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    CBD Comparison


    Bloom Botanics only sells trusted and quality lab-tested CBD products from Brands that we know are effective and we ourselves love because of their high-standard and their dedication towards their own brands. We’ve put these brands in comparison in the information that is bite-size so you aren’t wasting time trying to decide what CBD Comparison is best. We compare topics such as “Hemp Oil Vs CBD Oil’ and ‘’THC vs CBD’’ and many more while keeping them to chunk size parts of information.
    A common misconception about hemp seed oil is that it contains CBD, since it comes from hemp, and hemp plants contain CBD. But unfortunately, this is not a true statement! Find out the difference here. 
    • 5 min read
    With CBD becoming so popular more and more people are using it, but is it illegal? Does it have THC in it? What's the difference? We've got you covered!
    • 5 min read
    Aspire Breeze vs Aspire Breeze 2: Both vaporizers are similar and many people have been wondering what the difference is between the two. Get the low down here!
    • 5 min read
    Is there a difference between CBD Oil and Cannabis Oil? After a couple of recent high-profile cases in the media, the UK government was urged to rethink its position on the use of cannabidiol (CBD oil) as a medicine. Previously, cannabis was classed as a ‘schedule 1’ drug, meaning that it was not known to have any medicinal value and it can’t, therefore, be prescribed or possessed....
    • 4 min read