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What Is CBD Hemp Oil and Where to Buy it in the UK

What Is CBD Hemp Oil and Where to Buy in the UK

CBD, CBD and more CBD. That’s all we’ve been hearing about lately. CBD is now at the top of the list of natural, ‘health’ trends, and the number of questions asked about this popular compound simply continue to grow.

People are now wanting to know more about this trendy compound, and want to know why it is causing such a fuss. Well, to understand more about why thousands of people are wanting to use CBD Hemp Oil, it is first important to understand what it is, and what it offers.

CBD Hemp Oil

What Is CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD, the main compound found in CBD Oil is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. There are two primary types of CBD: hemp-derived CBD.

There are a variety of ways to extract CBD, but one of the most popular and widely-used extraction methods is C02 extraction. This process involves a series of thorough filtrations of temperature and pressure, to 'perfect' and extract the CBD from the hemp plant efficiently.

Once the Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted, it is made into a variety of products. One of the most popular CBD products is CBD Oil. CBD Oil can be used for a wide variety of purposes and offers users a variety of benefits.

CBD Hemp Oil in the UK, Is it Legal?

Although CBD is being talked about all around the world, there are a few key places where its popularity is booming; one of these being the UK. One of the most commonly asked questions about CBD is, “is it legal?”. Well, for those in the UK, yes it is.

Thanks to the statement issued by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency November 1st of 2018. This statement stated that CBD would be allowed to sold as a food supplement. They also stated that any types of CBD products are legal if their THC content is less than .02 per cent.

Thanks to the legalisation of CBD in the UK, there was an incredible growth in new companies, new products and users. In the UK, CBD lovers are now able to enjoy a wide variety of unique CBD products that fit their needs exactly, for example, CBD Hemp Oil.

Online Shopping

Where to Buy CBD Oil in the UK?

Thanks to the ‘newness’ of CBD in the UK and the world, some people are still having troubles finding CBD, or are concerned about finding CBD from a reputable source. Fortunately, because CBD is becoming so popular, many shops both online and in-store are selling it now.

Instead of going to a nearby shop, or a far away store to be disappointed with the products offered, there is a better way: online CBD shopping. Although it may seem a little ‘scary’ or seem like a bad idea, online shopping is actually becoming one of the preferred shopping methods for CBD worldwide.

By choosing online shopping, users get to not only find a large variety of unique products to choose from, but also are able to get honest reviews from users about the CBD products they are thinking of purchasing, and are able to get detailed information from websites and manufacturers.

On today’s online CBD shopping market, there are a large number of websites and companies that prove themselves to offer the perfect service for CBD beginners, by offering detailed information and guiding customers in the right direction to find the ideal products for them and their needs.

Although there a long list of popular CBD brands being offered online, some of the most popular and highly viewed are CBD Asylum, Harmony CBD, Koi CBD, Love Hemp and The Original Alternative (formerly CBD Brothers). Thanks to the popularity of CBD in the UK however, the number of quality products continues to grow, and there is no doubt that soon there will be thousands of option for CBD lovers in the UK.

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