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    Flavourless CBD E-Liquids... What's the point?

    Flavourless CBD E-Liquids... What's the point?

    CBD e-liquids are gaining a lot of popularity lately thanks to their ease-of-use and are non addicting thanks to them being nicotine-free. You see, vaping your CBD is discreet, easy, and quick, and thanks to that, it suits many people’s busy on-the-go lifestyles. 

    There are many different types of CBD vape liquids. Dosages change from product to product, and there are countless flavours to choose from -- including plain/flavourless (sometimes referred to as CBD Vape Additive)! Yes, you read correctly. But why would anyone want to use flavourless vape juices, and what are its pros and cons? 

    Flavourless CBD E Liquid

    Pros and Cons of Flavourless CBD E-Liquids


    • Flavourless also means odourless, so it is more discreet and better for vaping around people who are sensitive to smells. This is also a pro if you are a person who is sensitive to smells and strong tastes.
    • Many people feel that flavourless CBD vape liquid is “straight to the point”, meaning that if you’re in it for the CBD and prefer not to vape fruity flavoured e-juice all day, this is the best way. 
    • They are very versatile! If you don’t like the flavours usually offered, you can purchase a flavourless e-liquid, and make your own flavour. This is actually incredibly easy, and it can be as simple as mixing in another no-CBD e-liquid into the one you already have.
    • No aftertaste. Many people claim that some flavoured vape liquids leave an aftertaste (sometimes unpleasant) in their mouths after vaping. But flavourless CBD vape juice doesn’t! Of course, the taste of the CBD itself can produce an aftertaste, but many claim it’s not too bad.
    • Mixable. You can mix flavourless CBD e-liquids with other e-liquids that don’t have CBD in them to either add favour or to dilute the CBD and make your CBD dosage lower!



    When it comes to the cons of flavourless CBD vape liquid, it is a bit hard to gather them, because there are only a few to list... For example, one con could be that it has no flavour, but that’s the whole point of flavourless e-liquid!

    On another note, there could be some faint taste in some CBD flavourless e-liquids due to the CBD concentrates in it, and CBD doesn’t always taste great to begin with. So vaping e-liquid with only CBD concentrates and no flavouring to mask it with can possibly cause the CBD taste to come through at times. 

    There is one more con, which is that due to the CBD e-liquid being flavourless, you may be able to taste when your coil is getting burnt sooner than if you were vaping flavour-packed e-liquid, so you may have to change your coils more often if you vape flavourless CBD e-liquid to have a more pleasant experience. 

    Why Choose Flavourless CBD E-Liquids?

    There are a few reasons why flavourless CBD could be the best for you. For one, if you prefer to have a very neutral vaping experience, flavourless is the way to go, since it is as neutral as it gets!

    Also, if you are sensitive to smells or flavours, or the ingredients in mainstream flavourings, flavourless e-liquid is the best option, since the vape liquid will not contain any of the ingredients which you are sensitive to, and it will allow you to vape your CBD comfortably. 

    In addition to these, making your own flavourings is also a possibility, so if you want to do that, buying flavourless CBD and adding your own flavouring is a great idea. Of course, you can also make your own CBD vape liquid from scratch, but sometimes measuring dosages can be meticulous and time-consuming. Therefore, skipping the mixing and dosage measuring, and getting already-made vape liquid and simply adding flavour is much easier. 

    CBD Vape Additive

    Can It Be Mixed with Other CBD E-Liquids?

    Mixing flavourless CBD e-liquid with other e-liquids is tricky at times. First of all, mixing one CBD e-liquid with another CBD e-liquid (regardless of flavouring) causes the CBD in the final product to increase. So it’s ok to do it, but just be careful not to make your CBD dosage too high.

    Mixing flavourless CBD e-liquid with nicotine e-liquid is not ideal, either. Nicotine and CBD e-liquid ideally should be vaped separately, and it’s best not to mix them together.

    However, if you would like to mix flavourless CBD e-liquid with another e-liquid, you can do it, as long as it contains the same ingredients. With a nicotine vape juice, it will dilute the CBD, which some say is essentially missing the whole point. All the same, that may be just what you are looking for. Again, just make sure you are doing it with the correct products. 

    CBD e-liquids are actually a great option for those of you who would like to keep it simple, and who would prefer not to vape fruity e-liquids which produce odours and sometimes an aftertaste! You should definitely try one if you are considering something different. You might just love it! 

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