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    What are the Side Effects from CBD?

    What are the Side Effects from CBD?

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    As you may already know, CBD is a natural substance which is found in both cannabis and hemp plants and is extracted from both plants in order to be sold and distributed throughout the UK.

    When the CBD is fully extracted, it is in its most concentrated form and is then ready to be processed and made into many of the different CBD products you see now on the market.

    Before the CBD is made into all the amazing products available all over the UK market, CBD is subjected to a large number of different tests, including lab tests, which are set in place to ensure that the CBD is on par with all latest rules and regulation policies.

    The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) put all of these different policies and regulatory rules in place in order to make 100% sure that the CBD circulating the UK market is the best quality possible to serve to the public in a most optimal way. Also to be sure of no possible harm to anyone.

    Thanks to all of these different boundaries within which the CBD must remain, there is no risk of it being a dangerous substance, making it safe and regulated for consumers to feel at ease.

    On the other hand, because all of these policies are so new, the key to getting the best quality and the safest CBD lies in buying it from well-known and well-established companies, such as the ones offered here at Bloom Botanics. This way, you always know whether the CBD you are getting actually complies with all the MHRA’s safety regulations and that you are at no risk of getting, for example, any THC higher than 0.2% in your CBD.

    It is important to know, regardless, that CBD is not the thing to be afraid of or concerned about. It has no known side effects aside from some people having experienced minor nausea, fatigue and/or diarrhoea. It is important to note that while very few people did experience these effects, it happened because an excessive amount of CBD was taken. To ensure this does not happen, it is best to start with a small dose when first trying CBD.

    It is the risk of the CBD containing significant traces of solvents which is most concerning. That is why you always want to source your Cannabidiol products from a reputable company. You will know if a company is reputable if they are crystal clear on how their CBD is extracted, the ingredients they use and are willing to produce lab reports stating the levels of THC in their products.

    It is also very important to check the different ingredients in the products you are considering, as there may be an ingredient in them to which you may be allergic to; which would then cause the normal side effects of the allergic reaction itself. So, to conclude, CBD is very safe, as long as you buy it from a professional company that follows the MHRA guidelines, your are correctly dosing yourself and as long as you are not allergic to any of the additional ingredients in the products.

    Bottle of various tablets spilled over. Blue tablets, white tablets and soft gel capsules

    CBD with Medications: The CYP-450 Enzyme System

    CBD itself may, in fact, react or interact with other drugs or medications which a person is taking at the time. The potential side effects are not directly linked to the CBD which is in the person’s system, but they may be a result of an interaction between CBD and a set of enzymes in the person’s liver.

    To explain this plainly, everything that is processed through the body is passed through the liver. Inside the liver, there are many different kinds of enzyme systems which are responsible for processing different things, this includes drugs, medications and CBD.

    So when a person takes CBD, the CBD could potentially interact and possibly inhibit the cytochrome P-450 enzyme system. The CYP-450 enzyme system is what is responsible for specifically processing certain medications and drugs and is basically in control of how much time it takes for those substances to be broken down and let into the bloodstream and into the body.

    Basically, when CBD interacts with the CYP-450 enzyme system, the way this enzyme system processes the medications and lets them into the body changes. This can lead to the quicker or slower release of the drugs into the system, and can possibly cause there to be abnormal or unprecedented amounts of said medication or drug in the body.

    The side effects experienced are actually those of the medication or drug, and not of the CBD itself in your system. This is important to look more into, and speak with your doctor about, because not only does it have the potential to cause side effects, but your doctor can actually change the dosage of your medication, or change your medication altogether in order to allow you to take CBD without any side effects.

    Medications which interact with CBD

    Drugs known to use the CYP450 system include:

    • Steroids
    • HMG CoA reductase inhibitors
    • Calcium channel blockers
    • Prokinetics
    • HIV antivirals
    • Immune modulators
    • Benzodiazepines
    • Antiarrhythmics
    • Antibiotics
    • Anaesthetics
    • Antipsychotics
    • Antidepressants
    • Anti-epileptics
    • Beta-blockers
    • PPIs
    • NSAIDs
    • Angiotensin II blockers
    • Oral hypoglycemic agents
    • Sulfonylureas
    • Antihistamines

    Please note that this list is not a complete and comprehensive list to include all of the potential medications that could be impacted by cannabidiol. Also, every medication in the categories contained on this list may not for sure cause an interaction. We are not medical professionals and can only give guidelines on what we have researched. That is why is extremely important you consult with a medical professional before supplementing with CBD oil.

    CBD Isolates

    Does Taking Pure CBD Create More Risk?

    As you know, there are many forms of CBD on the market today and one of the most popular of these is 99% Pure Isolated CBD. Many people like it because it is the “cleanest” and the purest form of CBD available and is not usually blended with any other additional ingredients. This usually comes in a crystal or powder form.

    Many people still wonder whether taking CBD Isolate creates more of a risk, and to that, we say there is no more of a risk than any other CBD product.

    The one thing to keep in mind is that CBD Isolate extract is a much stronger and higher dosage as it is usually 99% pure CBD. That is why it should be taken in the correct dosages. It may be hard to figure out the right dosage for yourself at first, so it best to start out low. Of course, there have been no serious side effects to be found from taking “too much” CBD, but there is the risk of the reported cases of people having either nausea, fatigue or diarrhoea.

    Another thing to consider is that when taking a very pure isolated form of CBD, it is probably best to take it with something else, such as a meal, a snack or a drink of some kind. This is only because pure CBD will absorb better into your body when it is digested with food or drinks and will be able to act much more quickly.

    CBD Dosing

    Is Dosage Important to Keep Me Safe?

    There are many different ways you can choose the correct dosage for you, including choosing based on your body weight, starting with a small dose and working your way up or just going by the CBD dosage suggestion on the package(s) of your CBD product.

    However, the best possible way to really be sure of the correct dosage for your needs, especially if you are taking other medications, is to consult with a medical professional.

    It is also important to know that some CBD products do have a recommended “top amount” of their product that you should ingest. Many of these contain other ingredients apart from the CBD which may cause some discomfort if taken in excess, like CBD gummies or CBD chocolates. Mostly, edibles should be eaten with moderation, and within the daily suggested amount, for eating these will likely cause the same discomfort as if you ate too many normal gummies or chocolates.

    To find out more about CBD Dosing, please read the Bloom Botanics CBD Dosing Guide.

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