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    Vaping in Public: Good or Bad?

    Vaping in Public: Good or Bad?

    Vaping is now becoming increasingly popular, and a large part of the population is enjoying vaping and what it has to offer. Not only are former smokers able to quit their nasty habits, but now, people are even able to enjoy materials such as dry herbs, THC infused liquids, and CBD e-liquids.

    Thanks to what vaping offers, a large variety of people are now becoming a part of the vape community. One of the things that make users such fans of vaping, is the fact that you could do it virtually anywhere. However, what about in public? Is vaping in public a good thing, or a bad idea?

    Although I'd simply like to answer with a “yes” or “no” to that question, the answer varies depending on the individual, their beliefs, and even the legality of the area they're in. In today's blog, I will be sharing some positive and negative aspects that come with vaping in public. I'm confident that at the end of this blog, you will have a clearer image of what vaping in public means to you.

    What You're Vaping Matters

    THC Dry Herbs

    When vaping in public, the materials being vaped do matter. Due to the fact that now there are a wide variety of materials that can be used in vaporizers, it is important to understand the difference of vaping marijuana in public or simply vaping nicotine-infused e-liquids.

    Not only are products that contain THC illegal in most parts of the world, but they're also not highly recommended to be used in public. Both vaping or smoking THC infused materials in public can be a bad idea, especially for legal reasons.

    However, nicotine-infused e-liquids or other liquids that don't contain nicotine but are simply made to be enjoyed with delicious tastes and flavours can be used in public with no problem. CBD e-liquids can also be used in public in countries where CBD itself is legal.

    It's just simply important to keep in mind that the materials you are vaping do matter when vaping in public. The legality of the materials being used will make a big impact if it is okay or not to be using them in public. However, if the materials being used are completely legal, and will not negatively impact those around you, there is no problem with vaping in public.

    Sadly, You Can't Vape Anywhere

    Man vaping in public

    Vaping is known for being portable, discreet, and easy to be enjoyed on the go. However, vaping is actually not as accepted in as many places of the world as people may think. Although it may be hard to believe, vaping isn't allowed in as many public places as you may have imagined, and in many locations, you may even be asked to stop or to leave.

    In the US for example, there have recently been several States that have moved to impose statewide vaping restrictions, meaning that no one can vape anywhere. In the UK, there are no current regional legislations regarding the use of vaporisers or e-cigarettes, meaning that it is not illegal.

    However, it's important to keep in mind that on private property, in publicly shared places such as restaurants, theatres, stores, and more, the workers, staff members, and managers have the right to ask you to not vape. So, it's always a good idea to ask the people around you, or relevant member of staff before you start vaping.

    Not Everyone Loves Vaping

    Angry fists

    When it comes to vaping in public, there is another super important thing to keep in mind when trying to figure out if it is good or bad for you. The truth is that not everyone loves vaping, or enjoys people vaping near them or around them. Although it may be crazy to believe, some might actually go as far as to say that they hate it and never want to be near it.

    So, before you decide if vaping is good for you in public or not, try to keep in mind that by vaping in public, you may be making others uncomfortable, or flat-out irritated. It is easy to understand that we all have our own beliefs on things, and it comes down to the same thing with vaping.

    I highly recommend that before you start vaping in public, you ask those around you if they will feel uncomfortable, or if they are completely fine with others vaping near them. Although it might sound like a strange thing to add to this blog, I find it super important, for you will save yourself strange looks, uncomfortable encounters, or angry people telling you not to vape in public.

    If It's Good, It's Great

    vape pens

    So, although there are a small handful of places and locations where vaping in public is not the best idea, or is actually banned or illegal, there are places where you can enjoy some delicious vapour. In designated smoking or vaping areas in public, you can enjoy as much vapour as you'd like. However, do keep in mind that certain materials such as those that contain THC cannot be as easily enjoyed as others.

    In places where you can vape, it's great! You can finally enjoy the delicious vapour you love while out in about, and not have to worry about bothering others, or others bothering you with restrictions or regulations. Try to find places that are perfect for vaping in public, and you'll have an enjoyable stress-free time enjoying the vapour you love!

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