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How to get Cannabinoids in UK

How to get Cannabinoids in the UK

Plenty of people are wondering how to get cannabinoids in the UK legally. As a responsible website, we cannot recommend that you buy cannabis, which remains illegal. Cannabis and some of the cannabinoids that are found in the drug-type cannabis sativa plant are Class B, which means up to five years in prison and/or an unlimited fine for possession. If you are caught dealing cannabis, you could face up to 14 years in prison and/or an unlimited fine.

As insane as that sounds, it is the reality of cannabis legislation in the UK. So you might be wondering how to get cannabinoids in the UK at all. There are ways of doing it legally, such as 100% legal online CBD shops, so keep reading to find out.

Current Legislative Confusion

As a Class B drug in the UK and under Schedule 1 of the UN drug policy, cannabis has “no accepted medicinal value” and a “high abuse potential”. However, this is a direct contradiction of the World Health Organization and the United Nations itself, which in June 2018 found that cannabis was a “relatively safe drug” and had "clear medicinal use".

According to research seen in the Independent newspaper, in 2016, £31 million was spent on cannabis prohibition, which amounted to roughly 1 million police hours. This from the country that is the world’s largest producer of medical cannabis, according to the United Nations. Ninety five tonnes of cannabis was produced in the UK, the equivalent to that of a large Mexican drugs cartel.

Legal or Illegal?

Recently, a little boy with epilepsy was denied cannabidiol, a cannabinoid found in cannabis that has remarkable anti-seizure properties. The boy had been taking CBD and psychoactive (and illegal in the UK) THC while living in Canada; when he came to the UK, he was denied his medicine. As a result, he suffered dozens of grand mal seizures, each of which caused irreparable brain damage. Eventually, the home secretary, Sajid Javid, caved in to pressure and allowed him to receive the treatment.

By doing so, he admitted that the government’s policy on cannabinoids was inconsistent and harmful. It seems that this has affected him, and Javid announced that there would be a change in legislation to allow medicinal prescription of cannabinoids by the autumn.

Sativex, a 1:1 mix of THC and CBD, is produced exclusively in the UK, where it is also available on prescription for people with multiple sclerosis. It is not considered “cost effective” by the NHS but that is not an indictment of the drug itself.

CBD Oil in the UK

A lot of the confusion around how to get CBD oil in the UK comes from the relative legality of the sources of CBD. Industrial hemp has been grown in the UK for hundreds if not thousands of years for textiles and paper. It contains small amounts of CBD and very little THC, so it is legal. The limit for THC in a hemp plant is 0.2 percent, so if someone grows a hemp plant that has a lot of CBD and less than 0.2 percent THC, they can extract the CBD oil and sell it.

However, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has said that if CBD is advertised as a medical product, it must be licenced, alongside all other medicinal products on sale in the UK. This is to ensure that customers are not lied to and only get safe medicines, which is very reasonable, given the low standards which some brands meet.

How to get CBD oil in the UK?

CBD oil is available on the internet and in high street shops. Many sell CBD at different strengths. The CBD products you can buy all have THC contents of less than 0.2 percent, which could limit their usefulness for some conditions. However, CBD is beneficial for many different conditions and has a good safety profile.

There are some problems with the relatively unregulated CBD marketplace in the UK. Because it cannot be sold as a medicine unless it is licenced, lots of shops are selling CBD products that are of dubious quality. Because there are no minimum standards set other than for food safety, CBD products can vary massively in their content and quality.

The CBD market is new and evolving, so expect a lot of different claims from producers. Look closely at reviews and ratings on the internet; without the regulation that other drugs get, you are not guaranteed anything. Look for reputable suppliers and highly rated products in your search for CBD oil.

Be careful of any CBD products from abroad, they might contain a level of THC that makes them illegal, and could land you and the producer in a lot of trouble.

That's were CBD shops like Bloom Botanics come in, they as an online shop only stock quality lab tested products which you can trust. Clearly, informing you of the CBD content and other ingredients in the product. They help keep you safe by demanding a level of quality and clarity in the products they stock, so that you do not need to determine the legitimacy of a brand from their own marketing information.

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Talk to your Doctor and Be Safe

Just because CBD is legal in some forms, it does not mean that it is without risk. CBD interacts with your body chemistry and there are risks, albeit low ones, from consuming it. Talk to your doctor about using it before you buy and make sure you have read up on the effects and side effects. They will be able to make the best recommendations for use. Have a look at the rest of this site for more information and in-depth guides to everything CBD.

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