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    How to Incorporate Terpenes into Your Daily CBD Routine

    How to Incorporate Terpenes into Your Daily CBD Routine

    With the increasing popularity of cannabis and the growing research being done on this plant, more and more information is being discovered about what makes it unique. And perhaps one of the more interesting areas of research concerns cannabis terpenes. Terpenes have always been there in the background of cannabis exploration, but they are now finally getting the attention they deserve. But what are these little compounds? Simply, terpenes are aromatic organic hydrocarbons found in all plants and even insects. There are more than 20,000 terpenes, and at least 100 are produced by the cannabis plant.

    And so what do they do? Terpenes evolved in plants to scare off herbivores and attract pollinators with their strong smell and colour. Essential oils are a well-known example of terpenes at work; they give essential oils their smell. The strong smell of cannabis is also all thanks to terpenes, which are responsible for not just its smell, but also its colour and flavour. Keeping plants safe from predators and attracting pollinators is not the only thing that terpenes are good at, however.

    In some of the latest studies done on terpenes, it has been found that these hydrocarbons not only affect the smell or taste of the cannabis plant but also determine what they do on a chemical level. Terpenes have actually been discovered to have a unique effect on the endocannabinoid system - a biological system that all humans have that is responsible for maintaining internal homeostasis. So, terpenes are turning out to be more complex and beneficial than we could have ever imagined. They are also completely transforming our understanding of CBD and other cannabinoids:

    Hemp Terpenes

    How Terpenes Can Make Your CBD Experience Better

    Now that we have gone over what terpenes are, the question still remains of “why does this matter?” Well, terpenes are actually here to make your CBD experience better than ever before. How? By contributing to something called the entourage effect. This effect is what occurs when various different cannabis compounds are combined together to make the overall effect more powerful than the singular effects would be on their own. For example, instead of only taking CBD on its own, users take CBD oil or products that also contain terpenes, small amounts of THC, and other cannabis compounds. This is believed to unlock more of what the plant is capable of.

    Terpenes can enhance your CBD experience by contributing to the entourage effect, but is that the only thing that makes them great? Remarkably, it isn’t. Terpenes are also incredibly easy to add to your daily CBD routine. Not only are they already found in many CBD products, but they can also be used in various ways on their own. The great thing about this is that you can make your CBD experience better without having to go through any complicated processes. Less stress, and more enjoying your CBD routine!

    Hemp Terpenes

    How to Easily Incorporate Terpenes into Your CBD Routine

    Terpenes are far from boring. They offer versatility and uniqueness that can bring that ray of sunshine back into your CBD routine. Instead of just taking a pill or capsule, you have the option of choosing from a variety of options. The most popular ways of taking terpenes include vaping, cooking, or adding them to self-care and beauty products or creating your own DIY terpenes recipes. To show you just how easy it is to add to your routine, let’s breakdown these popular consumption methods…

    Cooking - Adding CBD to recipes is no new trend. Using CBD for oral consumption has been around for decades. How about terpenes? Well, they are now becoming the new ‘big thing’ in the CBD community. There is definitely no better way to enjoy terpenes than adding them to your favourite recipes. Even if you have a busy schedule and don’t have time for elaborate recipes, you can simply add them to a quick smoothie or drink. You also have the chance to “go all out” and make delicious baked recipes or full-blown dinners. The only thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to adding terpenes or any CBD products to your cooking routine is that they can sometimes have strong, bitter tastes. Be sure to always add small amounts and experiment before using too many of your pantry’s ingredients.

    Vaping - Vaporizing terpenes may sound like a strange way to bring terpenes into your daily routine, but it’s one of the best options out there. Vaping is easy, fun, and will definitely allow you to experience something new. There are thousands of vaping options that you can choose from, so you can always keep your terpene vaping experience interesting and fresh. From vape liquids with fruity, sweet tastes, to natural ‘flavour-free’ liquids, there’s an endless amount of options for finding your perfect terpene-infused e-liquid. Vaping throughout the day is also easy and does not require too much time. Once you have your vaporizer and your prefered terpene-infused vape liquids, all you have to do is enjoy.

    Terpene Cosmetics

    DIY self-care products - There’s nothing more fun than creating your own unique self-care and beauty products. By making your own products, you can choose exactly what ingredients you would like to use, and always know what you are applying to your skin. Due to the fact that terpenes usually come in liquid form, that can easily be added to creams, salves, skin mists and more. To make your own, simply find a DIY recipe that’s perfect for your skin type and add a small amount of terpenes to the recipe (if in liquid form, around 2-3 drops depending on potency). It’s always important to start small and to experiment with dosages to discover what is perfect for you and your skin type.

    Aromatherapy - Another easy way to make terpenes a part of your daily routine is with aromatherapy. After all, one of terpenes main ‘responsibilities’ is smell. Using terpenes as aromatherapy is easy and does not take up too much precious time. You can add terpenes to DIY candles, diffusers, or simply take your favourite CBD terpenes on-the-go and use them throughout the day. By mixing terpenes with your favourite essential oils, you can have the best of both worlds and get the most from these natural options at the same time.

    No matter which of these options you choose, you will quickly discover that using terpenes is easier than it may seem. There are a growing number of unique terpene and CBD products emerging on the market, making it easier for everyone to choose the ideal option for their lifestyle. There’s no need to be an expert to get the most from terpenes or other CBD products. All you have to do is find what options are right for you, try them once, and soon you will find they are apart of your daily routine!

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