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    Can CBD Affect Your Performance at Work?

    Can CBD Affect Your Performance at Work?

    CBD is growing exponentially as an increasing number of people across the UK have begun using it. The CBD industry is so big that its estimated annual consumer value is £300M -- and it’s only been legal since November 2018!

    The estimated annual value of the industry alone shows that it has become a very popular product. But are CD consumers safe? Should people be worried about CBD affecting their daily lives? And can CBD go as far as to affect their performance at work?

    THC and CBD

    Is CBD Psychoactive?

    CBD is one of the 110+ cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants. It is extracted from these plants and presented in 3 different forms: isolates, broad-spectrum, and full spectrum.

    Isolates are 99% pure CBD; broad-spectrum is CBD and other nutrients found in cannabis and hemp plants such as Omegas, vitamins and minerals, terpenes, and flavonoids; and full-spectrum CBD is practically the same as broad-spectrum, except it contains small traces of THC.

    THC is the psychoactive component in cannabis plants that give them their infamous psychoactive effects a.k.a. their ability to make you feel “high”. THC is the reason why people feel inhibited after smoking cannabis.

    But CBD is different. Yes, it does come from the same plants, but CBD itself cannot produce a high.

    Once CBD is presented in one of these 3 forms, it is then either sold as it is, or it is incorporated into a wide variety of products including:

    So with CBD being incorporated into so many different types of products, almost anyone can find a CBD product that works for them. Should they be worried about any of these products affecting their daily work life?



    Can CBD Affect Your Performance at Work?

    Many people think that if CBD comes from cannabis and hemp, it can create a high. But CBD is not psychoactive, and therefore poses no risk of getting you high.

    This points to the fact that CBD is safe to use at work. There is no way CBD can make you high, and consumers can, therefore, look forward to using CBD without any psychoactive consequences.

    But though CBD is safe to use before and during work, there are always a few things you should consider.

    What to Watch Out For

    The first thing to consider is that CBD is processed by the same enzymes in our livers that process certain drugs and medications. When CBD comes in contact with these enzymes, it can alter the way they process these drugs and medications if they're taken at the same time -- and this can potentially create some difficulties.

    On the other hand, if your workplace requires you to take drug tests, there is a slim possibility of failing it if you are taking full-spectrum CBD-- even if it doesn’t make you high. This is due to the minuscule (but present) traces of THC that it contains. 

    Finally, you should consult your human resources director if you have the least bit of doubt about your workplace’s policy, and its alignment with CBD usage. Being sure is much better in these type of situations!

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