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    CBD and Traveling: What You Need to Know

    CBD and Traveling: What You Need to Know

    Many of my fellow travellers have, at one point, shared this same uncertainty of whether or not we can take CBD with us on our travels. The answer is that it depends on whether you bought the CBD within the UK, or if you bought the CBD outside of the UK and are flying into the UK with it, or if you are flying outside of the UK.

    If you bought the CBD within the UK, and are planning to travel with it within the UK borders, it is completely legal to take your CBD with you in either your checked luggage or your carry-on luggage. All you need to think about is whether the amount of CBD is small enough to be on your carry-on and if not, all you need to do is switch it to your checked bags.

    If you are travelling abroad, say to the USA, and you purchase CBD there during your visit and you want to bring it back home to the UK with you, I'm sorry to say that you are not permitted to bring your CBD into the UK borders - with no exceptions.

    The same thing goes for people trying to import or export CBD Oil from Holland. This may seem a bit random, but there have been countless inquiries regarding Holland, the legality of CBD within Holland, and between Holland and the UK, and I would just like to clarify this for you.

    There is also a huge difference between CBD supplements which are now starting to be much more common within the UK since its legalization in late 2018 and Cannabis Oil medicines. For example, there are now people within the UK that possess a very special type of license which permits them to travel in and out of the UK with their Cannabis Oil medicines.

    One of these people is a young girl of 4 years old who suffers from a rare type of pediatric epilepsy. She has been granted permission to possess and import medicinal Cannabis Oil which is only available in places like Canada and Holland. But this is a very extraordinary case, especially because the child's life practically depends on the use of CBD specifically medicinal Cannabis Oil.

    Travelling with CBD outside of the UK


    Travelling with CBD outside of the UK in places such as the USA is very simple, and is just as easy as travelling with CBD in the UK. The US has also legalised the use of CBD as well as the use of medical and recreational marijuana.

    Therefore, if you are a tourist visiting the United States and decide to purchase and use CBD within that country, you are completely free to do so, yet are still subjected to each individual state’s laws surrounding CBD, so I suggest reading up on those of the States you are visiting before purchasing or travelling with CBD there. But you cannot take the CBD with you into the UK due to a difference of laws and regulations.

    On the other hand, purchasing CBD in the UK, boarding a plane with it, and subsequently crossing UK borders to other countries, is still very much illegal as well. You may be asking yourself why it is illegal to import CBD made in the UK to other countries, and the answer is quite simple.

    The UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has strict laws and regulatory guidelines with which all CBD in the UK must comply. But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, for example, has different regulations with which all CBD in the US must comply. Therefore, where the CBD is made and how it is made does make a difference in the eyes of the law of each individual country. So, in short, taking CBD made in the UK and travelling to other countries is out of the question.

    I hope that this was informative for those who ask themselves “can I bring CBD on a plane?”, since many of us start out with the same doubts. I hope also that all your travels with CBD are easy and carefree. If you are travelling to other countries which are not mentioned in this blog, I recommend doing extensive research on that country's laws with CBD before going there and taking CBD with you.

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