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    What's the Strongest CBD Oil in The UK? Does Strength Matter?

    What's the Strongest CBD Oil in The UK? Does Strength Matter?

    CBD Oil

    Back in January 2017, the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) reclassified cannabidiol (CBD) as a medicine. This had a big impact on the CBD oil industry in the United Kingdom and prompted a huge growth of users. It is easy to become confused about the legalities of using CBD oil, particularly as it is being discussed more and more openly in the media. The truth is that, as long as products contain a maximum THC content of 0.2%, they can be sold and bought legally in the UK.

    In this situation, the hemp and cannabis plants used to make the products must contain less than 0.2% THC and the product must not be advertised as a medicine or as a product with medicinal properties. For example, you can purchase CBD oil as a food supplement in a health store or online. Products can take the form of oils with a dropper or pipette, edible foods like gummies or capsules and even e-liquids that can be vaped. For this purpose of researching the strongest CBD oil in the UK, we’ll focus solely on CBD oil that available in liquid form.

    Strength of CBD Oil

    When discussing the strongest CBD oil in the UK, it is important to keep in mind that we are talking about the concentration of CBD in the product as sold. It is essential to understand this point since working out dosage and amount of CBD ingested depends not only on the amount of CBD in the liquid but also the dropper size and recommended serving size of the product.

    Since the change in legislation, there has been an increase in the number of brands and different products available. Not only are there different brands to contend with, but there are also different concentrations of CBD oil available within the same brand.

    The strength of a product is often given as a number in milligrams. Simply put, a single bottle of Herts Hemp 500mg contains, you guessed it, 500mg of CBD. However, we cannot compare this to Koi Naturals CBD Oil 500mg given that the Herts Hemp comes in a 10ml bottle and the Koi Naturals in a 30ml bottle.

    So, whilst the amount of CBD oil in the bottle is the same, each millilitre of the products contains a different concentration of CBD. The former being a 5% concentration and the latter being 1.67%. Thus, when trying to find the strongest CBD oil in the UK we need to compare like for like.

    With this in mind, the strongest CBD oil in the UK is a product called Love Hemp CBD oil. The product comes in different concentrations of CBD, with the highest being a 40% strength (4000mg of CBD per 10ml bottle). The next strongest available is Biopurus 30% (3000mg of CBD per 10ml bottle). Considering that this is a relatively new market, it is important to raise the question of if and why the strength of CBD oil matters.

    The Importance of CBD Oil Strength

    To help us to decide whether the strength of CBD oil is important, firstly, we need to look at dosage. Without proper research into strength and dosage it could be easy to misunderstand how much CBD you’re consuming and, therefore, it would be easy to misinterpret any results and changes you experience whilst taking the product.

    We’ll take the two aforementioned products Love Hemp 40% (the strongest CBD oil in the UK) and Biopurus 30% (the second strongest) as examples. Let’s say you and your friend both decide to try CBD oil for the first time. You buy the Love Hemp 40% and your friend decides to try the Biopurus 30%. Without proper research, it would be easy for you to decide to take one drop of Love Hemp as a serving and your friend to take 2 drops of the Biopurus.

    In this situation, your friend would actually be consuming more CBD even though their product has a lower strength. We could, therefore, state that the strength of the product only matters if the same serving, or dosage, is being followed. Thus, you need to be able to calculate exactly how much CBD you’re consuming so that you know what works for you.

    CBD Strength Per Serving

    In order to calculate how much CBD there is per serving, you need to know how much there is in the bottle and how many millilitres or drops there are per serving. For example, you can buy a bottle of CBD oil, that contains 1000mg of CBD per 10ml bottle. The bottle says there are 40 servings per bottle, with a serving size being 6 drops (about 0.25ml). This means you’re getting 25mg of CBD per serving.

    While another brand of CBD oil that is available in a concentration of 12%. That’s 1200mg of CBD per 10ml bottle as sold. The company state that each dose from the pipette contains 6mg of CBD, which means that the pipette only holds 0.05ml, which is only a 5th the size of the previous brand. As with concentrations, therefore, you’ve got to understand the serving size and how it compares to other products.

    It's safe to say, therefore, that buying CBD oil can be a minefield, especially for those just starting out trying CBD oil for the first time. The general advice is to start at a small dose and increase the amount you take gradually until you reach the dose, or have the positive effects, that you want. It must be said that there isn’t really a recommended amount to take since dosage depends on the person’s body composition, how their body processes the oil and their weight.

    What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. Whether strength matters is a question of personal opinion and experience. Your friend might feel a benefit to her mood disorder with a low dosage of CBD but you might find that you need twice or three times as much, or that you need the same amount but with a higher concentration product.

    To conclude, it is best to do your research and ensure you understand about concentrations, dosages and servings. Once you’ve grasped the basics and experimented a little, you will be able to see what strength is best for you.

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