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Harmony Vape Pen Review

Harmony Vape Pen Review

CBD vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years, and now, it is considered one of the most preferred methods of consumption in the CBD community. Not only is vaping CBD a more efficient way of receiving the benefits of the CBD itself, but it also offers users a more enjoyable, fun experience when taking their daily doses.

Thanks to the popularity of CBD vaping, new products are surfacing that are allowing users to enjoy the best CBD vape experience possible. One of the new cutting edge products that is rising in popularity on today's CBD vape market is the Harmony Vape Pen kit. This incredible little unit is considered one of the easiest ways to enjoy CBD vaping to the fullest extent, and because of this, I simply had to try it myself.

Although I have had the pleasure of trying a wide variety of CBD products, and have experimented with a large number of consumption methods, vaping is definitely one of my favourites. I have had only good experiences when trying CBD vape products, so I was excited to try the new Harmony vape pen, and see if it satisfied my CBD vape needs.

Now that I have tried and tested this product, and have been able to compare it to a number of other CBD vape products on the market, I would like to share with you what I thought of this product so that you can decide if it's perfect for you or not. I'm confident that the end of this article, you will know all you need to know of the Harmony vape pen.


  1. First Impressions
  2. Look and Feel
  3. Build Quality
  4. Vapor Quality
  5. Ease to Use
  6. Portability
  7. Battery Quality
  8. Our Ratings breakdown

First Impressions

harmony vape pen

When I received the Harmony vape pen, the first thing I noticed was its well-designed, fancy packaging. Unlike other products I have received, I immediately noticed that the manufacturers of the Harmony CBD pen actually took into consideration the packaging and the first impression of the product itself.

I was happy to see when I opened the sealed bags, that my new unit was neatly organized in its packaging, and that no pieces were amiss, or scattered throughout the packaging. Overall, I had a great first impression with the Harmony vape pen.

Look and Feel

Harmony Vape Pen

Since the Harmony vape pen wasn't the first vaporizer I have purchased, I was able to compare it to other units I have tried to sort of 'rate’ its overall look and feel. However, if you have never used a vaporizer, what I refer to is the overall quality of the build and design of the unit.

The Harmony vape pen definitely wasn’t the fanciest looking vaporizer I have used in my days of vaping, but I could see that it definitely was well-made and well-designed. Although simple and non-extravagant, it still has a bit of elegance that allows you to see the quality that was placed into its built.

It has an overall slim design, with a rounded battery on the bottom, which makes it feel smooth in the palm of your hand and easy to hold. Like I said, it definitely isn't the fanciest vaporizer I have used, but thanks to the fact that I appreciate simplicity, this unit did impress me in this category.

The only thing that I would like to change about the look and feel of the Harmony CBD pen is the fact that it doesn't come in different colours, and users have only one option of black and grey. I think with all the fun colours of their e-liquid packaging it would also to be fun to have the Harmony Vape Pen come in some fun and bright colours as well.

Build Quality

harmony vape pen battery

Due to the fact that the Harmony vape pen is one of the most affordable vape pens ever launched, I wasn't expecting much from the actual quality of its materials and it's build. So, when I received the unit, I wasn't too disappointed to find that the unit itself felt a little cheap.

When I say cheap, I don't mean to say that I didn't like it, or that I don't recommend this unit, I simply mean that the materials used to create the Harmony vape pen aren't as high quality as other materials used on the vape market. I think this can be said for most slim vape pens in this category though.

However, taking into consideration that this vape pen is one of the most affordable units ever launched, it's not hard to understand that the manufacturers were forced to use the cheapest materials possible so that they can offer a more affordable option for CBD vape lovers.

So, when you hold this unit, it might not feel like the most high-quality vaporizer on the market, but it will offer the functions that any other vape unit will, while still being set at a very affordable price.

Vapour Quality

harmony vape pen cartridge

Vapour quality is one of the most important things to take into consideration when reviewing a vaporizer. If a vape unit cannot produce the quality of vapour the user needs, it will not be able to satisfy the users in any way. The quality of vapour a unit produces determines the overall quality of experience the user will have.

As I mentioned above, due to the fact that this vape pen is not the first vaporizer I have tried, I was able to compare it to other units I have used in the past, and the vapour quality it produced was pretty impressive. When considering the affordable price that is set at, and the cheaper materials used to create it, I was actually impressed to see that offers it good quality vapour.

