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Why Dynavaps Innovation Makes Them My Favourite Vape Brand

Why Dynavaps Innovation Makes Them My Favourite Vape Brand

As a fan of vaping, I have had many different kinds of experiences with vaporizers and vaporizer stores, and I feel that over the years I had come to know a good amount of information about vaping, and about different types and brands of vaporizers. But despite having owned many different types of vaporizers, I naturally have a favorite vaporizer; and that is the DynaVap, without a doubt, and now its easy to get in the UK.

In this blog I can’t wait to tell you all about the DynaVap, all of the coolest DynaVap features, information about all the accessories that DynaVap offers, and much more. I will also let you know exactly where you can find this amazing vaporizer at amazing prices, because I know how nice it is to get great deals for high quality products.

Can I use Dynavap vaporizers with CBD?

yes you can pretty easily, you can place CBD Isolate, or CBD terp crystals in the end-cap, to 'dab' the CBD as vapor. So given its small size this is a fantastic option for those who want to dab CBD.

What makes the DynaVap different from other vaporizers?

The DynaVap vaporizer is unique in many different ways. Dynavap is always been on the lookout for ways in which they can improve vaping experiences across the globe, and I strongly believe that they have found one of the most innovative ways in which they can do so.

You see, the DynaVap is not your typical vaporizer unit. It does not use a battery or power source, meaning no parts on the DynaVap are electrically powered. It has no water cooling system, and no glass tank like many other vaporizers have. The DynaVap is completely unique in both style, and design, is truly one of a kind on the market today.

The DynaVap functions in a really different way from any other vaporizers, for it uses combustion heat, such as heat which comes from a lighter or torch, as its main heat source in place of one or several batteries,  yet the flames never actually touch the dry herb or concentrate, meaning it vaporizes the material instead of combusting it.

The DynaVap consists of a small, compact stainless steel or wood unit, complete with a stainless steel chamber, a mouthpiece, and a cap, a.k.a. VapCap, which goes at the front of the unit. So, as you can see, the DynaVap is super simple, and only consists of a few different components.

To give you an example of how a DynaVap functions, I will use the DynaVap M to illustrate: first, of course, you load the DynaVap into the front of the unit. Then, you put the VapCap on to the tip of the unit. Once the cap is on, you can then apply heat from either a lighter or torch directly to the cap, and allow it to heat up. Once a few seconds have passed, and the vapcap is at a high temperature, you can then simply draw your hit.

Different types of DynaVap vaporizers

Just to clarify this next section of my blog, I would like to point out that All of the DynaVaps have a generally similar make and design, and that the major differences are in size, exterior shape, materials used to make them, and certain individual features. But I would like to let you know about every single type of DynaVap, so that you can be more acquainted with DynaVap, and with its numerous top grade vaporizers.

Dynavap omnivong UK


The NonaVong vaporizer is one of the smaller vaporizer is from DynaVap, measuring in at 3.25 in Long. This is one of the most easily concealed DynaVap vaporizers thanks to its small dimensions, and it's ultra strong exterior makes it one of the most, if not the most durable DynaVap vaporizers.

The nonavong vaporizer features a high-quality titanium cap, instead of a stainless steel cap, which allows much more temperature control, according to DynaVap; and comes in two different types of beautiful wood: dark or light.

One of the best features about the nonavong DynaVap vaporizer is the fact that it can be used with any 14mm female fitting, and can therefore be used with any accessory or water piece of your choosing.

Dynavap omnivap Uk


In order to give users a different take on the traditional DynaVap design and style, DynaVap created the omnivap. This vaporizer measures approximately 92 mm, and is very compact and easy to conceal just like the previous vaporizer mentioned.

What makes this specific vaporizer different is the fact that it is not made from DynaVap signature wood, but it is made completely out of  high quality titanium, and is complete with a more geometric shape and design.

The Dynavap omnivap comes with a stainless steel cap, which allows even the slightest touch of a torch to transfer as much possible heat into the chamber of the vaporizer, therefore enabling you to quickly vaporize your product, and do so hassle-free.

