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    What is Mouth to Lung Vaping?

    What is Mouth to Lung Vaping?

    When I first heard of mouth to lung vaping, although I had already been a vape lover for years, I sat there scratching my head and asking myself “what in the world is mouth to lung vaping?!”. So, as a vape beginner or a vape expert, you may be asking yourself the same question.

    Although it may sound like a fancy trick or some secret type of vaping magic, it is actually just a simple technique that vape users prefer to enjoy their vaping experience to the fullest extent. In today's blog, I would like to not only share with you what mouth to lung vaping is, but also compare it with other techniques so that you can choose which is perfect for you.

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    Mouth to Lung Vaping

    Mouth to lung vaping, also known as M2L or MTL vaping refers to when you collect an amount of vapour inside of your mouth, and then take or 'transport it’ inside of your lungs. This vaping technique incorporates a type of bypass which is your mouth, meaning that the vapour has one more stop before it gets to your lungs.

    Have you ever smoked cigarettes? Well, the process is the exact same thing as when you smoke a cigarette. When smoking a cigarette, users have to pull the smoke from the filter with their mouth, and it ends up collecting in their mouth, and then they breathe in to receive the smoke to their lungs.

    Due to the fact that mouth to lung vaping is so similar to smoking, a lot of ex-smokers prefer this method, for it is so similar to smoking. It efficiently satisfies that familiar sensation that they have of mouth to lung smoking, or in this case, mouth to lung vaping.

    Is Mouth to Lung Vaping the Only Technique?

    Although it may be hard to believe, mouth to lung vaping is not the only way to get vapour to your lungs. There are actually a handful of methods and techniques that you can try that might be more exciting or more enjoyable than mouth to lung vaping. One of the most popular, and well-known techniques is direct lung vaping.

    However, if this is your first time hearing about what mouth to lung vaping is, you are probably just like I was in the beginning, asking myself yet again “what in the world is direct lung vaping?!”, And that's exactly what I'm about to answer.

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    Direct Lung Vaping

    Direct lung vaping, also known as DL vaping is considered the perfect type of technique for vape experts, or for more experienced vape users. Direct lung vaping is just like taking a deep breath of air, but instead of just air, you're taking a direct hit of vapour without letting it linger in your mouth.

    Direct lung vaping, when compared to mouth to lung vaping is not as simple. Ford direct lung vaping, it is important to have the right type of vaporiser that can produce enough vapour at once, so you can take a big, nice hit directly to the lungs. If an old, slow vaporiser is being used, it's almost impossible to take a direct lung hit.

    Also, depending on the materials used when doing direct lung vaping, your lungs can get a little bit overwhelmed. If you are using e-liquids that have a very high level of nicotine, for example, you will most probably end up coughing, or your throat feeling a little irritated. Just keep in mind that when you want to take direct lung hits, try e-liquids with lower nicotine or no nicotine at all.

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    Which Vaping Technique is Best?

    Out of the many vaping techniques used nowadays, mouth to lung vaping, and direct lung vaping are the two most popular options. Now that you know more about them however, you might be asking yourself which is better for you and your vape tastes and preferences. Although I'd simply love to give you a clear answer as to which is perfect for you, it greatly depends on the individual.

    The truth is that neither of these techniques can be perfect for everyone. Each has its charms, and defects, so depending on what you want and need, you can choose which is perfect for you. To make it easier for you, I will break down for whom each vaping technique is perfect, so you can have a stress-free time choosing.

    Mouth to Lung Vaping

    Due to the fact that a large percentage of vapours are ex-smokers, they automatically start utilising the mouth to lung vaping technique. Thanks to its similarity with smoking, users just automatically find themselves using the mouth to lung vaping technique, and they become stuck on this one method.

    So, I guess you can say that mouth to lung vaping is more recommended for beginners for it is easier, and many automatically start out with this technique anyway. Also, if you are an ex-smoker and would like to get the same sensation in your throat and lungs from the vaporiser, mouth to lung vaping is perfect for you.

    Mouth to lung vaping is also perfect for those that would like to use e-liquids that have a higher level of nicotine, that are heavy vapers and for those that enjoy strong flavours and tastes. Mouth to lung vaping is definitely a great technique and definitely has its charms.

    Direct Lung Vaping

    As I mentioned above, direct lung vaping is considered better for experienced vape users, or vape OG's. Many vape users that utilise the direct lung technique find that it is actually more satisfying, due to the fact that it releases more dopamine levels in the brain.

    With direct lung vaping, hits are considered stronger, and more powerful, due to the fact that they are going directly to the lung and not stopping in the mouth where temperature, flavour and other things can be lost. I myself find that direct lung vaping is more enjoyable than mouth to lung vaping, but it greatly depends on the individual to figure it out for themselves.

    One thing you do need to look out for with direct lung vaping, as I mentioned above, are high nicotine level liquids. Try to keep an eye on the materials you are using when doing direct lung vaping, for they can irritate your throat or lungs, and even cause you to feel nauseous. I recommend you try it with low levels of nicotine and see how it works with you and your body.

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    Choose What's Perfect for you

    Now that you know a little more about mouth to lung vaping, and other techniques that can enhance your overall vaping experience, it's time for you to go out and choose what is perfect for you. Trying new techniques and new methods of vaping will allow you to have a unique experience, and ‘widen your vape horizons’.

    As a curious vape lover myself, I have found that by experimenting with different vaping techniques, tips and tricks, I am able to enjoy my liquids more, my vaporiser more, and my vape experience in general. I highly recommend you keep trying new things so that you too can also find and choose what's perfect for you!

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