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    Cooking With CBD Oil

    CBD is becoming super popular, and thanks to its popularity, more people are enjoying it, and new, unique and innovative ways of taking it are surfacing. The new methods of consumption that are emerging make it easier for each and every user to choose what exactly is perfect for their needs, tastes and preferences. There is an endless list of ways to enjoy CBD, but one of the new up and coming ways is adding it to recipes.

    Although many CBD users might prefer to take their daily dose of oil in tinctures or capsule form (which is one of the most used methods of consumption), others find that taking CBD oil in capsule or tinctures can be a little, well, boring. It's easy to understand why some might prefer switching things up and trying new ways of enjoying this substance on a daily basis.

    CBD Oil comes in many different forms, this including edibles, such as sweets, confections and more. However, some find that sugar-packed treats aren’t the perfect way of receiving the so-called ‘benefits’ of CBD. This is where cooking with CBD and adding it to delicious everyday recipes becomes the perfect method of consumption.

    When cooking with CBD, users have complete control over their experience; and not only the CBD dosage used, but also the ingredients used in recipes. So if you have been thinking about finding a new, fun way of enjoying CBD, then using it in your favourite recipes might be perfect for you! No matter if you prefer sweet or savoury dishes, you will find that CBD oil will mix beautifully with other ingredients, and add that little ideal ‘boost’ to your daily routines. 


    Why is Cooking with CBD Oil Popular?

    Pile of chocolate chip cookies with a hemp leaf placed on top

    Although there are a wide variety of ways to take CBD, adding CBD to daily recipes has become super popular. Now there are even well-known restaurants that are adding CBD to their dishes, and customers are loving it! But why, if there are so many methods of consumption, has cooking with CBD oil become so popular? Well, the fact that recipes are delicious and CBD can help bring out the taste in some dishes, of course, plays a big part, but there are other factors that make this method of consumption so popular…

    Oral Ingestion Is One of the Fastest Methods of Consumption -Taking CBD orally, either in pill, capsule, oil or tincture form has been shown to be one of the fastest and most ‘effective’ methods of consumption. This is due to the fact that the CBD component is absorbed faster into the body and may, more consistently, metabolize into the system. This is believed to offer a higher availability of the CBD component, and allow for a higher chance of receiving the so-called 'benefits' of the component.

    Easy to Add to Daily Routines- Adding something new to your daily routines can be complicated and can take time to get used to. No matter which method of consumption is chosen to enjoy CBD, it can be complicated to get used to taking regular doses of this oil. With cooking, however, you can keep your daily routines unchanged, and simply add CBD to your daily recipes and foods. Many users have found that cooking with CBD makes the process less complicated, more fun and easier to get used to.

    Perfect for All CBD Lovers - When I say “perfect for all CBD lovers”, I don’t mean that CBD is perfect for everyone. I do mean, however, that CBD cooking can possibly be perfect for everyone, due to the fact that you can pick and choose recipes based on your needs and preferences. If you’re on a diet, for example, but you would still like to incorporate CBD into your daily routine with cooking, you can choose the exact ingredients that are perfect for your diet restrictions, as opposed to buying CBD edibles that may contain large amounts of sugar or carbs.

    Also, no matter what type of foods or recipes you like, you can incorporate CBD oil as your extra ingredient and still enjoy your favourite dishes! If you prefer baking and you enjoy making sweets and confections, CBD is perfect for you! If you like making dips, salads, smoothies, pastas and more, CBD is also perfect for you! The options with CBD cooking are truly endless, and this is another factor that adds to the popularity of this enjoyable method of consumption.

    Pick and Choose Your CBD Dosage -  Another thing that makes cooking with CBD a favourite among users is that they have complete control over the dosage they are taking. Unlike other CBD products, such as edibles, tinctures, sprays, pills and capsules that come pre-dosed with an exact amount of CBD, cooking with CBD gives you the chance to experiment with smaller or larger doses of CBD, so you can find what if perfect for you!

    How to get Started with CBD Cooking

    Like any other type of method of consumption, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration before starting the process. One of the first things that we highly recommend is to ask your doctor if cooking with CBD is perfect for you. It is important to understand that CBD not perfect for everyone, due to the fact that some may take certain medications or have certain diet restrictions that will make cooking with cannabinoids not perfect for their health and or conditions.

    After you have asked your doctor if CBD alright for you to use and if you have received “yes”, the first thing you’re going to need is a high-quality CBD oil. It is very important to keep in mind that the quality of CBD oil you use will affect the quality of your recipes. To have the absolute best results and to make the most delicious recipes, you’ll have to find a well-made, high-quality CBD oil that does not contain any additional, unnecessary ingredients.

    Due to the fact that there are many different types of CBD oils, it is necessary to know which type of recipes you will be aiming for. For example, if your goal is to make delicious sweets and confections with baking, it is recommended to use more refined pure oils to bring out the sweet taste in your recipes. Refined oils are also better for mixing into salad dressings or sauces as they will not overpower the taste. However, if you are trying to make dishes that have strong or herby flavours (pesto for example), you can use less refined CBD oils that will add to the powerful taste in your recipes.

