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    What are CBD Tinctures?

    What are CBD Tinctures?

    Tinctures have been in doctors’ medicine cabinets since prehistoric times. They have been a staple in every day medicinal practices since human technology and knowledge were sufficient to make them. Tinctures have formed a great part in the way we now perceive and go about curing ourselves and each other from our ailments. But what are they?

    Tinctures are a mixture of plant extracts or animal material and (most commonly) ethyl alcohol which are taken orally. Tinctures can be composed of only one plant extract or essential oil or many plant extracts or essential oils; it all depends on what you are trying to achieve with your tincture.

    A very commonly found tincture in historic medicine boxes was a hemp or marijuana tincture. This type of tincture was usually composed of hemp oil and a stronger alcohol or vinegar. Hemp or marijuana tinctures resisted the passing of time, and are now once again found many different stores and shops.

    In today's age, you can find these types of tinctures under the name CBD Tinctures. This is due to the fact that they are usually composed of CBD Isolates or hemp/marijuana plant extract and ethyl alcohol or a carrier oil (hemp, olive or coconut usually). The content of CBD can vary depending on the brand or company which makes it, and the strength of your CBD can usually vary as well because it is in proportion to the ratio CBD to solvent or carrier.

    How to use CBD Tinctures to Get the Most Out of Them


    CBD tinctures can be used in many different ways, and it all depends on the which suits your likes and preferences most. Below I will list a few different ways in which you can use CBD tinctures in a way that will allow you to make the most out of what you have, and which will benefit you the most.

    • The most common way to take a CBD tincture is sublingually, just use the dropper that comes with your bottle and drop a few drops of the tincture directly under your tongue and hold it there for about a minute. This is a great way to use CBD tinctures because as soon as it's under your tongue, the saliva within your mouth begins to break down the components within the CBD tincture, and the metabolization of the product begins instantaneously. Many people love this method because it's easy and quick, and they don't have to think too much about it during the busy hours of their day.
    • Another way in which you can take your CBD tincture by incorporating it into the drinks that you like. This is a great method because it is very discreet, and you can add the CBD tincture into your drink before you leave the house; and it's also great for those of you who would rather not taste the ethyl alcohol or CBD, for it masks the taste of both fairly well, although I do recommend using stronger drinks such as cranberry juice.
    • If you're a person who likes taking lunches to work, or prefers taking their own dressings because the ones at the cafeteria simply don't cut it, a great way for you to hit two birds with one stone is by incorporating your CBD tincture into your favourite salad dressing or sauce. This is another fantastic way to mask the taste of the ethyl alcohol or oil and CBD, and it also allows you to get your CBD dose in a fun and innovative way which involves one of my personal favourite things, eating food!

    4 Ways in Which CBD Tinctures Make Your Life Easier

    CBD Oil Tincture

    CBD Tinctures are Long-Lasting

    CBD tinctures usually come in a 30ml bottle. When you think about how many drops you take each day, and how much that really is in millilitres, with everyday use, one bottle of CBD tincture can last a couple of months.

    This means that you will save money in the long run, because you only have to purchase one bottle every couple of months or so, yet you will still be getting your daily dose of CBD. This also makes it easy to stick with one product, and not have to worry about changing products or researching new ways to take CBD.

    CBD Tinctures are Portable and Discreet

    A great aspect about CBD tinctures is the fact that they are very portable and you can take them wherever you go - be it to work, hiking, on your travels within the UK and many other places. You can also do so in a discreet and quiet manner that does not attract too much attention.

    I like taking my CBD tinctures with me wherever I go, especially when I know I'm going to stay overnight or for a couple of days, that way I can always have it with me, and I know that I won't miss my daily CBD dose.

    Dropper Bottle

    CBD Tinctures are Easy to Use

    CBD tinctures are very easy to use, and you'll find that you will get used to measuring and taking your CBD tinctures by the second time you do it. Measuring out your doses for the day only entails having to use a dropper, and you can easily measure out a few drops into a drink, a food, or under your tongue.

    CBD tinctures are also very easy to use when you're on the go, meaning that if you're at a cafe and you would like to add some CBD tincture to your coffee, all you have to do is take it out, put some drops of CBD tincture into your coffee, and put it away; it literally takes up to 30 seconds and you're done.

    CBD Tinctures are Versatile

    Versatility is one of CBD tincture is greatest qualities because it allows everyone to use CBD tinctures in a way which best suits them, unlike other CBD products which have to be taken in one certain way.

    CBD tinctures can be taken alone, in drinks, and in food, and therefore everyone can pick and choose which way they like to take their CBD tinctures. I personally like mixing it with food such as sauces, as I mentioned above, because I can both eat one of my meals and take my daily CBD dose in one. But many other people might like taking it with their drinks, their morning coffee, their afternoon tea, and other people might like taking it on his own because it's a quick and easy way of doing

    Final Thoughts

    Girl with Tincture

    I highly suggest looking into some high-quality CBD tinctures, because I think that they are quite worth it, and I think that they're very easy to love. Here at, we offer you a variety of wonderful products which you can use every day or occasionally. We make sure that every single one of our products is made from high-quality cannabis and hemp, and we make sure that every single one of our brands is repeatable, up-to-date, an reliable. So please don't be shy and check out what we have to offer!

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    Higher Olive

    Higher Olive

    June 07, 2019

    This is a wonderful, informative post! I have often been questioned about whether hemp products I use such as hemp seed oil and hemp milk are safe and how they relate to the marijuana plant. I never knew the answer to these questions except to say that they are a different part of the plant that doesn’t contain THC. Now I truly understand the difference! Thank you

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