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    The Many Ways You Can Use CBD Crystals

    What Are CBD Crystals and Can I buy them in the UK?

    CBD crystals, as their name suggests, are a form of pure CBD which is presented in a format which resembles small, shattered pieces of crystal. They are a usually either white or amber colour, and are quite sticky and moldable in texture, despite what their appearance might suggest. Now after the legalization of CBD and the widespread establishment of the Cannabidiol Industry here in the UK, we can find CBD Crystals in many CBD stores and most definitely on many of the online CBD stores throughout the UK.

    The idea of CBD being presented as crystals was as natural as presenting it in an oil form. Before there was a wide market for CBD, countries that legally sold marijuana and marijuana products were selling a concentrated form of this in a crystal or shatter form. Making this format of CBD already quite familiar to many people. So when CBD became legal in the UK, selling it in the form of crystals was both widely accepted and anticipated, since it is very convenient and very easy to work with. But how are CBD crystals made?

    How are CBD Crystals Made?

    To begin the process of making CBD crystals, CBD must first be extracted from the hemp or cannabis plants. To do this, most companies use the same method, or variations of it, which is called a cold press or a winterization process. You can learn more about these processes in our blog “What is CBD Oil?”, so please don’t hesitate to visit it!

    After the CBD is then extracted successfully, it is then filtered and refined in order to be as pure as actually possible (98-99% purity), the CBD is then ready to be made into whatever format it is to be sold in; which is, in this case, CBD crystals. After the CBD goes through a special process to make the pure CBD into a crystal form, and then it's ready to be packaged, shipped and sold.

    How to Use CBD Crystals

    Make Your Own CBD E-Liquid with CBD Crystals

    Smoking Vape

    Of course you can buy a CBD E-liquid from yours truly, Bloom Botanics, but if you already have some e-liquid which you really like, but wish it had CBD in it, well, you can make your own!

    All you have to do is buy high-quality CBD crystals (which we also offer) and your non-CBD e-liquid. After that, you have to measure out the amount of CBD you will need to put in (keeping in mind your preferred dosage) and mix the CBD crystals into your e-liquid until all the CBD is melted and incorporated into your e-liquid. You can find an in-depth tutorial on our blog post "How to make your own E-liquid". It is important that you do not use an e-liquid with nicotine in it! There is just not enough research surrounding the interaction between very pure nicotine and pure CBD.

    Incorporate CBD Crystals Into Your Cooking

    Person sifting baking ingredients into steel bowl

    CBD Crystals are the purest form of CBD currently available to us. Which means that they contain nothing else other than CBD. This leads us to the fact that CBD is great for cooking because it can be used like any other natural dietary supplement additive such as an essential oil, a protein powder or mix or other products of the same type.

    Of course, since it is a very pure substance, we always advise you to stay within the modest to moderate dosages at first, that way you can see how your body reacts to it if you have not taken CBD before in this form. Don't let this discourage you though, try adding CBD crystals to your favourite dishes and see just how much you like it and what you think of it!

    Make Your Own CBD Creams and Lotions

    Woman rubbing lotion onto hand

    CBD Crystals can also be easily incorporated into creams, balms and lotions because they melt very easily into any substance. Many people love using pure CBD crystals to make their own custom CBD creams and lotions because they can choose just how much CBD to put in. However, we always recommend starting with smaller amounts.

    Many people are either allergic to some common ingredients found in creams and lotions, they would rather use a specific type of cream or lotion, or they just love tailor-making their own products. With CBD crystals, that all becomes very simple and easy, and we suggest you give it a try!

    A common way of making your own CBD cream, aside from just infusing CBD crystals into your favorite cream, is by mixing a base of your choice (ex: shea butter, soy wax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, etc), adding the CBD crystals to the mix and then adding your favorite essential oils or fragrances to it!

    Infuse CBD Crystals Into an Oil of Your Choice

    Drop of CBD Oil

    CBD infused oils are also a very popular way of incorporating CBD into your life using CBD crystals. There are many people who, for example, love cooking with olive oil or who love to use argan oil on their skin for that healthy glow. There are a couple of ways you can infuse your favourite oils with CBD Crystals:

    Making a CBD Cooking Oil:

    I know I have already spoken about incorporating CBD crystals into your meals, but this method is sometimes preferred for people who are looking for a CBD Oil to cook with that does not have a strong plant matter flavour, or just prefer cooking with oil.

    You see, you can incorporate CBD crystals in small or large doses into your favourite cooking oil, that way you can use it in many different ways in the kitchen and always have it on hand for when you would like that extra boost!

    All you have to do is take room temperature or warm oil (NOT HOT!), measure out your CBD crystals, and mix them together until they are all well melted together and you can see no separation. CBD is practically an oil itself, so it is very easy to incorporate it into your prefered cooking oil. Find out more about Cooking with CBD Oil here!

    CBD Infused Essential Oil Blends:

    I know we all have our prefered essential oils, so why not mix some CBD into your favourite essential oil blends, and give it an extra use?

    As I mentioned above, blending CBD with oil is quite easy, and it is no different when that oil is an essential oil. In fact, I would suggest sticking to all natural oils so you can get all the best effects from your essential oils and your CBD.

    You can incorporate CBD into just one essential oil, for example into the lavender oil you use when you can’t fall asleep to create an even more relaxing blend. You can also add it to your favourite beauty routine by mixing it with Argan or Rosehip Oil. You won't even have to think twice about taking your CBD since you'll already have done so!

    Now you can see that even though CBD crystals are not the most popular or spoken about forms of CBD, it is one of the most versatile and undoubtedly the purest forms of CBD available. So we at Bloom Botanics UK highly suggest giving CBD Crystals a chance, and trying them in your own way!

    What CBD Crystals Do We Recommend?

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