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    Top Vegan CBD Products in the UK

    Top Vegan CBD Products in the UK

    CBD is undoubtedly one of the most popular topics of 2019, and will most probably become even more popular in upcoming years. With its growing popularity, not only has the number of CBD users reached an ultimate high but so too has the number of new products surfacing in the market. In today’s CBD market, the possibilities are endless. From delicious edibles, to CBD body creams, and aromatherapy candles, there is finally a variety that makes it easy for every CBD user to find exactly what they need. One of the many groups benefiting from the growing number of products is the CBD vegan community.

    Before CBD reached its position of popularity, there weren’t nearly as many options for those who have dietary restrictions or ingredient preferences. This made finding the right products for these individuals almost impossible and unsatisfactory. This is why the incredible growth that the CBD market has undergone in the past few years has been so great for so many. Now, in the UK and other parts of the world, there is an impressive number of 100% vegan products that people can finally enjoy to the fullest.


    What Makes Vegan CBD Products Vegan?

    CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that comes from the hemp and cannabis plant. So, you may be wondering why, if CBD comes directly from a plant, are so many people looking for 100% vegan products. Well, the important thing to understand is that depending on what products the CBD is found in and what ingredients it is mixed with, it can go from vegan to non-vegan instantly. This misunderstanding that CBD is always vegan no matter what form it’s in has caused a lot of confusion and mistakes, and understandably this has left an entire community unable to enjoy the same great products and experiences.

    Explained simply, pure CBD is completely vegan because it is extracted directly from a plant, but that does not mean that all CBD products are vegan. Take for example CBD gummies or other edibles. These types of CBD products can certainly contain dairy or gelatin, meaning that they are then not vegan at all. However, there are a handful of CBD brands and manufacturers that have researched and discovered the perfect alternative. Thanks to these mindful brands, we are now seeing more and more fully vegan products.

    Top 4 Vegan Products in the UK

    To make finding the best vegan product easier, we have searched for the top vegan CBD products sold in the UK market - so you can simply choose and enjoy! When choosing the ‘top 4’, we took into consideration 3 main factors: ingredients, worth, and reviews. The 4 products we chose for this list are 100% vegan, are affordable, are highly-esteemed in the CBD community, and are made from trusted brands. Now that you know how we choose these products, here are the top 4 vegan CBD products in the UK…

    Love Hemp Dark Chocolate Bites

    Love Hemp | CBD Dark Chocolate Bites

    As mentioned above, one of the main types of CBD products that are non-vegan are edibles. Finding CBD edibles that are 100% vegan used to seem like an unreachable dream for vegan CBD users, especially when it came to chocolate, which is usually dairy-based. Love Hemp, however, is one of the brands on the UK market that took the ‘unreachable dream’ and made it a reality.

    Love Hemp offers a large variety of CBD products, including many edibles. One of their most popular is their vegan CBD chocolate bites. This CBD product contains 200mg of CBD in a 100g pack, is THC free, 100% gluten-free, vegan, and simply delicious. The reviews for this product continue to be good, and Love Hemp CBD Chocolate Bites continue to be one of the best vegan CBD edible products in the UK.

    Love CBD Balm

    Love CBD | Balm

    CBD self-care and beauty products are on the rise, and are now in the popularity spotlight. Love CBD is one of the brands that is taking this CBD trend and making it vegan-friendly. In their collection of products, we find their 100% vegan skin balm. This CBD balm is made from hand-harvested hemp flowers, and is here to offer users naturally smooth and moisturized skin. With its CBD content and its other natural ingredients including coconut oil, shea butter, rosemary, Vanilla Planifolia and a handful of others, this product is one of the best options for vegan CBD skin-care lovers.

    CBD Asylum Pro Shot

    CBD Asylum | Pro Shot

    CBD Asylum is one of the most popular up-and-coming CBD brands in the UK. They are bringing products to the market that are unlike anything seen before. One of their most recent unique products is the CBD Pro Shot Beverage Enhancer / CBD Juice. This CBD product is water-soluble, meaning that it mixes easier with liquids than CBD oil. The CBD Asylum Pro-Shot is not only vegan, but is also flavourless, meaning that you can add it to any type of drink, anywhere, at any time. Its uniqueness and quality make it great enough to be apart of our top 4.

    Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD + CBDA Oil

    CBD + CBDA Oil | Holistic Hemp Scotland

    Holistic Hemp Scotland’s oil is made from full-spectrum CBD hemp extracts and hemp seed oil. It contains a full range of CBD, CBDA, flavonoids, terpenes and is, most importantly, 100% vegan. Thanks to Holistic Hemp Scotland’s uniqueness when it comes to manufacturing their CBD + CBDA oil, they cannot be left off of this list. The quality they bring to the table is truly impressive, and their vegan-friendliness allows them to reach an even larger crowd of CBD users.

    Now that we have shared with you our top 4 vegan CBD products, the adventure doesn’t end there. In the UK, there are a large number of vegan products that will definitely satisfy your CBD needs to the fullest. To find these products, simply remember to always check labels, ask the manufacturers if they offer any vegan products, and always be sure the product you are considering is 100% vegan before purchasing. By keeping these things in mind, you will never have to experience a mistake when purchasing products, or mistakingly take non-vegan friendly products.

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