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    Does Hemp Contain CBD?

    Does Hemp Contain CBD?

    With CBD’s recent rise to fame, we’ve been seeing CBD everything -- food, cosmetics, pet products, and more. Recently, there has been a question about whether CBD can only be derived from cannabis plants or whether it can also be derived from hemp plants… Well, I’m here to answer this question and a few more for you today.

    Before we get started with all the questions, I feel like it’s super important to know what CBD is, where it comes from, and how CBD products are made. So below you can learn a bit about CBD and what it’s all about.

    What is CBD?

    What is CBD?

    CBD (a.k.a. cannabidiol) is a substance found in plants from the Cannabis sativafamily, which includes both marijuana and hemp plants. CBD is naturally produced by these plants in different quantities, just like terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids (such as CBDa), and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are produced.

    Many people, unfortunately, confuse CBD with THC and believe that they both produce psychoactive effects, but that's simply not the case. CBD cannot produce any psychoactive effects and is instead processed by the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. CBD does not act as a neurotransmitter like THC does, and therefore does not possess the ability to cause the effects that THC has on our brains.

    CBD itself can now be extracted and isolated through different processes -- a process which has only recently become a possibility thanks to the advancements in technology that we have seen since the time CBD was discovered in 1940. It’s thanks to this (and the legalisation of the substance) that we are now able to see it in so many different types of products.

    Hemp Plant

    Does Hemp Contain CBD?

    To simply answer this question, yes. Certain strains of hemp actually contain high amounts of CBD. But it’s not that simple. Whether or not your hemp products contain CBD largely depends on the type of product you’re wondering about, and where it was sourced.

    For example, hemp plastic does not contain CBD but hemp-derived CBD oil can. It’s important to note that for the most part, only hemp derived CBD products themselves contain CBD, and no other hemp products really do. This is because of a few different reasons, one of them being that in order to have high-CBD hemp, growers must purposefully harvest high-CBD hemp plants for the purpose of obtaining CBD. Because otherwise, more common strains of “industrial hemp” are used for hemp products such as plastics, textiles, etc.

    Another reason is that only the flowers and buds of hemp or cannabis plants will contain CBD. Many of the other parts of the plants like the stalks are used for textiles, or the seeds are used for hemp seed oil (not to be confused with CBD Oil).

    Which Hemp Products Contain CBD and Which Don’t?

    When it comes to this, it is definitely important to read labels, especially when it comes to things you will be consuming such as food, or applying to your body such as cosmetics or personal care items. So always keep your eye out when you’re shopping around for hemp products, and take your time to read labels to be extra sure.

    CBD Products

    Products that Do

    If a product says CBD, then it should definitely have CBD in it. There are some shady sellers on places like Amazon that may be selling products that look like CBD products but are just hemp products that don't actually contain any CBD.

    Always look for Cannabidiol or CBD listed as one of the ingredients. Even better, is to buy from brands that produce third party lab reports. That way you will see how much CBD is actually in the products. All reputable companies will do this and all of the brands that Bloom Botanics stocksdo so.

    • CBD Oil: CBD oil can actually be found in many different products such as capsules, droppers, tinctures, and more. CBD Oil most definitely contains CBD -- hence the name. Many times, CBD oil is made up of a carrier oil such as hemp oil with an additional amount of CBD.
    • CBD Paste: This product is very different from CBD oil, because instead of being a refined oil product, it is a whole-plant paste, complete with CBD, terpenes, and other nutrients naturally found in the hemp plant.
    • CBD Isolates: CBD isolates are exactly what they sound like -- isolated CBD. This type of CBD product can come in a few different presentations such as liquid or solid, but the most common is CBD crystals. They can be used in many different ways since they are so neutral and versatile, so they are a great way to consume CBD.
    • CBD E-liquids: Vaping CBD is also very popular, and there is a plethora of different options when it comes to this form of taking CBD. You can even make your own CBD e-liquid(recipe here)!

    Hemp Seed Oil

    Products that Don’t

    • Hemp Plastic: Hemp plastic is actually on the rise and has the incredible potential to replace the use of single-use polyethene plastics or any plastics derived from petroleum -- but that’s a different article altogether! But as you may have guessed, hemp plastic does not contain any CBD or any other nutrients found in hemp.
    • Hemp Textiles: For centuries, hemp has been used to make textiles and fibres for clothes and other purposes. But hemp clothes or bags do not contain CBD, and you cannot obtain your daily dose of CBD from hemp clothes -- unfortunately!
    • Hemp Seeds: This is one of the most asked questions on this subject, and the answer is no. Hemp seeds that you would normally find at health food stores do not contain CBD. In fact, CBD is produced in the plants once they begin to grow and mature, and not from when they’re just seeds.


    To conclude the above-stated ideas and facts, CBD can definitely be found in hemp and hemp products, just not in all of them. If you’re looking for hemp CBD products then I highly suggest looking for them specifically.

    But if you’re looking to avoid CBD, I highly suggest keeping away from things such as CBD capsules and oils and sticking to hemp seed oil, hemp plastic (it’s great for the environment!) and hemp textiles.

    If you would like to read more about CBD, what it is, and what all the different things which can be done with it are, please visit our blog page! We always do our best to keep our customers up to date on all the latest CBD news, developments, and newest discoveries. So don’t be shy, and come learn more about this up-and-coming substance!

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