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    CBD Brothers Black Edition Review

    CBD Brothers Black Edition Review

    On a saturated market of CBD products, majorly made up by CBD oils, it is easy to understand why it is so hard for CBD users to find the perfect products. I myself have had a complicated time trying to find CBD products that fit my needs, tastes and preferences.

    How can you know that the products you are purchasing are actually what you are looking for, and how do you know they will offer the results they are supposed to? Well, by trying them. That’s right. The only way to know if a product is high quality or not, you have to personally try them.

    And guess what? That’s exactly what I did with the CBD Brothers black edition. Thanks to popularity and recommendations from many of my CBD user friends, I simply had to find out for myself if this CBD oil was worth all the hype or not; and in this article, I would like to show you what I discovered.

    What is the Black Edition by CBD Brothers?

    CBD Brothers Black edition oil

    Although CBD Brothers offer a wide variety of CBD products, they have a very ‘successful’ line of CBD oils, that have taken the CBD community by storm. One of the newest additions to this collection of oils is the black edition CBD oil.

    The thing that makes the black edition unique from the other oils in the collection is its potency. This Indica CBD oil contains 2000 mg of cannabinoids. Out of these 2000mg, 600mg are CBD.

    When compared to other CBD oils on the market, this is the strongest I have has the honor of finding and trying. When it comes to CBD oils on today’s market, it definitely is hard to find potency, and that’s exactly what CBD Brothers were able to offer the community. 

    First Impressions

    I believe that first impressions are important with products, not just with first dates. I mean, don’t you love feeling impressed with the product you purchased just by laying eyes on it? I sure do.

    CBD Brothers Black edition oil

    With the first impression of the black edition Indica CBD oil, I was not disappointed. On the contrary, I was impressed. It was more than apparent that CBD brothers though of everything, including the packaging of their products, and this really did make a difference. 

    The black edition CBD oil comes in a small fitted box that protects the oil from getting damaged by keeping nice and tucked in. It also has all the necessary information about the product, unlike other packaging I’ve seen on the market, which leave you asking yourself, “what is this products again?”.

    The CBD oil itself also comes packaged safely in a thick, sturdy bottle, which made me feel less nervous about using and holding my precious CBD without dropping it. Overall, the black edition CBD brother oil gave me a good first impression.

    First Use | Did I Love It?

    With CBD products, first uses can be a touchy subject. The thing is that not only CBD products are crafted to be good-tasting, or to be used in certain ways, meaning that sometimes, they can catch you by surprise. 

    So, although there are a wide variety of ways to take CBD oil, I always stick with one method for first tries. Why do I do this? Well, I love CBD cooking, so I always want to taste CBD oils to see if they could fit in to one of my CBD recipes or not. 

    With the CBD Brothers oil, my first oral ingestion was definitely an adventure. The taste was definitely strong, and a little bitter, like the majority of other CBD oils on the market. However, I was already expecting this, and I had a cookie ready to save me like a total professional.

    So, although I say that the black edition Indica oil has a bitter, strong taste, that does not mean I didn’t like it. Actually, I instantly thought of recipes and dishes I could add this potent oil to, and I came up with a long list of ideas. Win win situation.

    The original alternative CBD Black edition

    How I Took the Indica Black Edition CBD Oil

    My first oral ingestion taste test might have not been the absolute best, but that does not mean that I gave up. On the contrary. I was able to try out the black edition in a handful of fun ways, and I had a pretty enjoyable experience with this versatile oil.

    Cooking - As I mentioned above, I am a big fan of CBD cooking. Why? Well, because it is the most delicious way of enjoying CBD! You can literally do anything you want with CBD cooking and enjoy all types of recipes, flavors and tastes.

    With the black edition CBD oil, I simply had o try out a few recipes. Despite its strong taste, I set off on a CBD cooking adventure. The first recipe I decided to make with this oil is CBD guacamole, cause like, why not? Am I right or am I right?

    Well, it would be an understatement if I said it was delicious. And although I would like to say that it is all due to my cooking ‘super powers’, the CBD oil played a big part too. The slight bitterness played in perfectly in to the recipe, and made it ten times better. I continue to try new recipes with the black edition Indica CBD oil, and I continue to be impressed.

    Topical Application - Another way that I was able to enjoy what the black edition CBD oil had to offer, was with topical application. I applied small amounts on my hands, mixed a little with my hand cream, and had an easy time applying it throughout the day.

    A great thing about the black edition oil is the fact that although it does have a slightly strong taste, it does not have a very strong smell, making it perfect for topical application. 

    Capsules - Making CBD capsules is actually not as hard as it may seem. They can be made with any type of high quality CBD oil. All you need to make these are empty edible capsules (which you can buy in bulk online), and fill them with the perfect dose. It’s that easy. 

    Is it Worth it’s Price?

    I enjoyed the CBD Brothers black edition Indica CBD oil to the fullest extent. I was impressed, surprised and satisfied. However, there is one thing that I would love to change about it, and that’s its price.

    So, although its not the most expensive CBD oil on the market, it is definitely set at a high price. And, when daily ingestion is needed, things can get pricey. So, is the price of the black edition CBD oil worth it?

    Well, the answer to that question is a yes and a no. One of the things that makes the price of it worth it is the fact that its potency. When compared to a large percentage of other CBD oils on the market, this product is far more potent.

    Why does potency make it worth it? An easy way to understand it is if you consider that 3 bottles of a non potent CBD oil is the same as one of the black edition oils by CBD Brothers.

    The fact that this CBD oil is potent, well-made and high quality makes it more than worth its price, if quality is what you’re looking for. However, if you are simply looking for a cheap CBD oil, this product is definitely not for you.

    However this is some of the most concentrate CBD oil I've seen this is thick dark and potent stuff. check out the following picture, our office lights couldn't even get through the black thick oil. It's pretty clear to see where they got the name black edition from!

    CBD Brother Black edition thick dark oil

    The original alternative black edition oil

    Last Thoughts on the Black Edition CBD oil?

    So, at the end of this review, I say my ‘goodbyes’ on a good, positive note. At first, I was definitely doubting this CBD oil, and thinking it was just another product that has become popular thanks to the media.

    What I found however, was quality. A quality that’s hard to beat actually. The black edition CBD Indica oil proved itself to be potent, well-made, high quality and everything the manufacturers promised it would be.

    I still continue to use this oil, and continue to find fun and innovative ways to enjoy it on a daily basis. Out of the CBD Brothers CBD oils collection, I also have claimed this as my favorite, thanks to its potency and overall quality. 

    So dear reader, are you ready to experience the same quality that I have with this impressive CBD oil? I definitely recommend you do! Stuart finally experiencing the quality you need and deserve. 

     The original alternative Black edition CBD oil

    CBD Brothers Black edition CBD Oil

    • 2000mg Whole Plant Extract >30% Cannabidiol = 600mg Cannabidiol
    • 10ml dropper bottle in 6% strength or 600mg Cannabidiol
    • Organically grown in a controlled environment
    • Vegan

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