The draw for the pen is a mouth to lung type, so it cannot produce the monster clouds of vapour that other units on the market do, but it was able to satisfy my vape needs with an impressive, smooth vapour. I find that for a CBD vape pen, this unit produces the quality necessary to satisfy users needs.

Ease of Use

Harmony cbd pen all accessories

One of the greatest things about the CBD Harmony vape pen is the fact that it is extremely easy to use. When compared to other vape units on the market, the Harmony vape pen was created to offer an easy experience for CBD vape beginners, or for people who want a simple way to vape on the go which is one of the things that made me fall in love with it.

Instead of having a wide variety of complicated functions and settings, the Harmony CBD Vape Pen is super easy screw on your harmony CBD vape cartridge, and suck! The airflow you produce activates the vape producing vapor immediately, and stops when you stop... Simple!

The process to begin vaping with this unit is actually so easy, that it only takes three simple steps. These including screwing the cartridge onto the battery, drawing air through the mouthpiece, then the tip of the Harmony pen will glow, and produce a mouth full of delicious vapour. It's that simple.

Also the harmony pre-filled vape pen cartridges make topping up super easy, just buy a new on and screw it on... easy!

The only problem I came across was that it didn't seem to be working when I first screwed the cartridge onto the battery. I unscrewed it and put it back on and it seemed to work fine after. I've since noticed you have to be careful and make sure it's screwed on tight or it can be a little finicky. This could just be a one-off, and it works perfectly once it's on properly.

Portable and Discreet

Portability and discreteness is also a very important thing to take into consideration when looking for the right vape unit. By using a vaporizer that is portable indiscreet, you will be able to enjoy a vape experience wherever you go and enjoy delicious vapour whenever you want.

Another great thing about the Harmony CBD pen is the fact that it was designed and manufactured to offer a portable and discreet CBD vape experience. It boasts a compact, slim body, that will allow you to simply put it in the bag of a pocket, a handbag, or anywhere and enjoy it on the go.

Also, due to the fact that the atomizer and the battery itself can be detached, you can detach these pieces, and fit them even more easily into a small pocket, so you can use it on the go. I have had only good experiences using the Harmony vape pen on the go, and it's all thanks to its small, portable size.

Another thing that allows it to be used so easily in public is the fact that it is not an extravagant, ‘attention-seeking’ vaporizer, and it is very discreet. When using it on the go, I did not feel too obvious, or too out of the ordinary, which allowed me to enjoy a more relaxed CBD vape experience.

Battery Quality

harmony cbd vape pen kit charging

Of course, portability and discreteness will determine if you are able to use the unit on the go, but the battery quality and battery life will also determine where you can take, and where you can use your vaporizer, so it is definitely important to keep in mind.

When the Harmony vape pen is fully charged, the battery lasts up to 500 pulls or hits in one single charge. Due to the fact that I am not a very heavy vape user, my battery would last all day before I needed to recharge it.

The Harmony vape pen comes with a USB charger that allows you to charge your unit virtually anywhere. For the price of this unit, the battery life of the Harmony Vape Pen is pretty decent.

Our ratings



First impressions 95%
Look & feel 90%
Build Quality 75%
Vapor Quality 85%
Easy to Use 85%
Portable & Discreet 95%
Battery quality 75%
Overall 86%

Should You Try the Harmony Vape Pen?

Now that we come to the end of my review of the Harmony vape pen, you can see that I had an overall positive, enjoyable experience with Harmony CBD Vape Pen. Of course, like with any product, I found that it had its charms and its defects, but overall, I found that it is a wonderful unit.

Not only is the Harmony vape pen set an incredibly affordable price, but it offers quality that can compete with other units on the market that are set at a much more expensive price point. The Harmony vape pen offers quality for a great price, which is something that I love about the unit.

The Harmony vape pen is also extremely easy to use, making it perfect for CBD vape beginners and experts alike. No matter how much experience you have with vaping, I'm confident that with this easy-to-use unit, you will have a stress-free, enjoyable time.

In general, with the vapour quality this unit offers, the portability and discreteness, the battery life, and the overall ease-of-use and functionality it offers, I believe that it should definitely be on your must-try list. I'm confident that after you try the Harmony vape pen for the first time, you will end up enjoying it just as much as I did, and having the same enjoyable, fun CBD Vape experience. Shop the Harmony CBD Vape Pen and our full range of CBD vaping collection.

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