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Hemp Oil VS CBD Oil... What's the Difference?

Hemp Oil VS CBD Oil... What's the Difference?

What is Hemp Oil and How is it Made?

Most of us think that we know the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil, but do we really? More times than not the difference between certain things such as hemp oil and CBD oil can be a bit clouded due to the fact that they both come from the same origin, the Cannabis sativa plant, or even the way they are marketed.

In this blog, I would like to let you know more about what hemp oil is, why and how it's different from CBD oil, and I'd like to what you know about the best three ways to use hemp oil.

Hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, is obtained from the seeds of hemp plants, which are normally grown in industrial settings. The first step to making hemp oil, of course, is collecting the seeds with which the oil is to be made. You would be quite surprised at the number of seeds that need to be collected in order to make enough hemp oil to sell!

After that, the hemp seed is washed or sanitized, in preparation for the third step. Afterwards, the hemp seeds are cold pressed, which is a common way of obtaining oil from seeds and nuts, such as coconut oil, caraway seed oil, etc.

After the cold-press process is over, the product left is pure hemp seed oil, which is either dark or light green in colour. Once companies have a pure unrefined hemp seed oil, they can then go on to refine it more or incorporate it into different products.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil: How Are They Different?

bottles of hemp seed oil

A common misconception about hemp seed oil is that it contains CBD, since it comes from hemp, and hemp plants contain CBD. But unfortunately, this is not a true statement, for hemp seed oil only contains the oils, a.k.a. fatty acids and vitamins and minerals, and not any of the other components such as THC, or other cannabinoids like CBD.

CBD oil, on the other hand, is obtained through a different process and is put through a process which allows manufacturers to obtain pure CBD, full spectrum CBD, or CBD isolates. If you are interested in learning more about how CBD is obtained, and how CBD oil is made, please visit our blog “What is CBD Oil?” to get to know more about what CBD oil is and how it is made.

The main difference between CBD oil and hemp oil is the fact that hemp oil does not contain CBD, and CBD oil does. But CBD isn't exactly an oil. When CBD comes in an oil form, it is usually due to the fact that it is diluted inside of carrier oil, such as hemp seed oil or olive oil. Therefore, it is quite easy to mix these two up and assume that CBD oil is the same as hemp oil, and I can't blame you if you had the same as conception as most of us did.

But the truth of it is that hemp oil it's just the essential oil or plant extract derived from the hemp plant, and CBD on the other hand, is a naturally occurring component within the plant, just like terpenes or THC.

3 Ways to Use Hemp Oil

Hemp Seed Oil Poured Onto Spoon

Hemp oil itself is quite easy to obtain anywhere, and it's a great thing to have around your household for many reasons. Here are three ways that I like to use hemp oil, plus one of my best-kept secrets!

  1. One of the most common but useful uses for hemp oil is in the kitchen. Hemp oil could be a great substitute for olive oil or canola oil, for it provides fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, and it adds a whole another dimension to your cooking. Many people love using hemp oil in the kitchen both to fry and cook with, and even to preserve certain foods with. I know it may sound a bit strange, but preserving foods in oil for a couple of days is quite normal, and is a very common practice in many different countries. For example, if you make your own mozzarella cheese, a fantastic way to preserve it is in hemp seed oil, just as you would preserve it in olive oil. You can do the same thing with freshly cut chillies or peppers, because putting it in hemp oil for 12 to 24 hours before serving will bring out the flavour and spice of the peppers, and you'll end up with flavorful, spicy hemp oil and extra fresh chillies. 
  2. Another awesome way to use hemp oil is in your DIY cosmetics or beauty products. Hemp Seed Oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it will not clog pores, so it could be used a multitude of ways and even in your cosmetics. My best-kept secret for my eye makeup removal is just using plain hemp seed oil! No need to spend loads of money on high-end eye make up removers because let me tell you, this works even better! Recently, there has been a lot of popularity around making your own facial masks, facial mist, and night creams. It is very easy to incorporate your hemp seed oil into any mixture, plus it will provide its own set of nutrients to your skin. I highly recommend using hemp seed oil in your facial masks and mixing it with another essential oil such as rose oil or lavender oil. You will be able to give your skin a full session of pampering, and it will come out looking absolutely amazing and feeling even better.
  3. The last way you can use hemp seed oil is in your favourite conditioners. Many people say that shampoos and conditioners can strip the hair of all of its essential oils. So to combat this, adding in certain ingredients such as honey and hemp oil, you will be replenishing all of the most important nutrients that are so vital to your hair. Another great quality to hemp oil is the fact that it is not a heavy oil. In fact, it is one of the lighter oils like grapeseed oil, so when you put it in your conditioner there will be no thick or heavy residue on your hair, and you'll be able to go about your day looking and feeling unstoppable.
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