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Is It Legal To Grow CBD Plants In The UK?

Is It Legal To Grow CBD Plants In The UK?


As you may know, the CBD industry in the United Kingdom has been growing at exponential rates since its legalisation in late 2018. If you are someone who likes to stay updated about all the advancements in technology and legality, then you probably know how we came to where we are now regarding legality.

However, if you have not been keeping a close eye on the subject, you may want to know a bit more about certain things and that is exactly what this blog is here for. We want to keep all our clients “in the know”. That way you know all about the CBD oil boom in the UK, you know all about what is legal and what is illegal; that way you don’t have any doubts or questions.

Recently, many people have been questioning whether or not it is legal to grow your own plants for CBD, which plants are legal to grow and whether or not you can make your own CBD at home. For that reason, we have compiled here a few of these questions, and hope to clear up any questions and doubts for you.

Key Sections:

Hemp Plants

What are CBD Plants?

First of all, it is important to know that CBD comes from two plants. The first is scientifically known as Cannabis sativa and the second known as Cannabis sativa L., otherwise known as hemp and Cannabis plants.

These two plants are both from the Cannabaceae family, and they both produce amounts of CBD, along with many other naturally occurring substances, such as terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, among others.

In case you were wondering, calling them CBD plants is a little on the incorrect side; although, since the big CBD boom in the UK, many people have opted for calling them by what they’re being used for, so the name CBD plants has begun to stick.

Cannabis v.s. Hemp Plants

Apart from their scientific names, these two have other differences worth mentioning. The first and most important difference is the fact that the cannabis plant produces a significantly larger amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the component in Cannabis that produces psychoactive effects, or a “high”.

The hemp plant, on the other hand, produces only miniscule amounts of THC, and sometimes does not produce even that. Therefore, consuming a hemp plant in any way does not put you at risk of feeling a high from the THC.

Of course, there is amazing technology that is presently used which completely separates the THC from the CBD, no matter which plant the CBD is being derived from; so you don’t face any risk of feeling inhibited after consuming your CBD.

But the differences are still very large differences in the eyes of the law, and there are still numerous laws against the personal use, growth, or distribution of the cannabis plant itself in the United Kingdom. Naturally, this does not apply to CBD derived from the cannabis plant, as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC.

Cannabis Plants in field

Is it Legal to Grow Cannabis and Hemp Plants?

When it comes to this particular subject, there are two different categories which separate the answer to this question. The first is whether or not it is legal to grow cannabis and hemp plants at home, and the other is whether or not it is legal for companies to grow cannabis and hemp plants.

Legality of Growing Cannabis and Hemp Plants at Home

Growing your own plants at home to make your own CBD sounds quite appealing to many people in the UK. But there are a few laws regarding this issue that prevent the average person from simply growing their own plants for CBD.

For one thing, growing cannabis plants is still forbidden by the law, as you read above, due to its high content of THC, which remains an illegal substance in the United Kingdom, as of the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971.

Therefore, growing your own cannabis plants in the UK is definitely a no-go in the eyes of the law. In fact, just being caught with cannabis in the UK is penalized by up to 5 years in prison, by an unlimited fine, or even both. Additionally, being caught producing and distributing this plant (or any other Class-B drugs) in any way is penalized with up to 14 years in prison, an unlimited fine, or both. So, if you have any value on your freedom whatsoever, we very strongly advise against even considering this as an option.

Hemp is equally as Illegal in the UK as cannabis and can only be grown for commercial purposes with a license. So you cannot grow it for personal use at all. 

Our suggestion? Just go online, do some research about CBD brands and the different ways you can take CBD, and buy your CBD from your favorite finished UK legal CBD products in a matter of seconds; you will find much better quality CBD, and you will be much safer.

Hemp plant growing in the wild

Legality of Growing Cannabis and Hemp Plants as a CBD Company

Naturally, CBD must be sourced from either Cannabis sativa plants or Cannabis sativa L. plants; therefore, in order to produce and distribute products which contain CBD, Certain standards need to be meet and you need a license to grow Hemp and cannabis.

In that case, the CBD company must present a number of different documents and presentations in order to even be considered as a potential receiver of a special license, this process is called a Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) check. You also have to pay a fee with your application. New licences usually cost £580, with licence renewals costing £326. Then, when the license is granted, there are still a number of rules and regulations which these companies must follow in order to ensure the public’s safety and well-being. For example the plant can't be grown in the vicinity of schools or areas of public access and You also have to tell your local police where you’ll be growing hemp. You want to know more about hemp growing in the UK check out the Government hemp licensing page.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) have put many rules down for companies to follow in order for there to be a strong hold on both quality control and on substance distribution.

Processed cannabis and hemp products can be legally traded and used in the UK as a food supplement without a license if their THC content is 0.2% For example check out our UK based online CBD Shop which sells 100% legal in the UK CBD products which includes things such as CBD paste and other extracts like Terpenes. Achieving this percentage can be quite trying for the normal person, but CBD brands have all the technology necessary for this process, and can do it in a short time; not to mention, they have the technology necessary for testing and making sure all their CBD contains less than the legal 0.2% limit of THC.

It is very apparent that the law highly regards public safety and general well-being, and that they value high quality, well produced products; therefore, companies are more than happy to comply with all these rules, regulations, and tests, because they too are aiming towards a better quality of life for their consumers, and would do all the important work that it takes to keep on-par with the law’s interpretation of that goal, and to stay in this valuable industry.

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Dizzy August 01, 2019

Is it ligal to have CBD flower shipped in to the UK England ?

Bloom Botanics August 01, 2019

Hi Dizzy,
It is actually illegal to sell CBD flowers in the UK. Many people think that because CBD flowers come from hemp plants and only have trace amounts of THC in them that they are ok to buy and sell in the UK, but unfortunately that is not the case. While you are allowed to buy hemp seeds, it is illegal to buy flowers, buds or hash. I hope this helped!
Bloom Botanics

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