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    Why is CBD Oil so Expensive?

    Why is CBD Oil so Expensive?

    CBD is now raising in popularity, and a wider variety of people are enjoying and purchasing this product to receive its benefits. Thanks to its popularity, new products and methods of consumption are appearing each day, and exciting and innovative ways to enjoy this substance are surfacing.

    However, there's been one frequently asked question about CBD oil (one of the most popular CBD products), that many users are dying to know the answer to; “why is CBD oil so expensive?!”. Well, it's easy to understand why so many users are asking themselves this question, and why the CBD community is wondering why one of their favourite things has to be so pricey.

    The cause for this question I believe, is due to the fact that many manufacturers are now raising their prices for their CBD products, due to the fact that now there is a wider demand, and they can now take advantage of their increased customer public.

    However, it is not always the fault of the manufacturers that CBD oil and other CBD products are so pricey. There are many reasons that point to the answer to the question of why it is so pricey, and in this article, I will be sharing with you all you need to know to understand more about why CBD is set at such a high price.

    Extracting CBD is not Easy

    Hemp Extraction Process

    One of the first things that comes to mind when trying to understand why CBD is set at a high price, is the fact that extracting it is not simple or easy. Although there are two primary types of CBD extraction processes that are used commonly today, they both are considered complicated and tedious.

    One of the most commonly used extraction processes is the ethanol extraction process. This process uses alcohol to strip the wonderful CBD oil from the hemp plant efficiently. To complete this process hemp is added to ethanol and then the mixture is strained and distilled so that all the ethanol remaining can be removed.

    Although when compared to other processes, this extraction process might seem simple, it still requires money and a long process to get the products people are looking for. Also, this process does not create CBD oil that is as potent as other options made from other extraction processes.

    Another commonly used extraction process is CO2 extraction. To complete this extraction process, expensive machinery and a very controlled environment is needed. To pull or extract the oil from the hemp plant, pressurized carbon dioxide is used.

    With CO2 extraction, batches are smaller and manufacturers are not able to create big sellable batches of CBD, making it more pricey. CBD that comes from this type of extraction method is also more pricey due to the fact that it's considered more potent, and high-quality.

    Hemp Quality is Important

    Hemp Plants

    One of the first things that manufacturers have to take into consideration even before extracting CBD from the hemp plant, is that the hemp plants being used are high quality and that they have the exact desired chemical makeup needed to make CBD oil and other products.

    To make it easier to understand, take vegetables for example. If vegetables are not grown correctly, are in the wrong environment, or are not shielded from different bacteria, they will not grow to be the vegetables that we use in our daily recipes and could not be sold or enjoyed by consumers.

    So manufacturers have to take into close consideration the quality of the hemp they're growing, and to ensure the hemp they will be using in their products contain high amounts of CBD and is grown in soil that is free of harsh chemicals and pesticides. Simply caring for a large number of plants can be already costly, especially because they are buying expensive strains of hemp plants.

    So, although it may sound hard to believe, the expense of the CBD oil you are using goes all the way back to the plant that it came from, the care they had to give it to grow tall and strong, and the actual quality of the plant itself that was able to offer the components you find in your everyday CBD products.

    Additive-Free & Natural CBD Products are Hard to Find

    Natural Hemp

    Something that makes pricey CBD products different from inexpensive, cheaply made products, is the fact that more expensive products contain only a small handful of natural ingredients, and are packed with a handful of unnecessary chemicals and other additives.

    There are some products on today's market that are poorly made, and that have a wide variety of unnecessary ingredients and additives that take away from the overall quality of the product itself. I believe that some manufacturers do this to make up for the taste of the products, the amount of the product (more product sold, more money), or simply for the products to have a sweeter, fancier smell or scent.

    No matter why the manufacturers do this does not matter, but it simply shows that although some CBD products and CBD oils may be pricier, they are worth their price if they are only made with limited amount of natural ingredients, and if they do not contain a handful of unnecessary and even harmful chemicals.

    Is CBD Oils Worth the Price

    Bottles of CBD Oil

    For many, simply seeing a bottle of CBD oil that expensive is already a big “no, no”. However, for others that have experienced the benefits of this component, and what it offers them, the price seems to not matter.

    Like any other product found on today's market, CBD oil comes in a variety of different prices and varies also in quality. It depends greatly on the individual's decision as to the quality of the product they want, and what they're willing to pay for when it comes to high-quality products.

    In my personal opinion, I have experienced that purchasing a high-quality CBD oil is definitely more than worth it, for I am able to use it for a long period of time, and I receive the results that I am expecting from the product I purchase.

    Too many times I have wasted my money on a product that did offer the same results as the higher end product. I have found that high quality, well made CBD oil and other products are more than worth their slightly pricier tag, for they offer exactly what users are paying for.

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