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    3 Different Ways to Drink CBD Tea

    3 Different Ways to Drink CBD Tea

    With the rising popularity of CBD, and the number of CBD users increasing, we are now seeing new, innovative ways to enjoy what this cannabinoid has to offer.

    One of the newest CBD trends is CBD edibles and refreshing beverages. CBD tea is at the top of the list of this CBD trend, and in this blog, we will be sharing with you 3 unique ways to enjoy CBD tea.

    Why CBD Tea is Becoming Popular

    If there are such a large number of ways to enjoy CBD, you may be wondering why CBD tea is becoming such a trend.

    There are a few key factors that are making CBD users choose CBD tea as their preferred method of consumption…

    Delicious - Of course, one of the main reasons why the CBD community is choosing CBD tea and other CBD beverages as their favourite method of consumption is because it’s delicious!

    Instead of simply taking CBD in capsule form, or applying topically to the skin, they can enjoy a delicious, calming beverage while still receiving everything that this cannabinoid has to offer.

    Efficient - When compared to other methods of consumption, oral ingestion of CBD is considered one of the fastest and most efficient options.

    It is believed that the CBD component is absorbed faster into the body and metabolized more consistently when taken orally. It is also believed that it offers a higher bioavailability of the component.

    This means that by simply enjoying a nice cup of tea, users get to enjoy one of the most efficient CBD methods of consumption, and receive more of what CBD has to offer.

    Easy - Enjoying a cup of calming CBD tea a day is definitely not complicated. On the contrary, is more than easy!

    CBD tea is a great option for CBD users that don’t want to waste time with complicated instructions and dosage rules. To receive your daily dose of CBD, all you have to do is enjoy some tea.

    3 Unique Ways to Enjoy CBD Tea

    CBD Oil

    1- Adding CBD Oil to Tea

    Adding CBD oil to your favourite tea is one of the most popular CBD tea options. It’s an easy way to get CBD into your kitchen, into your tea, and to get you receiving everything that it has to offer.

    For this method, you're going to need 2 key ingredients; your favourite type of tea and a high-quality CBD oil that has the perfect dosage for your CBD needs.

    To add CBD to your tea, simply boil water, pour it over a tea bag, wait for it to brew, and then measure out the ideal CBD dosage.

    For the CBD oil to mix efficiently into the tea, it is ideal to first mix the CBD oil with milk or cream.

    Once mixed with your preferred dairy product, pour into the tea and mix thoroughly. Once it’s all mixed in, you can add sugar, or simply enjoy it sugar-free. It’s that simple.

    Depending on your recommended daily CBD dosage, you can enjoy 1 to 2 cups of CBD tea a day. However, be sure to not add to much CBD oil to your tea. Always measure before adding.

    CBD Tea

    2 - Water Soluble CBD

    Water-Soluble CBD is seen as one of the best options for those looking to use CBD in food recipes and beverages, due to the fact that this type of CBD products is made to mix easily into water-based ingredients.

    To add Water-Soluble CBD to tea, it’s the same instructions as the ones mentioned above with CBD oil. Simply add it to your favourite tea, and you’re ready to enjoy!

    Water-Soluble CBD is perfect for those that prefer drinking tea without milk or cream since it does not have to be added to another ingredient to mix with water.

    Some Water-Soluble CBD products can sometimes have a lower dosage or concentration of CBD, so be sure to measure your CBD doses taking into consideration the specific dosage of your Water-Soluble CBD product.#

    CBD Tea Leaves

    3 - CBD Tea Leaves

    When it comes pre-dosed, ‘ready to go’ CBD tea, CBD leaves are the best option.

    Unlike adding CBD oil or Water-Soluble CBD to your tea, CBD tea leaves already come dosed with the perfect amount of CBD, and save you that extra bit of time of measuring the right CBD dosage.

    On today’s CBD market, there are now a wide variety of CBD teas to choose from. From calming chamomile to energizing green tea. Simply choose your favourite and you’re ready to enjoy a delicious cup of CBD tea in no time.

    Be sure to choose CBD tea leaves that have the ideal dose for you. Not too strong, and not too mild.

    If you are not sure what daily CBD dose is perfect for you, be sure to ask a medical professional for advice and find what is right for you and your CBD needs.

    Bonus: Sweeten with CBD Honey

    If you want to take the CBD tea experience to the next level, CBD honey should definitely be on your list of must-try ingredients.

    CBD honey is a great CBD product to have around the kitchen. You can, of course, add it to your favourite teas, but also enjoy it on toast for a CBD breakfast, or even add it to your favourite baking recipes.

    There are many CBD honey options to choose from on today’s market, and you can easily choose the one that has the ideal CBD content, and add it to your favourite teas!

    CBD honey is a great way to sweeten up your day, be it either in a delicious glass of CBD tea or a CBD-packed breakfast! And once you try it, it may quickly become your favourite.

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