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Guide to Dabbing CBD

Guide to Dabbing CBD

Thanks to the growing community of CBD users, and the rising popularity of CBD, there are now an endless variety of ways to enjoy all of the benefits of this cannabinoid. Now, users are not forced to stick with only one boring method of consumption, and now they have a wide variety of options to enjoy.

One of the emerging ways to enjoy CBD is dabbing. Although it may seem a little intimidating because it sounds exactly like THC dabbing, don't worry, while the methods are the same, the products you are using have two completely different outcomes.

Many people love to Dab their CBD products because it allows them to vape CBD concentrates and give themselves a stronger dose of CBD. 

What is CBD Dabbing?

Dab Pen and Concentrate

CBD dabbing is a vaporising process that allows users to receive highly concentrated CBD vapours. The CBD concentrate (like isolates, wax or crumble) is placed directly onto a heating element that is designed to vaporise the concentrate immediately upon contact.

Dabbing users inhale the vapour and instantly feel the benefits, or result from the material they are vaporising because they are much more concentrated (hence why the products used in it are called concentrates).

Will CBD Dabbing Get You High?

Although many may think that just because CBD is related to THC, it will get you high, and this is a complete misconception. The truth is that a CBD isolate does not contain any THC, and will not get you high no matter how you consume it.

Almost all CBD derived products contain little to no THC at all, meaning that CBD users do not feel any psychoactive effects, or high. However, if you are concerned, any reputable company will have lab reports confirming the THC content. This will ensure that it will not cause any psychoactive effects if not desired.

Due to the fact that CBD dabbing does not cause psychoactive effects, or does not make users high, many find it to be a great alternative to THC packed products. It is thought to offer the same relaxation, but without having to cause uncomfortable mind-altering side effects in users.

How to get Started with Dabbing CBD

Don't worry, we have all felt a little overwhelmed when starting out new things, or trying things for the first time. As a beginner, you might feel a little overwhelmed or at a loss as to how to get started with CBD dabbing. However, do not worry! CBD dabbing is super easy.

Actually, there are only a small handful of things that you need to get started with CBD dabbing, once you have these things ready and prepared, you can quickly start enjoying CBD dabbing, and become an expert in no time.

What You're Going to Need

CBD Concentrate

Love Hemp Isolates

The first thing you're going to need to get started with CBD dabbing is a high-quality CBD Concentrate. The ideal type of materials that are used for dabbing is will advertise that they are meant for dabbing, meaning that not all CBD products can be dabbed.

On today's market, there are a handful of CBD products that can be used for CBD dabbing, but sometimes they're not as easy to find as other options. Look for items like CBD Isolate, CBD Crystals, Terpene Infused CBD Crystals, CBD Shatter, etc.

Also, be sure to read everything you can about the product, and make sure it does not contain a handful of unnecessary ingredients or chemicals. High-quality CBD products are always the best way to go to get the best results, and the best CBD experience possible.

Dab Rig

Dab Rig

Now, the only slightly tricky part of the process of CBD dabbing I believe is finding the right dab rig. Due to the fact that there are a wide variety of options on today's market, and the quality of products and prices of products vary greatly, it is hard to recommend one product to all users.

However, thanks to the variety, it does mean that there is something perfect for everyone. I find that the best way to find the perfect dab rig for you and your needs, is to learn more about the variety there is, to know your budget, and to even get some guidance from dab rig pros if needed.

Simply find a dab rig that will allow you to vaporise high-quality CBD materials without wasting, and will offer the best results for your new, innovative CBD experience. Once you have your dab rig, you're one step closer to CBD dabbing.

How to Dab CBD

Dab Rig

So, now we get to the actual dabbing, but without a dab rig, or materials, this step is going to be impossible, and also a little complicated to understand or visualise. However, if you already have your dab rig, and high-quality CBD concentrates, you're ready to take this next step and actually take your first CBD dab.

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are some types of dab rigs that have electronic nails, but I will be going over the steps that are used to dab CBD with non-electronic nails, for these are the most common, the cheapest, and one of the most recommended options for CBD dabbing.

  1. The first thing you're going to do to take your first CBD dab hits is to use a torch to heat the nail on your dab rig until it glows red. If your dab rig comes included with a dome type piece that goes over the nail, place it over at this point.
  2. For 10 to 30 seconds, turn off the torch and let the nail cool.
  3. Use a dabber tool to place a very small amount of CBD concentrates above the nail. The amount you use depends greatly on your dosage, and your preferences, but for a beginner, I recommend a very small amount. Meaning, about the size of a crumb.
  4. Now, you're going to start gently pulling air through the mouthpiece, and rubbing the edges of the nail with a tool so that the oil can be completely covering the nail. The water in your dab rig at this point should begin to bubble, and you should see vapours beginning to rise.
  5. Inhale through the mouthpiece, and enjoy delicious tasting CBD vapours. Exhale after a few seconds, and you have completed your first CBD dab!

For each dab hit, it is recommended to start fresh with new materials, and let your dab rig cool before you start going again. However, I do highly recommend for beginners to just start slow, and work themselves up with time

See? CBD dabbing is not as hard as you may have imagined! There are only a few key things that you need to keep in mind and a very small number of items that you need to get started, but once you do, the process is more than easy.

Other Dabbing Products

CBDLife Dab Pen

There are also portable dabbing products called Dab Pens that look very similar to an e-cig and allow you to Dab your concentrates on the go, or even for those who do not want the bulkiness of a Dab Rig. 

Many people prefer Dab Pens because of their portability, their ease of use and the ability to be precise with temperatures; which in turn uses less of the concentrates and saves money. 

However, others dislike them because they prefer the taste of vapour from Dab Rigs or hate that they have to change the coils every now and then. It really does come down to preference when you decide what you would like to Dab concentrates with. 

Should you Try CBD Dabbing

As a CBD user and lover myself, I find that trying new things and expanding your horizons is the best thing you could do when it comes to CBD. By trying new products and new methods of consumption, you can continue having an enjoyable, exciting experience no matter how much time you've been using CBD.

I would really like to say that CBD dabbing is perfect for everyone, however, due to the fact that many have never smoked or used a vaporiser, CBD vaping might be strange, or might not be the best method of consumption for all CBD lovers.

However, if you have experience with vaporisers, or are looking forward to trying one for the first time, CBD dabbing could be perfect for you. It is definitely a very unique way of enjoying the benefits of CBD.

I find that I always like to recommend everyone to try new things, expand their horizons, and not be afraid to dive into something new. 

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