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    Why Should You Try The Orginal Alternative/CBD Brothers White Edition Oil?

    Why Should You Try The Orginal Alternative/CBD Brothers White Edition Oil?

    The Orginal Alternative/CBD Brothers White Edition Oil Review

    When you are buying online, it is always a concern about what the quality of a product is going to be like. Thankfully, The Original Alternative, formally known as the CBD Brothers is one of the longest UK CBD brands creating its own CBD Oils in the UK in a way to respond to the highest standard of quality. However, I am here to give you an honest review and help you to familiarise yourself with the CBD Brothers White Edition Indica CBD Oil.

    Who is The Original Alternative (formerly CBD Brothers)?

    The Original Alternativebut mostly known as CBD Brothers is a UK family brand located in Suffolk, England. They are mostly known for their organic CBD Oils made from artisan farms in Europe. Their mission is to offer organic products without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers in order to offer the best CBD experience.

    Their work with European farms is to be sure they follow all EU safety standards. Furthermore, all batches are tested in their own labs along with an independent third party laboratory, so you can always be sure the content stamped on each box is accurate.

    First Impressions and Packaging

    The White Edition CBD Oil comes in a cardboard box and the oil contained is in a dark tinted glass bottle. Tinted bottles preserve the properties of the oil as light can cause the oil to go off quickly. I really like the packaging, it is quite minimalist yet still chic. Nonetheless, the dropper can be a bit messy when you are using it for the first time.

    The 10ml bottle contains 500mg of a whole plant extract from female Cannabis Indica plants with 30% CBD. In other terms, it means that there is 150mg per bottle and approximately 200 drops per 10ml, which is about 0.75mg per drop.

    The whole look and feel of The Original Alternative's products are of handmade high quality. That's because it is all handmade. The buds and flowers are handpicked from the European farms and the CBD is extracted using low heat and cold pressure  to preserve as much of the maximum properties. The Indica plants used are all grown indoors, using grow lights in a controlled environment, for maximum cannabinoid content and yield.

    How do I take The Original Alternative (CBD Brothers) White Edition CBD Oil?

    Sublingual Oil

    If you are new to CBD Oil you might be wondering how to use it and what is the best way to maximise the effects.

    First, you drop a few drops under your tongue and hold it there for about 60 seconds in order to diffuse the cannabidiol properties into your bloodstream. And then just rinse it down with a drink that you like. The oil consistency and plant taste may be a bit strong so I recommend a flavoured drink to help wash it down.

    In the beginning, it is best to try less than the recommended dose to see the effects and then work your way up. Each person interacts with CBD differently so I would suggest starting with 1-2 drops for 3 days then adding another drop or two for a further 3 days until you reach the results you would like.

    Some people like to keep a diary to note their dosage and the effects associated.

    It also comes out of the dropper easier if you warm the bottle up in your hands for a few seconds before you use it. 

    I like to mix my CBD Brothers White Edition Oil with organic essential oils to have different sensations and effects. For instance, I like to add peppermint essential oil, it helps me to improve my memory, hides the plant taste and I like the smell.

    Also, it is best to keep the bottle in a cool and dark place. 

      Final Thoughts: Is The Original Alternative (CBD Brothers) White Edition Worth It?

      I definitely recommend The Original Alternative (CBD Brothers) brand! Especially since it is such a trustworthy brand with high-quality handmade products. Basically, you know the origin of the product, how the oils are made, everything that is in them and even what isn't, like pesticides, which is a very important thing I am concerned about.

      While it is a more expensive product than the other oils, you definitely get what you pay for. give you the best quality extract.   

      While there are no discount codes or coupons available on this product, Bloom Botanics does offer free shipping on orders of £50 in the UK and £70 for the Republic of Ireland. Something other sites selling it are not able to offer!

      Thank you for reading and see you next time for a new review!

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