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Islamic Faith and CBD: Is CBD Halal?

Is CBD Halal?

First we need to understand what is CBD?

To begin to understand whether CBD is permissible to consume in the Islamic faith, it is first important to understand exactly what CBD is. CBD (cannabidiol) is a component found in cannabis and hemp plants. Along with CBD, there are many other components found in cannabis and hemp plants such as terpenes. These are also found in many other aromatic plants and woods, flavonoids; there are which give cannabis and hemp their taste and smell.

One of the most known and controversial compounds found in cannabis plants is THC. Because CBD comes from Cannabis plants, many people confuse it for a drug or psychoactive substance because THC is associated with it. In order for any CBD products to be sold legally, they cannot contain any more than 0.2% THC.

CBD is said to have many different types of benefits, but none of these benefits have been clinically approved yet, and research still remains in pre-clinical stages. Therefore, I cannot say that CBD is going to help you in any way to treat, cure, or aid in any medical issues. But what is known is that CBD oil contains many different nutrients, such as fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and in some cases terpenes and flavonoids, which can all be of great aid to a person’s daily nutritional intake.

Therefore, since the legalization of CBD in the UK in November, 2018, the MHRA (Medications and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) have made it clear that for now, we are to consider CBD as a dietary supplement, and that CBD should be marketed and sold as such until there are full reports and validation from the MHRA.

Can CBD Make You “High”?

Cannabinoid Receptor

CBD on its own (CBD isolate) cannot make a person high since it is a completely separate component from THC, which is the sole component in cannabis which actually produces psychoactive effects on the body, and creates a “high”. This also rings true for any products that contain the 0.2% THC limit. This is because the amount of THC is so minimal that it cannot have any psychoactive effects.

As long as the CBD products have been purchased from reputable shops and sellers that can prove the THC content, you can feel rest assured that there is no chance of feeling "high". Many who are concerned about CBD being Halal will argue that any products with 0.2% THC would not be Halal because even any amount of THC would be wrong. If this is a concern to you, then you may want to look for products that are made from CBD Isolate, or that advertise having zero THC.

But there is one slight issue with that, and that is the fact that separating CBD from THC and other components is a little tricky, and it does require specialized equipment, as well as operators and tests, to do so completely. Therefore it is very important that you source your CBD from very reliable companies because they are the only companies and manufacturers that have the means and equipment to actually make the CBD isolate. Many of them will also do third-party lab testing to prove the contents of CBD and THC.

I say this because there has been a rise in many different homemade CBD brands, and I really can’t say that those are the best way to go, because 99% of the time, these people who make their CBD at home don’t have the necessary equipment to completely isolate CBD. They also won't do any third party lab reports to prove what is in their product so you really can't rely on the purity, quality, or safety of the CBD you would be consuming.

Is CBD Halal?

Halal symbol

CBD can be considered Halal, since it is similar to other plant extracts which are used in everyday life, such as lavender oil or cooking oil; and it cannot be technically categorized as Khamr. But many believe that when choosing a CBD to use, you should make sure that it is 100% free of THC and that you personally feel right about taking it.

A very common teaching in the Islamic faith is that when in doubt, it is better to abstain. When it comes to CBD, I think that you should personally do some thorough research for yourself and talk to your local scholars about CBD. Regardless of all of this, there are very strict guidelines, so if you still have your doubts or concerns, it may just be better to look for another dietary supplement you can take and which you feel better about.

It is very important that taking CBD is in line with your personal beliefs and that you personally feel comfortable with it. We would never want anyone to take anything that interferes with their beliefs and values, so we won't make any suggestions that would do so.

A great tip for finding CBD products which have no traces of CBD is looking to trusted stores; either can be found online or on the high street. Many of these products are made with CBD Isolate. Which is as it sounds, the CBD compound isolated from any other components of the cannabis and hemp plants. The products will also advertise themselves as THC free. Many will even have lab reports to prove so. You will find that there are many places which sell CBD free of THC, and you’ll be able to find the perfect product for you.

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Are certain methods of CBD consumption Haram?

what CBD is halal

The first thing we recomend to anyone looking for halal CBD is to only by lab tested CBD, this means you can see the report which explicitly states that it is legal in your country, but also contains trace amounts of to no THC.

Additional concern also raised when it comes to the many methods of consumption from oils, sweets, edibles, tablet vaping and more. lets look at them one by one and work out what CBD consumption methods are Halal:

CBD oils

For the majority of CBD oils you can be confident that they are halal. Due to the main components being hemp extract containing CBD which is halal plus a carrier oil. This is what we recommend purchasing if you want to be the most confident that you are consuming a halal product, as we are yet to find an oil which would not qualify as Halal.

However, like with alcohol based medicine, if there is an alternative with no trace of alchol, it should be taken. For instance, this means that muslims seeking to use CBD should use CBD oils which are made with CBD isolate, and contain trace THC. Here are a few products that we would recommend:

  1. Koi naturals CBD oil
  2. CBD Asylum 2.5% CBD Tincture
  3. CBD Asylum Pro Shot CBD Juice

These all contain no THC due to them being made from CBD isolate, and are Vegetarian. So you can be sure they are halal!

CBD Edibles

Some CBD edibles are haram due to the gelatin which has been use in it. Therefore we recommend staying away from CBD gummies unless you can be certain they are gelatin free. for example if they are vegan/ vegetarian. But there are a lot of vegetarian cbd edibles which are halal such as CBD chocolates.

CBD Tablets or capsules

Here again the gelatin is the main concern. So we would recommend buying vegan/ vegetarian CBD tablets to be sure they are halal.

CBD Vaping

CBD vaping is a complicated one as generally e-cigarettes are considered haram due to the nicotine in them which makes them prohibited. But the vast majority of CBD vapes and e-liquids are free from nicotine. However, this doesn't mean that vaping is seen as a halal method of CBD consumption. As if it is indeed free of nicotine and other harmful substances, then you still should not smoke or vape it, because that is imitating sinners, and the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever imitates a people is one of them.” Narrated by Abu Dawood (4031).

CBD Isolate crystals

You can buy just CBD isolate crystals, however you cannot do much with them, without working them into other products which contain oils or fats. This is the purest and most untainted form of CBD and is halal. However, due to the extra work required to dose it and make it into a consumable form without vaping it we wouldn't recommend it to most people.

Our top tips to ensure you're buying halal CBD

  1. Buy lab tested CBD which explicitly states it has no trace of THC
  2. Ensure it is vegan or vegetarian CBD
  3. Stick to buying CBD Oils
  4. Buy CBD made from CBD isolate.

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