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    How to Be Safe When Taking CBD

    How to Be Safe When Taking CBD

    Knowing how to stay safe during your CBD journey is essential to making sure your mind, body, and soul are as healthy as possible.

    Since CBD is still a relatively new product and has just recently been legalised in the UK, finding out how to be free from danger while taking CBD is the best way to navigate your way through this recently introduced market.

    Today we will outline some of the best ways to stay well and informed if you are interested in CBD. Please feel free to reference it throughout your CBD journey, and contact us with any doubts or questions you may have about CBD safety.

    Do Your Research

    The fact that you’re on this blog is already a good sign. Doing your research on CBD and CBD products is one of the best ways to stay safe, because during your searching you may find things that you will either like or dislike about certain CBD products, and that’s already a great start!

    Doing your research doesn’t necessarily mean reading scientific papers, either (but we love that too!). It simply means educating yourself on all the aspects of taking CBD, and how it can affect you in the stage of life that you’re at now, and how it can boost your diet.

    There are a few ways to research the CBD products or brand you are interested in. Below are a few of the best ways:

    Lab Testing

    Third-Party Lab Testing

    One of the best ways to find out exactly what’s in a CBD product is checking if third party lab tests have been done on that specific product.

    Unfortunately, CBD is not regulated by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), which means that there are still very few guidelines on what CBD products can contain, and sometimes don't contain any CBD at all.

    Checking lab tests also allows you to see whether the product contains THC, and if it does, how much THC it contains.

    This is especially important for those of you who are seeking a THC-free CBD product. Because there is always a small chance that products claiming 0% THC can still let some slip.

    So essentially, it’s just important to know exactly what you’re consuming in order to stay safe and to make sure that you are taking a product that is in line with your CBD goals and necessities.

    Testimonials and Customer Experiences

    Reading up on other peoples’ experience with certain CBD products can be really informative, and can help you get an idea of what to expect when you take the product.

    Everyone prefers to read reviews of products before they purchase them now, and if you read about someone’s experience with a CBD product, you can get a view into whether the product is worth taking or not, and simply get more acquainted with the user experience.

    Of course, exploring the CBD market on your own, and taking a product that you like is important, but checking on other peoples’ experience never hurts!

    Medical Professional

    Speak with a Healthcare Professional

    A qualified medical professional is most likely the person who is most informed about your health and can offer you advice and guidance when it comes to taking a new supplement, whether it will interact with other medications and more.

    So speak to your doctor about taking CBD, and if you already have some products in mind, going over them with her/him is a great idea!

    Also, if you have any health conditions, are taking any medications or are pregnant, a CBD conversation with your healthcare professional should be the first thing you do to make sure your health is not in danger.

    On that note, it can be beneficial to keep this conversation ongoing if you take CBD, just in case you begin to experience anything unusual along your CBD journey -- be it good or bad.

    A check-up every once in a while can be super great to see if you really are benefiting from your CBD, and this can further guide you throughout your Cannabidiol experiences.

    Healthcare professionals can also be the perfect people to help you find the correct CBD dosage, so you can always talk to them about that as well. We know that dosages can be confusing at times, but you’ll most likely be in great hands!

    Always Read the Labels on Your CBD Products

    Reading the labels on your CBD products is a great way to find out 2 essential things: what is in your CBD product, and a recommended dosage (or how much is too much).

    It is important to know that though overdosing on CBD is practically impossible, staying within the limit shown to you on the label will make sure that you’re safe and stomachache free -- kind of like sticking to one bag of your favourite crisps instead of opening a second.

    Drug Testing

    Know About CBD and Drug Testing

    There are some CBD products that contain THC. Even though the amounts of THC are minute and are only less than 0.2%, it is possible that over time it could show up on a drug test.

    This means that if your work-place or any other aspect of your life requires you to take regular drug tests, you should really be careful about what CBD products you take -- failing a drug test is not an option.

    Look for products that state they are THC free or contain 0% THC. Any reputable CBD brand will also have lab tests to prove the THC and CBD content of their products. This way you can still safely enjoy CBD and not be worried about the consequences of THC appearing showing up in your drug test.

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