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    Will I Fail My Drug Test? CBD and UK Drug Testing

    Will I Fail My Drug Test? CBD and UK Drug Testing

    With the rise in popularity and the rise in numbers of people taking CBD, there has also risen a few important questions; and many people are doing their best to understand more about all the aspects of taking CBD, and whether it really is good for an everyday lifestylein our modern world.

    The question we will be tackling in this blog is that of “will CBD cause me to fail a drug test?”, for it is one of the most important questions for a modern person. Especially for those who are seeking new jobs or are subjected to frequent drug tests in their current job.

    I understand how important it is for many modern people here in the UK, as many people have been a bit worried about whether simply taking CBD oil every day as a dietary supplement will cause them to fail a drug test, and possibly have larger consequences as a result of that.

    CBD & Drug Testing in the UK

    Cannabis drug testing in the UK is a common test within many different companies, which they apply to their employees in order to make sure all is as it should be, and to keep an eye on how everything is going within their companies.

    This test screens for the psychoactive component in marijuana called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, and is quite accurate in terms of picking up on any traceable amount of this component.

    Well, recently, since the rise of CBD in many different products, and the wide availability of this dietary supplement, there have also risen the number of people who take CBD. With that said, does this mean that an increasing number of people will be at risk of failing these types of drug tests?

    It all simply depends on the amount of THC in the CBD products you consume, and the way your body metabolises the THC. These two factors can contribute greatly to the results of your drug test results, so you should be aware of both of these before you begin taking CBD, and are subject to drug testing at your job or otherwise.

    THC in CBD Oil and CBD Products

    Drug Test Results

    CBD is a dietary supplement according to the FDA and MHRA and is not a psychoactive ingredient. It has not been found to cause any psychoactive effects or “highs” on any people who take it. UK law allows there to be less than 0.2% THC in all the CBD on the market. Of course, this amount is not enough to create a “high” or anything of the sort, but your body still metabolises it, and it has been shown to produce traces within your bloodstream or otherwise. This means that you may be at risk of failing a drug test that screens for traceable amounts of THC.

    Of course this doesn’t mean that all CBD should be avoided when subject to drug tests. This is because not all CBD products contain THC or any traceable amounts of it. Many companies prefer to offer a dietary supplement which can be used by everyone and anyone. Just remember that not all CBD companies opt to completely remove all THC traces form their CBD since some people prefer a full spectrum product which will still have minuscule amounts of THC.

    How to Find the Right CBD Product for You

    If you are subject to THC drug testing, but you still want to take CBD as a dietary supplement, it is most important that you find a CBD product that not only claims to have no THC but can prove so. There are actually a few ways you can make sure your CBD supplement does not have any THC and that you will be safe in the case of a drug test. Below are some of these methods:

    1. To make sure your products are as pure as possible, and to minimise your chances of ingesting traces of THC, always try to look for products made from CBD isolates. CBD isolates are what is considered the “purest form” of CBD, and they usually don’t contain traces of anything other than CBD itself. There are many great products you can buy which are made with CBD isolates, so it will be super easy for you to find exactly what you need. Many e-liquids are made from CBD isolates, so vapers rejoice!
    2. There are some sites on the internet which conduct 3rd party tests on a lot of different CBD brands and makes these results public for everyone to check before taking this particular product. These are a great way to find exactly what is in your CBD products, for you can not only see their THC content, but you can also see any other amounts of ingredients, solvents, etc. Additionally, these are great because more times than not, they are impartial, and are not made by the same company.
    3. Most reputable CBD brands themselves, especially those who claim that their products contain 0% THC, have their own pages where anyone can see their test results for themselves. These are a good way of going about this, but I wouldn’t recommend it above wither getting your CBD tested for yourself, or seeing a 3rd party lab result page. Either way, if this is your only way, you can choose to trust in the company’s word and hope for the best during your next THC drug test.

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