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    How to Make CBD Oil

    How to Make CBD Oil

    Making CBD oil is a process which varies depending on certain circumstances, for example, large companies with sophisticated equipment make it differently than is an average person makes it at home.

    In this blog we’ll be going over each of these processes, the differences between the two different ways, the legality of making your own CBD, what the best way to obtain CBD is, and much more.

    Commercial CBD

    CBD is made commercially all over the United Kingdom, and the process varies a bit from company to company, so teaching you about each company’s ways of making CBD might make this blog too long. Instead, we can just go over the most common way to make CBD and the processes that all CBD companies need to go through in order to get the finished product.

    Growing the plants necessary for CBD is the first step for companies since that is where they will be sourcing their CBD, and that naturally is the beginning of the whole process. As you may know, growing cannabis plants in the United Kingdom is illegal, and companies need special licenses to be able to grow hemp in the UK.

    The hemp plants are then harvested and taken in to be processed into CBD. This is the process that varies sometimes depending on the makers, but the most common way to extract CBD is by a cold press. This is essentially taking what a Rosin Press does, but instead of using very hot temperatures, using very cold temperatures to take out all the oil from the plants.

    Then, once the oil is extracted from the plant, the concentrates are put through a number of different chemical compounds in order to isolate the CBD from the other cannabinoids or components in the hemp oil. After that, there is lab testing to make sure all is well with the extracts, and then packaging and selling.

    Making CBD at Home

    Making your own CBD is very much a different process than the commercial one, because the first step, which is growing the plant, can definitely be something which is unattainable for the average UK citizen. Every single person who wants to grow hemp plants, a.k.a. CBD plants must be issued a license, and this takes more than it seems.

    So, if in fact you get a license, there can be a chance of making your own CBD at home. To do this you have a few options, but the easiest way to go would be to use a Rosin Press, which is essentially what the commercial CBD producers are doing.

    It is quite different, though, because you can only extract the hemp oil from the plant, and not isolate the CBD. The reason for this is that the process is a very risky one, especially involving all those different compounds, and we therefore advise against trying this at all.

    Legality of Making Your Own CBD

    As mentioned above, there can definitely be some obstacles between you and obtaining the green light from the law to make your own CBD. The licensing process can be quite rigorous, but know that it is this way for a good reason.

    If everyone started making their own CBD extracts, or their own hemp extracts, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) would not have any control over the substances, the quality of the products, or the general safety of whoever was consuming these; and that’s not good at all.

    Therefore, in order to keep a good handle on the different products circulating the country, these agencies, along with the UK law, find that issuing or not issuing licenses for these kinds of procedures is the best way to go; and penalising accordingly if someone goes against these rules.

    Therefore, we know that making your own CBD might sound quite appealing for various reasons, but there are so many hurdles you must jump over in order to simply get started that we advise you to stick to the safe, high-quality products being sold by licensed and professional stores, such as You will be much safer, and you will have much more variety of products and dosages, and you’ll be sure to find much better quality CBD here that any hemp oil you could make at home.

    Why Should you Buy CBD Instead of Make CBD?

    There are a few of the main reasons for which we recommend always adhering to buying your CBD from professionally licensed brands. Below you will see why experts recommend buying your CBD over making your own at home.

    We Care About Your Health and Wellbeing

    The first and most important thing for all CBD brands and sellers is your health and well being. The whole point of making high-quality CBD products is that it may enhance your day to day life and that you will lead a better, healthier, more complete lifestyle.

    In order to achieve this, CBD brands strive to make the highest quality CBD, sourced from the best plants and made with the best ingredients possible. The brands we carry all want you to feel as great as possible, so they all do their absolute best to put only the highest quality CBD on the market, complete with all the highest quality ingredients.

    This is something that someone making their own CBD at home may not be able to achieve, and we therefore always recommend and advise you to search for your ideal UK CBD brand, find your preferred products sold by them, and to enhance your life with them.

    We Want You to be Safe

    As already learned in this blog, extracting pure CBD from hemp oil can be quite a dangerous or risky process for an average person thanks to all the processes necessary to complete the product. This is why only trained professionals are able to do these processes.

    In addition to this, testing the CBD once it is produced is an essential portion of these processes, because it ensures that the CBD is ready to be consumed without any risks of there being THC or harmful chemicals in it. This is a process which can only be done in sophisticated labs, and not at an “at home” kind of place.

    We would never want you to put yourself in any danger, so we very strongly advise against putting yourself in a risky situation. Leave the risky processes to trained professionals, and all you have to do after that is sit back and enjoy the amazing products we create!

    Our CBD is Great!

    Of course, we don’t want you to harm yourself, and we don’t want you to end up with less than amazing CBD; so we offer all our clients great CBD for a reason! We want you to be 100% satisfied every single time, so our brands strive to create perfect CBD at all times.

    We know how big of a role CBD plays in many of our client’s lives, so we always strive to provide them with an immense variety of different CBD products, so that 1) they are able to find exactly which products suit them best, and 2) thy are able to customise their CBD intake to their personal lifestyle and personal preferences.

    We Offer a Wide Variety of Products

    When you make your own hemp oil or are able to achieve isolating and obtaining your own CBD, you may definitely have a nice amount of CBD for your own personal use. But we would like to also point out that infusing it into other products can be a little tricky. Therefore, it is most probable that you will end up taking CBD on its own, and not having much variety to choose from at all.

    But we have all the variety you need and more! We offer our clients a variety of different CBD products, starting at 99% Pure Isolated CBD in the form of crystals, all the way to CBD Gummies, CBD Chocolates, CBD Vape Juice, CBD Tabletsand Capsules, CBD Creams and Lotions, and many many more.

    Therefore, finding the product you’ve been wanting is so simple that all you will have to do is make a few clicks, and your CBD will be at your door in a matter of days. It really is that simple, and we hope that you know how important it is to us that you find exactly what you’re looking for right here on Bloom Botanics UK.

    To conclude everything in this blog, we would like to let you know that making your own CBD could be an option further down the line, but until the law recognises the public’s desires and sets laws in place for them to work out, we strongly recommend to just keep purchasing your CBD from trusted places such as this site.

    If you would like to shop around, please feel more than free to take a look at all our wonderful categories. Also, if you’re curious to know more about the brands we carry and their products, please take a look at our brand blogs; there we talk about each and every brand we carry, their goals, their history, the public’s opinion of them, and all their products.

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