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    CBD Asylum Vape Stik Review

    CBD Asylum Vape Stik Review

    About CBD Asylum

    CBD Asylum is still a fairly new CBD company and started up in late 2018. From its inception, CBD Asylum has been super innovative, and very "out of the box" when it comes to their products and even the way they are presented. Their marketing is very fitness focused, and geared towards the health conscious.

    Thanks to their innovative ideas and their entirely CBD focused ways, CBD Asylum has made quite a splash in the CBD industry in the UK. Many people have appreciated their products because of their unique take of the CBD market.

    One of their new but already very popular products is the CBD Stik Vape Pen.

    The CBD Stik Vape Pen

    The CBD Stik Vape Pen is a sleek and compact disposable vape pen which CBD Asylum has recently introduced to the market. The CBD Stik Vape Pen almost looks like a USB memory stick so it is ultra-portable, and fits easily into your pocket. Yes, it's so small it can even fit into women's jean pockets!

    This CBD vape pen is also great for your outdoor adventures, for it is discrete, and doesn't draw much attention to itself or to you. Many of us highly value discreteness, especially when vaping in public spaces, so that is a great feature, and a point in favour of CBD Asylum.

    Packaging, Look and Feel


    As I mentioned before, there is a huge resemblance to a USB memory stick. Which is probably for good reason, it is called The CBD Asylum Stik after all. It comes packaged in a cardboard box.

    Once you take it out of the box you will see that it has a rubber mouthpiece protector. As soon as you remove that, you can start using it. No buttons or fiddling, just take a draw. It's that simple.

    As far as build quality goes, I was actually very impressed. This is a disposable vape pen, but it's a very decent quality for the type of product it is. I actually prefer the shape and feel of this to the traditional disposable e-cigarette. It doesn't feel like it's going to snap in half if I accidentally sit on it in my pocket.

    Vapour Flavour and Quality

    Vape Cloud

    I tried this in the Menthol flavour, but it also comes in Berry for those who prefer the sweeter vape flavours.

    Anyone who has ever had other mint or menthol flavoured e-liquids know they can be either a hit or miss. This was definitely a hit! I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of flavour from this. It was like a pack on menthol gum and definitely not too overpowering.

    If you are expecting to get giant vape clouds from this, then you will be very disappointed. This is a disposable vape pen after all. The vapour that came out was average and was very smooth.

    All in all, this had great flavour and was smooth to inhale. I also really appreciate the strength of this. If you've noticed, many CBD e-liquids that you can buy individually are usually much lower in strength.

    What makes it so great?

    • This vape pen contains absolutely no nicotine, and, thanks to it's CBD content being from CBD isolates, it contains 0% THC too. So not only is this vape pen not addictive in any way, but it also contains 0 traces of any THC, which is perfect for those of you who are subject to drug tests at work, or who simply prefer not to ingest THC.
    • The CBD Stik contains 5% strength CBD, or 100mg CBD in a 2 ml vape pen. For many, this is a perfect strength and CBD percentage; it is above average for many CBD E-liquids and is in line with the dosage recommendation.
    • It's also not too strong for those just trying out CBD and are worried about ingesting too much CBD. Plus, it's not too weak for those who already enjoy taking CBD.
    • The CBD used in this vape pen is pure and organic. This is incredibly important because pure and organic CBD is the best way to go. Regardless of the product or presentation of CBD that you're taking. Because it is much purer, arguably much healthier, and it simply doesn't contain all the harsh chemicals that some other more industrialised CBD products do have.
    • The Vape-Pen itself contains up to 300 puffs, which may last you a pretty long time, depending on how much you vape.
    • Comes in 2 flavours, Berry and Menthol. Both use natural flavourings. For this review, I tried the Menthol Stik.
    • A super great aspect of the vape pen is the fact that it requires no charging and no maintenance overall. Making it great for those who don't want to have to deal with the maintenance of an actual vape pen and the hassle of having to charge it, clean it, reload it, etc.
    • This vape pen is at an accessible price, especially for anyone who would like to try vaping CBD, or those who just vape every now and then. However, it would definitely add up if you vape a lot and only used this.
    • Whether a pro or con, you can decide, but the CBD Stik Vape Pen is disposable. Many may argue that this creates more trash and that there are better more eco-efficient ways to go about vaping CBD. For others, this is the perfect answer to their wishes, for it is more time efficient, and overall more convenient to simply buy a new vape pen when the CBD e-liquid runs out in your current one.

    What I think?

    This really is a great product for those who want to first try vaping CBD, but don't want to invest in a vaporizer, coils, e-liquids, etc. It's also great for those who only vape every now and then.

    Our Head of Communications said she likes this if she is on a night out. She has actually quit smoking for years now, but still likes a "sociable cigarette" every now and then. Since she used to smoke menthols, this helps kick her cravings and she doesn't have to worry about maintaining a vaporizer.

    I actually got for a trip I was taking because I didn't want to bring my e-liquids and vaporizer with me. This was much easier to take along.

    While I can not attest to how long it will last yet, I can say that I've been using it for about a week now with no problems and it is still going.

    Many people highly recommend the CBD Stik Vape Pen and I am definitely one of them now. At such a great price, and for such a convenient and on the go way of taking CBD, there really is nothing to lose, and the most likely outcome is that you absolutely love it too.

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