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    CBD & The COVID-19 Quarantine

    How to Make Your Quarantine Better with CBD

    We’re all going through some of the hardest times of our lives during this pandemic, and we all know what it’s been like to be confined to our homes during this quarantine. Without the slightest chance of diversion beyond the limits of our homes, making the most out of our situations is hard! 

    We all know making it perfect is practically impossible, but we can most certainly make this quarantine better. One of our favourite ways to do this so far has been adding CBD into our daily lives in fun or innovative ways. It doesn’t make this global situation disappear, but it definitely makes it easier to get through. Here is how to make quarantine better with CBD:

    Use CBD Oil Throughout the Day

    Wait, what are we saying? We all know that having a routine during this time has been incredibly hard. Losing the routine and rituals you’ve become so accustomed to can cause you to feel anxiety and a sense of being lost or getting behind.CBD oil could help!

    CBD oil has been given to people who have anxiety, and it has shown very promising results. One thing you can do during this quarantine is incorporate CBD into your day to help with the anxiety that’s brought on by these adverse times, and get through this quarantine like a champ!

    Relax with a Delicious CBD Tea

    CBD tea is the new big thing for all the tea lovers out there. There are so many delicious blends that not only include all your favorite teas, but are also infused with CBD. If you love tea, you absolutely have to try CBD tea!

    The thing about CBD tea is that most blends are naturally caffeine-free, and so are perfect for these times (you know, when you don’t want to be bouncing off the walls of your apartment with nowhere to go!). There are blends that help you relax, there are others that help you unwind before bed so you can actually sleep (even though all our sleep schedules are inexistent), and others that are simply delicious. You’ll love every single one, so you absolutely have to try them. 

    Start Your Days with CBD Coffee

    Many of us love coffee, but having a cup too many can make many of us feel uneasy or even anxious.CBD coffee is different. It is said that when CBD is infused into coffee, all of the coffee’s energising effects remain, but the CBD helps level it all out, and in turn it energises you without overpowering the entire morning.

    CBD coffee is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite drink without getting what we call ‘the morning jitters’ afterwards. This is especially nice in these times of quarantine. With normal coffee we either face feeling anxious or nervous after it, or giving it up entirely -- neither of which are a fun option. So keep your morning treat and get rid of all the rest. 

    Get Your Skin Back to Normal with CBD Balm

    Washing your hands with soap as many times throughout the day is one of the best precautions you can take during this pandemic. However, while our health benefits immensely from it, our hands take a huge blow from all the soap and alcohol we’re using.CBD Balmcan help!

    Everyone’s hands are dry and cracking, and it’s no fun to have dry hands. CBD Balm is here to save your hands and get them back on track. Simply choose your favorite CBD balm and use it in between washes. You can also use it before going to bed so your skin can rehydrate itself during your sleep!

    Set the Mood with CBD Terpenes

    CBD terpenes are one of the best ways to set the mood in your home. Whether you want to focus on your tasks, feel relaxed, have a romantic vibe, or anything in between,CBD terpenes are your new go-to for this!

    All you need to do is take your aromatherapy diffuser, add some drops of your favorite CBD terpene blend, and set the mood! Quarantining is something we’re all just getting used to, but when you make your home feel just how you want it. you make this quarantine yours, and it becomes altogether much more enjoyable. 

    Try Some DIY CBD Projects

    DIY projects are so much fun. They not only allow you to pass the time doing something fun and productive, but you also end up with some pretty cool things afterwards. Making DIY CBD products can be a super fun activity during quarantine. 

    You can make anything from your own CBD balm, CBD tea, CBD candles, CBD skin care, CBD food, and so much more. A fun suggestion is to share a specific DIY CBD project with your friends, and make them together via video call! 

    With all this said, we know that this quarantine is anything but easy, and we know that you’re going through a hard time. However, we want you to know that we’re here for you, and we want to help you get through these adverse times. Send us a message and we’ll become quarantine pals!

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