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The Do's & Don'ts of CBD Cooking

The Do's & Don'ts of CBD Cooking

CBD cooking has taken the CBD community by storm and is now becoming one of the most preferred ways to enjoy Cannabidiol. Not only are CBD users enjoying delicious CBD recipes, but now, even restaurants and bars are using CBD Oil in their delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners and drinks. The CBD community is beginning to notice just how versatile CBD can be, and in how many unique ways it can be enjoyed.

So, with its popularity, a wide variety of people are now beginning to be intrigued as to how to add CBD oil to daily recipes, and although it may seem simple, there are a few essential things that are important to keep in mind when using CBD while cooking. Like with any recipe, using CBD while cooking requires instructions, patience and a few key tips and tricks to offer the optimal results.

Before you start your CBD cooking adventure, I highly recommend you to take a look at this list of do's and don'ts of CBD cooking. With these tips, I am confident that you will be able to become a CBD cooking expert in no time and avoid making the mistakes that many of us have made as beginners. Although simple, these tips and tricks will allow you to not only make delicious CBD recipes but have a fun time doing it and avoid wasting or making mistakes in your recipes.

Cooking with CBD

Why You Should Try CBD Cooking

While there are a wide variety of consumption methods for CBD, there are a limited amount of options that are as exciting, and fun as CBD cooking. With CBD cooking, the options are truly endless, making it perfect for all CBD lovers, no matter their tastes or preferences.

However, the fact that CBD cooking is fun and enjoyable is not the only reason why it is so recommendable. When you compare it to the large list of methods of consumption, CBD cooking has been shown to offer ease-of-use with CBD oil, and a handful of other pros. This is why you should try CBD cooking;

It's Easy to Add to Daily Routines - As a beginner using CBD oil, I noticed that taking my daily capsules was a hard process to get used to. I often forgot to take my capsules when I woke in the morning, or simply forgot them on the way to work, and would get off my CBD routine easily. Adding CBD to my daily recipes, however, allowed me to not only enjoy the process but stay on a more sturdy routine.

By adding CBD to daily recipes, it is easier to incorporate it to daily routines easily, and not have to worry about missing doses often. Also, due to the fact that I had so much fun using CBD in my daily recipes, I not only stopped forgetting to take it but would actually look forward to it.

CBD Oil Salad

It's Easier to Choose CBD Dosages - when compared to other methods of consumption, such as pills, capsules or tinctures, CBD cooking allows you to pick and choose your personal dosage based on your needs, and preferences easily.

Not all CBD users have the same recommended dosages and some need to choose the perfect amount based on their needs. CBD cooking allows all CBD users to choose the exact dosage they need, and measure out oil easily to have the perfect dosage always.

The Options Are Endless - Another thing that makes CBD cooking a favourite among the CBD community is that options are truly endless. No matter your tastes or preferences, what kind of foods you enjoy or what kinds of recipes you prefer cooking, you can use CBD in your own unique way. This method of consumption is not limited to only one boring option, making it perfect for a wide variety of CBD lovers.

It's Delicious - Needless to say, CBD cooking is one of the most delicious ways of enjoying this cannabinoid. Instead of taking a tasteless tincture, or taking capsules or pills on a daily basis, you can choose from a wide variety of delicious, tasty recipes and incorporate CBD into unique baked goods, refreshing drinks and cocktails or scrumptious snacks and dishes. If you want to enjoy CBD in a delicious, tasty way, there is no better option than CBD cooking.

CBD Cooking Ingredients

The Don’ts

Now, before you get started on your CBD cooking adventure, I would like to share with you a handful of things you should avoid in your process. With my own experience, I have noticed that there are only a small handful of things that you need to 'watch out for’ or avoid when it comes to CBD cooking. Although the process is simple, and adding CBD to daily recipes is easy, simply keep in mind these ‘don’ts’, and you will be on your way to becoming a CBD cooking expert.

Don't Use Low-Quality CBD Oil

One of the first tips that is super important to take into consideration before starting your CBD cooking adventure, is to not purchase a low-quality CBD oil. If a poorly-made, low-quality CBD oil is used in recipes, it is obvious that it will be basically impossible to get the results expected from the recipe used.

A high-quality CBD oil should be made from 100% natural ingredients and should only have a small handful of key ingredients with no added chemicals or substances. So, before starting your CBD cooking process, be sure to ask as many questions as possible about the CBD oil you are purchasing or check the third-party lab tests to make sure you are actually getting what is posted on the label.

CBD Oil for Cooking

Don't Cook at High Temperatures

No matter what type of oil is being used in a recipe, it is super important to remember to not cook at high temperatures. If high temperatures are used when cooking with CBD, the oil, no matter its quality, will not retain or preserve any of the so-called benefits it offers.

