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    CBD Oil in Northern Ireland: Legality, Reputable Sellers & Brands

    CBD Oil in Northern Ireland: Legality, Reputable Sellers & Brands

    Since the legalization of CBD oil in Northern Ireland in November 2018, there have been many breakthroughs both legally and scientifically which has begun a whole new medical and well-being phase.

    These breakthroughs have lead to more than just the fact that selling CBD oil is legal; they have given way to numerous medical studies, and they have additionally opened up the conversation regarding the use of CBD oil medically.

    CBD oil in Northern Ireland & the rest of the UK is sold as a dietary supplement. It is actually illegal if it is sold or advertised for medicinal purposes. This is because there just hasn't been enough medical testing regarding the medicinal benefits of CBD yet. Obviously, in the future this could change. As it stands, CBD is legal if it is classified as a “dietary supplement” and as long as it has less than 0.2% THC.

    As of now, the number of different brands and sellers have been rising since November 2018, especially in Northern Ireland. Naturally, due to this rise in popularity and availability, the hurdles companies and brands have to jump over have gotten significantly higher and more frequent, but all of this is only to ensure that the consumer will be receiving the highest quality CBD oil possible.

    When it comes to knowing which brands are delivering the best quality of CBD, it can, of course, become a little complicated. As you know, they all have to pass certain criteria put in place by the MHRA, so you are sure to get high quality, ethically sourced CBD from many brands, but which are the best?

    To answer this question, you must first establish which method of taking CBD suits your necessities, preferences and daily lifestyle most. From there, all you need to do is find a brand which caters to your selection and do your research. We wrote a blog on all the different ways to take CBD oil, so feel free to visit the blog and learn more any time.

    UK's Favourite CBD Brands

    Exquisite Brands We Carry

    Our business, Bloom Botanics, is based in Newry, Northern Ireland. Meaning that our Northern Irish clients get the best and most deserved attention with super fast delivery. Additionally, we carry the top brands on the market today, all of which have been vetted to be trusted with our expertise in the field, to be the most effective CBD food supplements but also Lab tested and 100% Legal in the UK. So you can rest assured you're getting premium quality and legal CBD.

    You will find that all the brands we carry offer unique forms of CBD and present them in a variety of different products which will more than likely cater to all our clients’ different needs and preferences.

    All the CBD we offer here at Bloom Botanics is 100% approved and legal in the UK, check out our CBD Store online. We offer you different styles of CBD, such as Full Spectrum CBD and CBD isolates, and we additionally offer many different options as to how to take CBD such as CBD vape products, CBD tablets, CBD creams and lotions, among many others.

    When you are here on our site, we hope you feel cared for and welcome all the time and that is why all the brands we offer provide only the highest quality and most popular CBD oil and CBD oil products. We want you to know that you are in the right hands and that we will always continue to strive towards offering you the best CBD available on the market.

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