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One Year with the Mighty Vaporizer | A Real Review

One Year with the Mighty Vaporizer | A Real Review

I bought my Mighty vaporizer one year ago from, when I snagged one of their great deals on the Mighty Vaporizer. So I thought I would compare my first impressions to how I feel about it now after one year, of 1-2 times a week use. As I feel this is the review which, really matters with such a big purchase as the Mighty.

For context I have used the following vapes before: pax 2, pax 3, arizer solo 2, firefly, boundless CFX & CFC, G-Pen pro, flytlab lift & the Storz & Bickel Volcano.

My Mighty Vaporizer Review

I ordered my vape from Herbalize Store UK. Due to the great deals free shipping and a tree plant donation included, which is awesome. Also the vape came extremely fast with no issues.

The Box

Compared to its counterparts the Mighty has pretty mediocre packaging. Like I found the packaging doesn’t represent the top level quality and vapor it produces. I think other brands like Pax Labs, Firefly & Arizer, do a lot better in this regard. However this is just the box, so that doesn’t bother me really.

The included items:

This is where S&B excels compared to its competition, with an included grinder, brush and spare parts; such as screens and seals. Alongside this is the proprietary UK charger, which is a great fast charger but I also have my problems with it, but I'll get into that later.

I believe if you were to get one today you also get a Dosing Capsule, filling aid (a funnel which fits on the grinder) included as well. you can see these in the picture below.

Storz and Bickel mighty included accesories

(i got a UK plug with mine from Herbalize Store)

First hand on impressions

The vape was smaller than expected, but still on the larger side. The name and pictures make you imagine it to be alot bigger. For instance you could easily put it in a coat pocket without any problem, but wedging it into your skinny jeans pocket will look a bit silly.

The weight really gives it a premium feel. But it’s not heavy, it has a great feel in the hand, which makes it fell really sturdy and durable, like a really heavy duty power tool, like it will take a drop without a problem. I still find my friends who come over for a vape session are impressed and find it very cool when I hand it to them. So it has great 'sesh appeal'.

The overall look is definitely industrial and heavy duty with a full black plastic shell, i find people can find it a bit big, but I find it fine, and the added features of its size such as durability, vapor quality and battery size are definitely worth it.

The first pull of vapor

Honestly having been involved with dry herb vaporizers for a while and had my fair share of uses on clean/new vapes. The mighty's taste and vapor out of the box is unbeatable, it was so clean, smooth. From my experience I can understand why a lot of people who buy cheaper vapes such as the G-pen get put off vaping so quick, due to the harsh vapor they give you. But even with my experience of all the other vapes previous, I was surprised with how good the Mighty was.

I would say it was just a hair off the perfection which is the balloon of vapor from the Storz & Bickel Volcano, but that is a desktop and to be expected. The closest portable to this is the Arizer Solo 2 which I would say is a very close second in vapor quality to the Mighty.

I haven’t been able to take such big rips like I can from the Mighty from any other vape before without coughing. And the clean smooth taste only left the pure taste off the material I used.

Other notable features

Here i would just bullet point the other features which made me pick the Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer:

  1. Pass through charging: Charge your vape while using it for never ending sessions
  2. Huge Battery: this can keep you going for hours, I found I could get at least 15 Chamber loads on a full charge
  3. Huge Chamber: you can load this up easily to produce enough vapor for 4-5 people on one bowl
  4. Durability: This vaporizer is so durable that i don’t lock up in fear when it’s dropped like you would be if you dropped your phone. Sliding off the sofa or coffee table is no problem for this vape given it has no glass in its construction.
  5. Temperature Control: The mighty has big nice clicky buttons, you can pass this to someone and tell them ‘turn it to 210 degrees’ and they will just get it. Lots of vapes such as davinci or pax have one button operation which can be a pain in the butt to teach. I was fed up with the following converstaion:
    ‘Click it five times to turn on…. No! Click faster… now hold the button down until the lights purple...Don’t click it…. I said hold it!...’

How did it hold up 1 year on….

Did I have any problems? Did it hold up? Do I regret my purchase?

After long term use of the mighty I found a few little pet peeves with the vape, but also little things about it which I grew to love more than i expected.

What did i found that i didn’t like

I found there were only two real things I wished the Mighty had. The first was that it could charge with usb C or even micro USB. Having a proprietary charger meant that if i needed to charge the mighty I had to bring the brick like plug with me and had to use a mains socket. So I wish they used a more standard connector.

Second, I didn’t like the fact that the vape didn’t have a flat bottom so filling it was hard. I found you could turn the packing tool around like in the photo to stand it up right, but this was a bit of a compromise and still quite unstable. I often found myself clamping it between my legs while I scooped the material in, which wasn't ideal and led to some lost material between my legs.

What I liked

I found a few features about the mighty really handy which i didn’t expect, they were:

  • The hidden little packing tool was a lifesaver on many occasions, making sure all the material got into the chamber.
  • The big battery enables you not have to charge the mighty for multiple weeks at a time was great, also allows for it to power a huge vape session with a large group in the middle of the wilderness without a problem.
  • Being Convection based, I can put a little or a lot of material in and anywhere in between. This allowed me to perfectly load it depended how many people I’m with and what results I wanted.
  • Given the efficiency of vaping I found the overall spend i was having on materials to vaporize had plummeted too! I would use around a third of what I would do if I combusted the material.
  • Wear and tear: I haven't had to replace a seal, screen or do a proper clean yet. 

Do I regret my purchase?

No, The Mighty is great and definitely the best vape I have used, I would recommend this to anyone Serious about vaping, I doubt I will be buying a new vaporizer anytime soon! This meets my needs exactly.

How regular did i have to clean the mighty?

I found if that i wanted it to be super fresh and clean tasting, I had to clean it after about 7g (1/4 ounce) of any dry herb material I vaped. However, I normally clean mine every 14g of dry herb material (1/2 ounce) to the absolute most 21g(3/4 ounce). I would say this is the limit too, as when you vape more than this the build up can create a pretty bad taste of the old material you have vaped. My friends made strong comments about it when I didn't  clean it after an ounce, and I felt bad... especially after I opened it up.

How to clean the mighty vape?

You can't use water you need yo use strong alcohol such as isopropyl alcohol due to the oily plant resins which build up. I actually used 40% vodka on my first attempt and it was semi successful. But isopropyl is worth spending the £4-5 on just for the sheer convenience you will get out of your future cleaning. To clan the mighty you break apart the cooling unit and remove the rubber seals and leave it to soak in alcohol for a few hours or over night (not the rubber seals though alcohol can break them down), then go at it with a scrubber and cotton buds. and clean anywhere the vapor goes through. this took me about 15 minutes after soaking.


Storz and Bickel’s Mighty Vaporizer is a fantastic vaporizer for anyone serious about vaping. It is a powerful, reliable and durable vape which produces the finest vapor of any portable vaporizer I’ve tried. It has a mighty price…. Excuse the pun… But it is worth every penny for me and If you are serious about vaping you will find it very hard to have any problems with this vape.

Some Ratings:











Charge time




Vapor Quality





What it needs for 5/5 overall:

  • USB C charging
  • a flat bottom
  • lower price

If you want to Check out the mighty we recommend

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