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Is CBD Legal in Ireland?

Is CBD Legal in Ireland?

The popularity of CBD is now rising like crazy, and the demand for CBD products is spreading worldwide. There is now a wide variety of CBD-derived products to enjoy, and users are now able to experiment with innovative, unique products and methods of consumption. With the rising popularity of CBD however, many are at a loss as to the legality of the component in their country.

The truth is that although CBD is becoming incredibly popular, and now thousands of users are enjoying this component, the legality of it in many countries is still in a type of grey area.

Thanks to the fact that it is related to cannabis, many think that CBD causes psychoactive effects, which is why to them, it seems completely normal for it to be illegal in many places.

However, CBD is completely non-psychoactive. Meaning it does not get you high. So, if CBD does not cause any psychoactive effects, why is it being banned from many places?

Well, the reason for the legal grey area of CBD is the fact that there is not enough studies, or information on it to prove its benefits, so the HPRA in Ireland and the FDA in the United States are at a loss as to why this product should be sold.

However, with the positive results and reactions from the large community of CBD users, people are now beginning to notice that even if there is limited information on this component, it seems that it is causing positive effects in users, which is why global legalisation might actually happen in a not so far away future.

Legal Status of CBD in Ireland

CBD Legal in Ireland

So, instead of talking about the world, let's talk about Ireland. The legality of CBD has now reached Europe, with even the UK legalising the use and selling of CBD products. However, although the UK might be near, you might be asking yourself if CBD is legal in Ireland. The answer to this question is yes.

Yes, CBD is 100% legal in Ireland. CBD derived products such as oils, tinctures, vape oils, vape liquids and more that are derived from the Cannabis species hemp are completely legal. However, any CBD-derived products only legally permitted to contain 0.2pc of THC in Ireland. This is the same as the UK's restrictions.

The legality of CBD in Ireland and other parts of Europe and the world is now allowing a wider audience to enjoy CBD more freely, and also receive the benefits from the component.

It is also now allowing the CBD community to grow in a positive way, which is sparking a movement of inspirational people that would like to learn more about Cannabidiol (CBD), and to learn more about its unknown benefits.

With the popularity of CBD growing, and the community itself of CBD users increasing, there is no doubt that in a near future, there will be more information about CBD, and more light shown on the benefits it may be able to offer users.

If we simply wait patiently, I am positive that the CBD market will grow exponentially, and that the legality will stretch worldwide so as to offer a wider variety of people the opportunity to enjoy this amazing component.

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