Dynavap m uk

DynaVap M

The DynaVap m is made from extremely high quality stainless steel, making it yet another diversely designed and created vaporizer from my beloved DynaVap. This DynaVap vaporizer is one of the larger vaporizers in the collection, measuring around 3.6 in or 92 mm.

One of my favorite parts about the DynaVap m is the fact that the airflow is probably the most fluid of all DynaVap vaporizers, and it produces bigger and are your clouds when I vape from it. This is things to the way that it has been designed and crafted, for it has a double helix passage through the body of the vaporizer. In addition to this, the double-helix passages allow the vapor to cool down a bit before actually hitting your lungs, and I quite enjoy that feature as well.

My Favorite DynaVap Features

Dynavap vaporizers have so many features which I love oh, so I'm going to have to  try to keep this list a little short in order to keep my blog interesting, but there really aren't any features about the DynaVap vaporizers that I still I can leave out. For instance, every single DynaVap vaporizer has its own little quirk or feature, and I found that after using almost all the DynaVap vaporizers, I really enjoy every single one of these.

The first thing that I want to mention is the fact that these vaporizers don't use a battery In order to be vaporizers. Of course we think of vaporizers as being battery-powered or electrically charged, and then and only then can they become vaporizers. But DynaVap the challenges that view, and presents a vaporizer that does not need a battery or any charge whatsoever, yet is still a vaporizer. All the DynaVap vaporizers require the use of a combustion type heat source, such as a lighter or torch, yet things to the vapcap style and design of these vaporizers, flame never comes in direct contact with your product, and therefore there is never any actual combustion of the product. Therefore, DynaVap vaporizers are still considered vaporizers, even despite the fact that they rely on a combustion style heat source.

Another amazing feature about the DynaVap vaporizers is the fact that they are all super portable. A DynaVap vaporizer, no matter what model you purchase, can be more than easily stashed away in a pocket, purse, a pouch, a pack, and even in a shoe, though I don't think that would be very comfortable. This feature makes the DynaVap really awesome in my opinion, since I love being able to take my vaporizer with me wherever I go, and I always appreciate the fact that I can just stash my DynaVap and go. not to mention, DynaVap vaporizers are some of the most durable vaporizers that I've ever laid eyes on, and ever use without a doubt. so not only are they portable, but I don't have to worry about my DynaVap getting hurt or damaged while I'm out and about.

Another amazing teacher about DynaVap vaporizers of the fact that you can use them with all of their high quality accessories, regardless of the type or style of vaporizer that you purchase. In fact, many of the vaporizers themselves can be fit into any 14mm female accessory or water piece, so they are very versatile and interchangeable. I actually like the DynaVap vaporizer so much on their own that I would like to tell you a little bit about each one down below.


The DynaStash

The Dynastash accessory is a very innovative and well planned out gadget which can be used with any of the smaller-sized DynaVap vaporizers. It's practically consists of a wooden box with two separate chambers, a swivel type lid, and a  small magnet.

This gadget is very useful for many different reasons, and the most prominent of these is the fact that one can stash both dry herb and the vaporizer itself in it. One of the chambers in the DynaStash is the perfect size for a DynaVap vaporizer, and the other chamber is perfect for stashing well ground dry herb.

another great feature about the DynaStash is the fact that in one Swift and quick movement, you can take out the DynaVap vaporizer, load it with the herb in the second chamber, and be on your way in a matter of seconds.

DynaStash isn't the only DynaVap accessory which I love, but it definitely is my favorite one thanks to all this amazing features. It makes traveling with my DynaVap a lot easier, especially where I'm somewhere we're discreteness and quick loading is required.

Where to Get the Dynavap in the UK

I personally love to shop with I find they are really friendly team who aim to make a positive impact in the space and for the environment. I love the fact a tree plant donation is included in the cost. and given that they still have some of the best prices available with free shipping. They carry the full range plus some unique bundles to make ensure you have everything you need


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