new and experienced users alike understand the unique features of every product.

    What Makes Bloom Botanics Unique?

    Bloom Botanics is a CBD Re-seller. They do not have their own name brand product. Giving you an unbiased and neutral viewpoint on every product... Helping you better understand what makes a particular product unique. We hope to provide our customers with the best possible CBD experience for their needs. By providing them with a wide range of products from various brands with different missions, visions & value propositions. Furthermore, their products must be lab tested to get on our store so that we can be sure that you are getting legal, high-quality products from reputable brands which will not disappoint!

    What is Our Expert Opinion?


    In Our CBD Bundles, we tried to strike an appealing price point, and offer you a great selection of unique products that you can be sure will help you completely experience what CBD has to offer!

    What Are The Most Popular Bundles?


    cbd for beginners bundle  

    1) CBD for Beginners Bundle

    • 1 CBD Asylum Stik disposable vape ( 5% strength & available in Menthol or Berry)
    • 1 box of Love Hemp CBD Chocolate Bites (dark or milk chocolate!)
    • 1 bottle of Holistic Hemp Scotland Alpine CBD Oil (5% Strength)
    • All from the biggest brands in the UK!
    High Strength CBD Bundle

    2) The High Strength CBD Bundle

    • High strength 40% CBD Vape Pen Kit from CBDLife (2 flavours)
    • 3g of High strength 15% CBD Paste from Holistic Hemp Scotland
    • All from the biggest brands in the UK!
    CBD joints and muscles bundle

    3) CBD Joints & Muscles Bundle

    • High Strength Love CBD Balm
    • 100% Vegan Herts Hemp CBD Capsules
    • From some the biggest brands in the UK!

    Who Are Bloom Botanics Bundles For?

    Bloom Botanics Bundles are great for beginners who want to be sure they are getting a great set of products to try, which will enable them to find what is the right way to consume CBD for themselves.
    Bloom Botanics also provide bundles for the more experienced CBD user too! Our high strength CBD bundle is a great way for people to enjoy high doses with extra savings! Finally, our bundles allow us to showcase more unique and interesting products that we ourselves love. In hopes to encourage users to try new and exciting products we can not get enough of; like with our CBD shower bundle!

    Bloom Botanics Company History

    Bloom Botanics LTD. runs a premium CBD marketplace on, that was launched on the 13th of March 2019. They have worked hard everyday to expand their offering and perfect their online shopping experience. Enabling more people to try CBD by providing a secure and simple place to learn about safe and legal CBD in the UK! Want to learn more? Check out our about us page!