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    As makers of the worlds first CBD infused protein and energy shakes,7NRG is an eco-conscious company devoted to offering on the go convenience for athletes. The development of 7NRG’s fitness drinks uses a 7 point approach to consistently focus on performance, recovery, nutrition, wellbeing, psychology, physiology and the endocannabinoid system. Their CBD infused fitness drinks are not only convenient with a shaker ball inside of recyclable polyethene packaging that is easy to take on the go, but also full of all the essential nutrients that are needed before and after a workout.Learn More

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    Who are 7NRG?

    As the name very fittingly implies, 7NRG are a brand dedicated to the active CBD user. Supplying a very thirsty populace with a sports nutrition range that combines energy and protein powders with a healthy dose of CBD, 7NRG are redefining the CBD energy supplement market! 7NRG offer thoughtfully innovative, convenient supplements that contain only the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD that is absolutely THC-free. Using a powdered, water-soluble form of CBD, 7NRG carefully chooses a CBD dose that will always deliver much-needed endurance during training sessions as well as much-needed but regularly overlooked post-workout recovery. Fully recyclable, 7NRG’s range of sports supplements are packed with environmental commitment as well as product innovation. 7NRG understand the necessity for ultra-convenient products for any athlete, but also understand that this does not have to come at the cost of the earth. All 7NRG’s products are packaged in fully recyclable polyethylene, and their brand is just as much about sustainability as quality. Furthermore, 7NRG are committed to breaking down the barriers and stereotypes surrounding cannabinoid use and the sports/fitness industries, one recyclable product at a time.

    What Makes 7NRG Stand Out?

    7NRG are paving brand new territory in the CBD world. 7NRG have recently joined forces with The Basketball League (TBL) to become the first CBD infused sports nutrition shake to sponsor a professional league in the United States, all to help dismantle the association of cannabinoids and other performance enhancement drugs. In order to increase education and awareness about the health benefits of cannabinoids and athleticism, 7NRG have constructed a 7 point approach for all 7 points of the cannabis sativa plant. The development of their drinks consistently focuses on performance, recovery, nutrition, wellbeing, psychology, physiology and the endocannabinoid system. Everything 7NRG stands for centres on discovering the untapped health benefits of CBD as a compelling compound in sport science, endurance and recovery.

    What is Our Expert Opinion?

    We absolutely love seeing ideology become reality, and we really feel that 7NRG is doing just that - breaking down barriers and (mis)conceptions and actively engaging in the drive to shift how athletes, professional or otherwise, utilize CBD in their own unique regimes. Education about natural and safer ways of helping performance is something we can all get behind! We also love their dedication to looking at several different ways in which CBD and other cannabinoids can selectively target and help several different areas of athleticism - or just working out! Ideology aside, their products work amazingly too. You can see their ethos in action with any of their products, and each formula is specifically crafted to provide different results. Because, at the end of the day, a workout is a complex entity that requires different kinds of care - before, during, and after.

    What are 7NRG's Most Popular Products?

    7NRG CBD Pre Workout Mango Pineapple Energy Shake - To perfectly prime you for that workout, this shake is energizing beyond measure. Like a great morning smoothie, this pre-workout shake is packed with things that’ll get you going and keep it that way, like delicious mango. This formula contains 12mg of medium strength CBD to prep your body as well as your mind. 7NRG Post Workout CBD Chocolate Protein Shake - And, to gracefully end your workout, this post-workout shake is the perfect counterbalance to the pre-workout shake. Formulated to help your body relax and recover, this delicious chocolate shake contains 25mg of high strength CBD, to help your body and mind get back to normal.

    Who are their Products for?

    It might seem that these products are intended for only those who take their athleticism very, very seriously, but this is simply not true - or not entirely true, anyway. These products are great for athletes and sports professionals, but the thing that makes them really stand out is that they don’t want to just help professionals, but want to help the everyman become healthier, in a safer and healthier way. These products are a great way to make sure that those three times you use an exercise bike a week are the most fruitful they can be, and to help you recover from such exertion.

    What is 7NRG's Company History?

    Formed very recently in 2019, 7NRG is a young company even in the CBD world. However, the strides they have already made to changing perceptions about cannabinoids and athleticism make it seem like they’ve been around for a lot longer. In just a few months after establishing the company, 7NRG joined forces with The Basketball League to become the first CBD infused sports nutrition shake to sponsor a professional league in the United States. The fact that they’ve accomplished so much in such little time is an amazingly refreshing change of pace, and we cannot wait to see what they do next!