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    What are Terpene Extracts and How to Use Them

    What are Terpene Extracts and How to Use Them

    What are Terpenes?

    Terpenes are a compound that are found in many different types of plants in nature. Terpenes are a plant's natural way of producing an odour strong enough to keep predators away. In fact, this is such a great way of keeping predators or parasites away, that even some insects have adopted this method.

    Terpenes actually occur in most of the fragrant plants that we know today, such as pine trees (specifically in their pine needles), citrus fruit, lavender, oregano, mint, and many more. it is actually thanks to these terpenes and terpenoids that these plants get their scent.

    In fact, terpenes and terpenoids are one of the major components or constituents of what we know as essential oils. Essential oils are widely known and widely used in many different types of industries, such as medicine, aromatherapy and even perfumery and some cooking. But it is only until recently that was caught up enough to where now we are able to completely isolate terpenes and use them for many different types of things.

    Since the legalization of CBD in the UK, there has been one particular plant who's terpenes have been becoming more and more popular. The (I'm sure you can guess this one) cannabis plant! You see, for many many centuries, the smell of a cannabis plant has been one of its major characteristics, and has been a quality of the marijuana plant which has made it stand out.

    As you may know, cannabis essential oil isn't exactly a thing, but hemp oil definitely is. And the strong taste and distinctive smell of hemp oil is also thanks to the terpenes it contains. So it's all thanks to terpenes that you are able to enjoy many of our favourite smells and distinguish them.

    Terpene Extracts


    Terpenes are much more complex than what we actually think. There have been many different uses which have been found for different terpenes and terpenoids throughout the years, and thanks to the technological advances we have experienced in the last century, we are now able to exploit all of the benefits which come from terpenes and products derived from them.

    For example, vitamin A is, believe it or not, derived from terpenes. Different types of steroids are also derived from terpenes, specifically a terpene found in plants such as rice bran, olives and wheat germ.

    If you are walking down the CBD aisle and your local supplement store, you will most likely find CBD and terpene blends, or even isolated CBD terpenes a.k.a. cannabis terpenes.

    Since cannabis plants naturally produce terpenes and CBD, it's quite natural to see them together in the same setting. On that note, many people even claim that taking cannabinoids and terpenes at the same time is essential to getting the most out of the CBD, which is called the Entourage Effect.

    Anyway, as you can easily see, there are many ways that terpenes can be very useful to us on a daily basis. Below I would like to introduce to you different ways in which you can use terpene extract in your daily life.

    Making Your own CBD Oil or E-Liquid


    Cannabis terpenes are very easy to dilute into most liquid substances. This allows us to mix liquid terpene extracts into any oil or liquid solution of our choice. A great way to incorporate terpenes into your daily life is by adding them to your own oil or vape juice.

    The process is actually a lot more simple than it sounds. All you need to do is purchase the carrier oil or e-liquid you would like to use. The next step is establishing how strong of a concentration of terpenes you would like to have in your solution. For example, if you would like a mild yet still potent product, 2.5% strength is a perfect concentration for you. Then, you have to mix 1/4 of a ml of terpenes into every 10 ml of oil or vape oil you have.

    If you would like a 5% strength solution, adding 1 ml of terpene extract into every 20 ml of oil or vape oil will do the trick. You can also cut those measurements in half (½ ml) for every 10ml of oil or vape juice.

    Love Hemp, known for their terpene additives, strongly advises against adding more than a 5% concentration terpene extract into any oil or liquid that you are to consume. They also advise strongly against consuming terpenes in pure form. This means that diluting it in a carrier oil or vape liquid first is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, they are too overwhelming in scent and taste.


    Terpenes in Cooking

    Many people also like to use terpenes in the kitchen. Terpenes are very strong in taste and smell, and can easily overpower any other flavour in food, but when done right, the addition of terpenes into one's dishes can completely transform the flavour and aroma and can make it all together a very pleasant and innovative experience.

    There are many different dishes that you can incorporate terpenes into, but it is best to use terpenes in your sauces, marinades, or dressings. This is due to the fact that dressings, marinades, or sauces are usually much more liquid in form, and it can be much easier to uniformly dilute the terpenes into the mixture.

    I strongly advise to only add the smallest amount possible of terpenes into your first dish in order for you to get the hang of the way terpenes perform in the kitchen. Also for you to be able to get your first taste of terpenes in your cooking. Once you have gained more knowledge and more confidence in cooking with your terpenes, you can then start experimenting more with terpenes in different dishes and different forms.

    Infusing Terpenes into Creams and Lotions

    Terpenes in Creams

    Terpenes are best known for their wonderful aromatherapeutic qualities, like lavender. Adding terpenes into your favourite creams and lotions will allow you to get the same aromatherapy treatment as with any other essential oil.

    Terpenes are usually in liquid form and are very easy to incorporate into any liquid or semi-liquid solution. This means that adding it into your favourite lotion is super easy. In fact, this is something that you can do to boost the fragrance of a cream or lotion that you already have, or you can also just add them to any creams or lotions made from scratch.

    Just like when using terpene extracts in the kitchen, it is best to use a very small amount of terpenes in your creams and lotions, and then do a patch test on your skin in order to determine how your skin will react. Obviously, if your skin reacts poorly in any way stop using the cream immediately.

    I hope you found this blog educational and informational, and I hope that you now feel like giving terpene extracts try is worth it and fun. I hope you can find the perfect way to use terpenes in your daily life! Stay tuned for more blogs like this one, and check out our amazing CBD products!

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