    So, all you really need to start out is to speak with your doctor, find the perfect CBD oil for the recipes you are trying to create, and start finding recipes that are perfect for your taste, preferences, and daily routines. I am confident that once you start cooking with CBD, you will find that incorporating this amazing component will be more than easy and fun. It is definitely understandable why this method of consumption is so popular; it's easy, fun, enjoyable and delicious!

    Tips and tricks for CBD Cooking

    A man sprinkling sauce on 5 plates with cake in a messy kitchen

    As a beginner in the CBD community, you might be at a loss of to what to do and how to bring out the so-called ‘benefits’ of CBD into your recipes and dishes. However, cooking with CBD is not complicated, and you only need to take into consideration a few small tips and tricks to become a CBD cooking expert. Keep in mind of these small tips and tricks, and in no time, you will be making the most delicious CBD infused recipes.

    Cook at Low Temperatures -One of the most important things to keep in mind when cooking with CBD oil is to cook at low temperatures. One of the main reasons why it is necessary to not use high temperatures when cooking with CBD is that this will retain and preserve all the so-called benefits of the component. This is also important due to the fact that when you cook with CBD oil at very high temperatures, it may bring out a bad taste, which is something you do not want in your daily recipes!

    Start Out Small -Another important trick to keep in mind is that you should start out small. This meaning that you should make very small quantities or small dishes to get used to the taste, ratios and ingredients that should be added to your daily recipes. No matter if it's brownies, cookies or a guacamole dip, you should try to keep it small and simply work your way up with time.

    Add a Fat-based Ingredient -One of the things that makes cooking with CBD super easy is adding a fat-based ingredient. This not only allows the CBD oil to be more easily mix into the recipes you are creating but it will also ensure that there will be no strange aftertaste from the CBD oil in your dishes.

    The most recommended fat based ingredients for CBD cooking are coconut oil, ghee, butter and lard. There are also some Water-Soluble CBD's that are great for mixing with drinks and smoothies. Keep in mind that because this type of CBD is water soluble, it is best to not heat up this product. 

    Best Recipes for CBD Cooking Beginners

    Due to the fact that we all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to cooking and daily routines, it is hard to recommend certain recipes for everyone. However, I would like to share with you a few hand-picked recipes and recommendations that are easy, delicious and perfect for beginners. If you do not find a recipe that is perfect for you in this small list, don’t worry! There are a wide variety of ways that you can use CBD in your cooking and by simply trying it a few times, you will find what’s perfect for you.

    CBD Oil, Smoothie in glass jar, and plastic bottle of fruit juice all side by side with two small plants in the background

    CBD Smoothies -Although CBD smoothies might not sound like the most exciting way of adding CBD into your daily cooking routines, they are definitely one of the easiest and the most simple ways of enjoying this component on a daily basis. With CBD smoothies, you can literally add any type of ingredient that you enjoy the most. This could be either veggie-based or fruit-based, and you can pack it with a wide variety of ingredients that will allow you to not only receive your daily dose of CBD but also enjoy a deliciously refreshing beverage! Use a refined oil with a fat based ingredient like milk or yoghurt, or try a Water-Soluble CBD for smoothies that do not include any fat based ingredients. 

    Person pouring oil over a bowl of salad

    CBD Salads -Looking for a perfect diet-based CBD recipe? CBD salads are definitely for you. Not only are they delicious and healthy, but they are also super easy to make and easy to enjoy. All you have to do to add CBD into your favourite salad recipe is substitute the normal oil you use for your salads with CBD oil. It is recommended to use a smaller amount when compared to normal oils, but after you have used it a couple of times in your favourite salads, you will find that choosing the perfect ratio is more than easy. 

    Yellow background with backing ingredients around the text: Baking

    CBD Sweets and Confections -I believe we all know that there is no way to go wrong with a delicious baked good. One of the things that makes baking with CBD so great, is the fact that almost all baked recipes commonly contain a fat-based ingredient. This makes it more than easy to keep the wonderful taste in your baked recipes while also receiving the so-called benefits of the CBD oil. You can add CBD oil to almost any sweets and confection recipe, just keep in mind to cook at low temperatures.

    Is CBD Cooking for Me?

    Although cooking with CBD is quickly becoming one of the most popular and recommended methods of consumption, it is not for everyone. As mentioned above, it is more than important to seek the advice of a medical professional before starting out with CBD cooking. If you are taking any medications or have any medical issues, it is more than important to know if CBD will affect your health in a negative way. If CBD cooking is not for you however, do not worry! There are a wide variety of methods of consumption that might be perfect for you, but we do highly recommend to ask your doctor before using.

    However, if you have found that there are no restrictions against you using CBD in your cooking, it is time for you to enjoy one of the most delicious methods of consumption! We are confident that you will find it not only fun and enjoyable but very easy to add into your daily routines. It is definitely one of the most enjoyable ways of taking CBD, and once you try it, you might just fall in love with it.

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