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    Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal In The UK?

    Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal In The UK?

    As you may know, there have recently been many changes regarding the legality of CBD oil in the UK. Since November of 2018, these changes have been set in stone, as of now, in the sense that CBD is now recognized as a legal substance in the eyes of the UK law.

    So, is CBD legal in the UK? Definitely. The laws passed which allow the public to access CBD, purchase it and consume it. But is there a difference between hemp CBD and cannabis CBD? Scientifically, yes; but legally there is no difference whatsoever. Below we will explain the differences between hemp derived CBD and cannabis-derived CBD, and we will hopefully clear any of your doubts regarding this subject once and for all.


    Before we begin, it is important for you to know that since the legalisation of CBD hemp oil, back in 2018, there have been many regulations which are set in place in order to keep the safety of the consumer as tight as possible. The FDA and MHRA have both made sure that all the CBD growers and producers must have a current licence, current test results stating that their CBD complies with all the latest rules and are subject to inspections at all times.

    This is important to know, because, as we at Bloom Botanics offer many different CBD brands, but we want you to feel assured that all the CBD brands and companies that we carry are always 100% legal and up to date with all the newest advancements in both technology and laws. Whether it is CBD oils, CBD vaping & CBD Creams, they are all from reputable companies and brands.

    The most important thing to us is your comfort, well being, and safety. We want you to feel assured that you will always be taken good care of on our site. We also always want to offer our clients the best possible CBD, and we always make it a point to offer only the best, well known CBD brands available on the market today.

    In addition to this, we always want you to know exactly what the law allows and does not allow accordingly, so we want to always compose new and improved blogs that hopefully serve to educate you and inform you about what CBD is, CBD legalities, CBD brands and more great information about CBD.

    Hemp plant

    Hemp CBD Oil Vs. Cannabis CBD Oil

    As mentioned above, in the eyes of UK law, there is no difference between hemp derived CBD and Cannabis derived CBD. Of course, there is still one major requirement that all CBD must comply with, and that is that all CBD sold within the UK must contain less than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the psychoactive component in cannabis that can produce a “high” on the body. We’ll speak more in-depth about this requirement in a moment.

    Regarding the scientific or anatomical difference between cannabis cannabidiol and hemp cannabidiol, we must first understand the difference between the two plants. The one major difference these two plants have is the plants’ production of THC.

    The cannabis plant naturally produces a large concentrated amount of THC, and therefore, contains a high concentration of THC. The hemp plant, on the other hand, does not naturally produce highly concentrated amounts of THC; and if it does, it only produces very minimally traceable amounts of it, which are not enough to produce psychoactive effects on the brain. Hemp is not only used for making CBD products, but can be used for paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction, health food, and fuel. You can see by this, that the only difference these two plants is their natural production of THC.

    You may be asking yourself why this is such a big difference, and to put it in a few words, THC is still an illegal substance in the UK and many other countries. The laws set in the Act of Drug Misuse of 1971 are still in effect regarding the possession, sale and use of products containing THC; or, as of now, more than 0.2% THC.

    This does not mean that CBD derived from cannabis and CBD derived from hemp contain different amounts of THC, because, in order to be legal, they must, by law, contain less than 0.2%. Basically, it just means that CBD companies who choose to produce CBD derived from cannabis should take extra care to extract the THC out of the CBD, and isolate it correctly. So, in short, it is the same thing to own CBD oil derived from hemp and CBD derived from cannabis, according to the law, as long as the CBD oil is produced and sold according to the restrictions put in place by the MHRA.

    Cannabis Leaf

    What is CBD Hemp Oil According to the FDA?

    Naturally, the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) was very much a participant in the whole revision and research which went into the legalization of CBD oil. If there are ever any questions regarding substances which we are to consume, the MHRA (for the UK) and the FDA (for the US) are always a major influence and authority regarding the legalisation, control and supervision of said substances.

    So when this question began to make a splash throughout the UK, the MHRA, along with the UK Parliament appointed researchers, were first to begin to revise all the previous and ongoing studies. When they found that CBD contains sufficient fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and terpenes, they concluded that CBD was a perfect candidate to become what they define as a dietary supplement meaning it can provide some essential nutrient to consumers’ diets.

    With that said, the MHRA chose to recognise and categorise CBD as a dietary supplement, and therefore, all CBD companies and brands must, by law, advertise their CBD products as dietary supplements. This, believe it or not, caused quite an uproar among the public in the UK because there are many studies that theorize that CBD may be able to serve the medical industry in many ways thanks to its hypothesised medicinal properties.

    But, despite much of the public’s turmoil and disagreement, the MHRA held tight and confirmed their conclusion stating that it would be reckless if they approved a substance as a medical drug which has not yet been scientifically proven to help humans in any medical way. 

    This is actually quite correct, and no one can blame the MHRA for trying to protect the public from any harm. The truth of the matter is that, unfortunately, there really is not enough medical evidence supporting the fact that CBD has any medical benefits for humans; yet! We are still in very young stages regarding the research and discoveries of CBD, especially in the light of medical applications.

    Despite the MHRA’s clear vision of the reality we are in at the moment, there continue to be many people who claim that CBD is a substance which has helped them in many medicinal ways. As there is no concrete medical evidence that this is true, there can be no way that CBD brands can advertise their products as performing said tasks.

    Apart from that, anyone who is thinking of taking CBD as a dietary supplement should talk to their medical professional about it and get a professional opinion before trying it out. There can be a slight chance of CBD reacting with medications the consumer may be taking, and there can also be additional ingredients in some products which may cause allergies. So, when in doubt, always contact your medical professionals about your supplements in order to avoid anything grave.

    UK travel CBD

    Travelling with CBD Oil According to UK Law

    Travelling with CBD Oil is something which is worth discussing because many people tend to have an incorrect idea of what the law permits and does not permit. The laws legalising the possession of CBD have just recently been introduced. However, they are quite comprehensible, which is why we thought it worthwhile to talk about it a little bit here.

    One important fact worth knowing is that rules and regulations regarding the production of CBD may vary depending on the country. Therefore, according to the UK law, it could be a possibility that if you purchase CBD in a different country, such as the USA where CBD is legal, there may, most probably, be different regulations applied to the CBD produced there, and these may not comply with the regulations set in place by the UK laws.

    The same goes vice versa, since the regulations in the UK may be different from those in other countries, taking your CBD to other countries from the UK is not permitted. In fact, the UK law actually prohibits exporting or taking your CBD with you on your international travels for this same reason.

    Travelling within the UK with your CBD is a different story. As long as you are within the UK, the same CBD regulations apply. So if you are thinking of travelling to other places within the UK, taking your CBD with you or buying CBD in different areas of the UK is totally fine. If you are looking to buy CBD Oil or CBD products check out our CBD shop. All of which are completely legal to purchase in the UK.

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