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    How to Make CBD Butter

    How to Make CBD Butter

    Recently, one of the most popular ways to take CBD is CBD Edibles. They are easy, quick, and efficient. But “CBD Edibles” isn’t limited to just CBD gummies or chocolates -- CBD edibles can also be CBD-infused food and drinks!

    A great way to incorporate CBD into your daily life in the form of a food is by using CBD butter. It’s something we all use almost daily, it’s versatile and great for practically any dishes, and it is a tasty and easy way to bake using CBD.


    What is CBD?

    CBD, a.k.a. Cannabidiol is a substance (specifically, a cannabinoid) found in cannabis and hemp plants. This cannabinoid is produced alongside 109 other cannabinoids, and other substances such as flavonoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and the infamous substance called THC (which is omitted from most CBD products).

    CBD has recently been under the microscope -- yes, literally, because it has been found to offer many essential nutrients. Some of these nutrients include vitamins and minerals, fatty acids such as Omega-6 and Omega-3, terpenes such as pinene and limonene, and flavonoids -- all of which are beneficial to include in our diets.

    It’s thanks to these nutrients that CBD has become quite a popular dietary supplement. But it is also a bit scrutinised due to the fact that it comes from cannabis and hemp plants which are known for the psychoactive effects these produce. It is important to know that these psychoactive effects are only due to the high content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in cannabis plants. CBD products only contain 0% - 0.2% THC since that is the law in the UK. So there are no worries to be had about CBD causing psychoactive effects!

    CBD Butter

    CBD Butter Recipe

    Now, to get started on the easiest CBD butter recipe, you will need:

    • 500 Grams (2 Cups) of your favourite butter (unsalted is better for baking and salted is better for cooking)
    • 250 mls (1 Cup) of water
    • 20 ml of your favourite CBD Oil
    • A saucepan large enough to hold both the butter and the water
    • An airtight container for your CBD butter

    What you need to do:

    1. Put your butter and your water into the saucepan.
    2. Add the CBD oil into the mixture.
    3. Set your stove on low heat, and heat the mixture for 2 hours while occasionally stirring. (NOTE: you want to keep the heat low so that the CBD doesn’t cook-off.)
    4. Once all the water has boiled off, the mixture should look dense, remove from the heat and let it cool enough that you can transfer it, but not so much that it has solidified.
    5. Now, all you need to do is transfer your mixture into the airtight container, and refrigerate it.
    6. After you’re done, you can use the CBD butter just like normal butter! Just keep it refrigerated for freshness and texture.

    Block of Butter

    Why is CBD Butter so Great?

    • CBD Butter is easy to incorporate into your daily life. Since butter is already an ingredient most of us use daily, adding CBD to it makes it easy to incorporate CBD into your life without having to measure our dosages or have to keep a daily reminder.
    • Many people would love to try baking with CBD, and most baking recipes call for butter. Using CBD butter in these recipes is the most effective way to bake with CBD. Just remember not to use recipes that bake at higher than 180 degrees Celcius (350 Fahrenheit) as the CBD will cook-off.
    • CBD Butter is easy to make and budget-friendly. As you can see from above, it’s very easy to make CBD butter, and thanks to the portion you can make with just 20ml of CBD oil you can make it last a longer time, which is easy on your budget!
    • CBD Butter is easy for your body to metabolize. Edibles are not only popular because they’re easy to take, but also because they are metabolised well in your system, just like other foods or supplements.

    I hope now you know just how easy it is to make CBD butter, and that you can make it whenever you want. Use it throughout your day, incorporate it into dishes, or even make it a part of your daily breakfast!

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