Also, cooking at high temperatures with CBD may affect the overall taste of the recipe, and the results will not be delicious. So, no matter if you are making baked goods, a breakfast, dinner or more, keep in mind to not cook at high temperatures.

Don't Overuse it

Although you may be excited about using CBD in your daily recipes, try not to get carried away and add too much CBD to your recipes, or take it too many times throughout the day.

It is super important to remember that there are specific CBD dosages to keep in mind that are unique to the individual user. So, remember to stick to your CBD dosage, and not go overboard with your usage of CBD in your daily recipes.

The CBD Oil may also have an overpowering taste and actually ruin the recipe if you were to use too much.

CBD Pasta

Don't Expect Your First Recipe to be Perfect

Although this might seem like an unimportant tip, I find it essential to share with you to not get discouraged with your first CBD cooking recipe. The truth is that we all can have a hard time with any recipe for the first time and the first try is not always perfect. If you create your first CBD recipe, and it is not to your liking, simply try, and try again. Remember to not give up with the first result, even if it is not exactly what you expected. A couple more tries and your recipes will be tasting like a professional CBD chef made them.

The Do’s

Choose High-Quality CBD Oils

As mentioned above, it is more than important to choose the high-quality CBD oil for CBD cooking, for results to come out as expected. To start your CBD cooking adventure, purchase your CBD oil from a reputable company that only adds a handful of key ingredients to their oil.

With a high-quality CBD product, you'll be able to get the results you expect from your delicious recipes and have an easier time incorporating it to your daily recipes.

CBD Smoothie

Start Out Small

One of the best tips I could give you as a beginner with CBD cooking is starting out small. With your first recipe, try to make the smallest quantities, or making a very small batch of your chosen recipe. Although excited, try not to get carried away, use a large amount of your CBD oil, or make too big of a batch. This will simply ensure that no matter the results you find, but you did not waste too much of your CBD oil, or use too many ingredients from your pantry in vain.

Use Fat-Based Ingredients

Due to the fact that cannabinoids mix well with fat or oil-based ingredients, it is definitely a great tip to use fat or oil-based ingredients in your CBD recipes. Using a fat-based or oil-based ingredient in your CBD recipes will allow the CBD to mix more easily with the other ingredients added.

This will also ensure that there will be no strange aftertaste from the CBD oil because the fat and oil-based ingredients will can help to overpower the slightly bitter taste of the CBD oil.

There are a handful of fat and oil-based ingredients that you can add to your CBD recipes, but the ones that I found most efficient are ghee, butter, coconut oil and lard.

By also adding CBD to delicious cocktails, I also found that vodka, whiskey and rum can replace the fat component, and add a punch to any recipe. Give these fat-based ingredients a try, and choose your favourite.

CBD Baking

Experiment With Both Sweet & Savory Recipes

When I first started cooking with CBD, the first thing that came to mind was baking. Seeing as most baked recipes contain a fat based ingredient, and could be baked for a large period of time at low temperatures, I found myself trying only sweet CBD recipes.

However, using CBD in savoury recipes is also a delicious way of adding it to your daily routines (and not eating so many sweets!). I love a full spectrum CBD Oil in my pesto sauce. Remember that CBD can be used in all types of recipes and that by simply experimenting, you will find what is perfect for you and your taste buds.

Store Your CBD Oil Properly

Like any other ingredient found in a kitchen, CBD oil needs to be stored properly. Milk needs to be stored in the fridge and kept cool, flour needs to be kept in a dry non-moisture place, and CBD oil also needs to be kept in its designated place in your kitchen.

Due to the fact that cannabinoids are sensitive to both heat and light, CBD oil should be kept in a cool, dry and dark place. I found that the easiest place to keep my CBD oil safe from light, heat and moisture is up in the pantry. Simply keep it stored in the correct place and its shelf life will last longer, and it will offer better results.

Making a salad with CBD Oil

Have Fun!

Although when you start out with the process of CBD cooking, you might feel a little bit overwhelmed and scared to make mistakes, the most important thing to keep in mind is to have fun!

Don't forget that CBD cooking is intended to be a fun, stress-free process and that after trying it a couple of times, you will not only become an expert but enjoy it more each time.

With my experience in CBD cooking, I have noticed that by letting go of the stress, the fear and the overall overwhelming feeling of “I don't know what to do!”, you allow yourself the gift of having an enjoyable, fun time experimenting with new and innovative CBD recipes, and have an overall more enjoyable CBD experience. My last tip to you, my fellow CBD lover, is to have as much fun as you can with CBD cooking!

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