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How To Take CBD Oil: Orally, Vaping & The Many Alternatives

How To Take CBD Oil: Orally, Vaping & The Many Alternatives

Since the time that CBD has been rising in popularity, there have many different brands and companies developing different ways to take CBD in its different forms. Today we’ll be talking about taking CBD oil and what ways are the most preferred methods of taking CBD. We’ll also be going over whether or not they are easy to measure out in dosages or not, whether they are to be taken with more caution, and whether or not they usually contain additional ingredients.

Although sometimes CBD oil can come as an isolate or oil form on its own, there are also many different products which enable consumers to take it in a way which best suits their individual preferences and needs.

Hemp CBD Dosing

Knowing How Much to Take

Among all these different ways to take CBD oil, you’ll find that many of the products are already made with a certain dosage or strength of CBD. This is usually due to the fact that different people have different needs and preferences, so brands want to make it easy for their clients to be able to find the CBD dosage they need; and make it easier for them when they go to take CBD.

You will most likely find that most CBD oil products contain either a booklet or a printed section on the packaging about how much to take to achieve your dosage; and most importantly, how much is too much. For example, most tablets or capsules will have a warning along the lines of “don’t take more than this number of capsules in one day” or whichever dosage is too much, accordingly.

You may also find that some edibles come with a daily dosage in them, example one gummy a day. This makes achieving your daily dosage easier to achieve, and it makes it super easy to take your CBD and go. No measuring out drops or anything too time consuming.

But in order to know how much CBD oil you should be taking, we always recommend seeing your doctor or specialist. That way you can get a professional and knowledgeable recommendation, and you won’t be in risk of taking too much or even too little.

Also, we recommend starting at a low dosage always, and seeing how your body reacts to CBD. Once you start low, if it is necessary for you to take a higher dosage, we recommend climbing up to a higher dosage. But always start low and work your way up, so that your body can get used to the nutrients and to the cannabis or hemp oil and other ingredients (if present).

Different Ways to Take CBD Oil

As mentioned above, CBD oil can be taken in many different ways, and those aren’t just orally, but many more. Below we will explain a little about which ways are used to take CBD oil, and we’ll explain a bit about what to expect for each one.

Oral CBD oil

Taking CBD Orally

To take CBD orally, you actually have more than one option. You have the option of taking pure CBD oil orally by either diluting it in water or juice, by taking sublingual drops, or by adding it to your food. Many pure natural CBD oils have a little bit of a taste, but it is not a harsh taste; and you can even get CBD oils with flavours for that exact purpose.

All CBD oils come with different amounts of CBD, some are low and some are high; and all products have a way for you to measure your dosage, such as a dropper. That way you can always access your dosage easily.

Another way to take CBD oil orally is through edibles. Edibles can come in many shapes, sizes, and dosages, so you should find one that is good for you in both CBD content and ingredients. The most popular CBD edible is usually gummy form, but there is chocolate, hot chocolate mix, hard candies, sour candies, among others. You will easily find an edible that suits your needs and preferences.

An alternate way to take CBD oil orally is by taking capsules or CBD tablets. Most CBD brands offer their clients this way of taking CBD because it is popular among busy people, or people who don’t want to eat edibles like gummies, etc. There are tablet forms like aspirins, and there are gel capsules. Most popularly people take gel capsules, but either choice will get you your CBD. Some brands even sell slow release CBD tablets which contain a high dosage of CBD, so all the consumer needs to do is take one, and they will have a prolonged release of CBD within their bodies.

There is one unique product which basically stands alone, which is the Love Hemp Water; and this is the product which is sold by Love Hemp, a brand in Europe and USA, which infuses their hemp derived CBD into natural spring water. It comes with a low dosage of CBD, but it is a form of CBD which can be considered an edible, and is taken orally. Any one who has a bottle of CBD oil can infuse their CBD oil into water, but Love Hemp sells it already infused and mixed for extra ease and comfort.

CBD Cream

Applying CBD Topically

CBD oil can also be applied or taken topically. There are many different ways to apply CBD oil on your skin, and many different products for that exact purpose on the market today, so all you need to do is shop a little on this site and find your product.

Pure CBD oil, when diluted in a carrier oil such as hemp oil or olive oil, can be directly applied to the skin. Of course, we suggest speaking to your dermatologist or health professional before trying it on a large area of your skin; that way you can avoid any allergic reactions to ingredients or something along those lines.

There is also the option of taking your CBD in the form of a lotion. This is another popular way to take CBD because most CBD brands that we carry value using natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, and natural plant extracts like eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, etc.

Also, instead of a lotion form, you can purchase and use CBD salve. It is practically the same thing as a lotion, but it is less creamy and usually contains natural ethically harvested beeswax to make the consistency of the salve thicker and less creamy. These also contain a number of different essential plant extracts for optimal supplementation.

Taking CBD topically can be of some benefit, since you don’t have to technically digest the CBD or other oils in the product, and you can also gain the relief of hydrated and nourished skin, which is a win-win!

CBD Makeup

CBD Cosmetics

Though cosmetic products are topically applied, there are different lines of CBD that incorporate their CBD oil into products that can be used cosmetically, such as lip balms, skin care products like toners or eye creams, and also into facial masks. Although CBD creams and CBD Lotion are technically classified as cosmetics, we just wanted you to know that there are more than just creams, hence this little subcategory of cosmetics.

CBD Vape Pen

Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD has become growing in popularity recently since so many people are switching over from cigarettes to vaporizers, there is a level of convenience for those who already vape. It is important to note that you cannot vape a regular CBD oil. A CBD Vape-Oil is actually called a CBD e-liquid or CBD vape juice. This will make your search easier should you decide to try vaping CBD. 

Of course, you don’t have to be a vaper when you start vaping your CBD, because it is available to anyone and everyone above the legal drinking age. So, if this method is something that piques your interest, we suggest giving it a try!

Vaping your CBD is an easy way to get CBD into your system, and the liquids usually come in different dosages or strengths so you can easily choose the perfect amount of CBD oil for you. The vaping liquids also come in different flavours making it a more fun alternative to the traditional CBD oil consumption method.

Taking CBD Tinctures and Herbal Blends

Many people opt for trying CBD tinctures because they usually contain other essential oil extracts or extracts from plants with benefits for the body, such as arnica or milkweed. There is not such a saturation on the market of these kinds of remedies or tinctures, but companies such as the Original Alternative have a full variety of select tinctures and remedy blends.

Also, be on the lookout for remedies and tinctures which may have an extract that you are allergic to. We mention this a lot, just so you know to be on the lookout for anything that may not react 100% well with your body. You see, we care about your optimal health and wellbeing, so we mention these things so you know that there may be some things you should look out for. These things are usually additional ingredients, such as extracts or certain oils, but it still makes a difference.

CBD Isolates

CBD can be isolated in its truest form, which usually is 99% pure CBD. This can be presented in many different ways, but it is usually in a very potent CBD oil form, CBD crystal form, or in a CBD wax form (named so because it resembles wax).

These can be taken many different ways, such as orally; or can be vaped. They can also be added to food or personal infusion products. CBD isolates are usually very versatile, since they are a very pure form of CBD, and can be practically added to everything (unless suggested otherwise by the brand or a health professional) from water or other drinks, to lotions or vape liquid.

We do suggest taking it easy with these and not adding too much to start with, because they are very potent and are not usually presented and sold in pre-measured out dosages. Of course, there may be a suggestion on the packaging as o how much to take or how much is too much; but you should be a little more conservative with isolates on your first tries.

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