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    Brand Spotlight: The Hemp Company Dublin

    Brand Spotlight: The Hemp Company Dublin

    The CBD industry is in gold rush mode. It seems like a new company is appearing practically every day. In some ways this is good, it’s always nice to see new blood and with luck, the competition will drive fantastic innovation.

    However, it’s not all good. Unfortunately, some of these new corporations are merely seeking to take advantage of the growth of the CBD market for short term gain. There have been far too many cases of new CBD products falling short of the mark. Reports have shown that some contain far less CBD than they claim, with a few actually contain none. Others have a far higher amount of THC content than they claim, and more than authorised by the law. Worst of all, many new producers do not screen their CBD products for heavy metals or other toxins that could potentially harm users.

    Putting customers at risk puts the industry at risk. If disreputable companies continue down this path, it could potentially lead to a total collapse of trust in the CBD market. On top of that, if any harm comes to users then the entire CBD industry could be sanctioned out of existence by governmental bodies.

    This is why brands with an established reputation are a must for the industry if it is to survive. Regardless of the industry, a market is built on the hard work of reputable brands. These establish a baseline in quality and show customers exactly what they should demand of the products they consume.

    When it comes to CBD, one name that has a long and proven track record behind it is The Hemp Company Dublin.

    Hemp Company Dublin

    The Hemp Company, The Finest Hemp Products From The Emerald Isle

    The Hemp Company is a Dublin City institution. Originally based in a market outside the city centre in Christchurch, they have set been based in numerous locations across the city. These days you can find them in their iconic location in the heart of Dublin on the historic Capel Street.

    This street is one of the most iconic locations in Dublin. It is packed with off-beat, independent businesses. Historically it is was an up-scale residential area and then a bustling centre of commercial activity. Now, it is the location of some of the most interesting businesses in the fair city.

    From the beginning, The Hemp Company has been focused on, believe it or not, hemp products. Through promotion and sale, the company has been a pioneering trailblazer in the Irish hemp market. Their products range from clothing spun from hemp fibre to delicious and nutritions hemp-based foods. All of their products are sourced from legal, low THC industrial hemp crops. These crops are specifically selected for the strength and abundance of their fibres.

    The Hemp Company does more than simply sell hemp products. They also focus on awareness and education, they make it a point of pride to ensure that anyone who enters their premises is taught about the many virtues of hemp.

    Of course, it’s no surprise that The Hemp Company are leading the way when it comes to CBD awareness in Ireland. They even have their own range of high-quality CBD products made from high-CBD hemp. Their products are based on the latest in scientific research and are among the best value CBD products produced by the Irish industry.

    These products, are only available to the UK CBD community through Bloom Botanics. Or, if you’re in Dublin, you can always call into their store!

    High-Quality Products, From Experienced Hands

    The Hemp Company’s CBD oil is made from CBD-rich cannabis Sativa plants grown in Germany and The Netherlands. Their oils are full-spectrum formulated from an evenly-balanced solution of CBD extract and hemp seed oil. This means that the oil not only has the soothing and painkilling effects of CBD but also the fatty acids and beneficial vitamins found in the hemp plant.

    They have incorporated CBD into a range of other products. One of which is their high-quality CBD paste. This pure dutch natural healing full spectrum paste has a CBD percentage of 16.5%. This allows users to receive their dose quickly, exactly when they need it.

    Finally, their CBD-infused balmis a topical salve infused with CBD. It is made with totally natural ingredients and is available in two strengths, forte and extreme. There are zero additives or processed food oils in this balm, making it perfect for sensitive skin types.

    The Hemp Company Dublin CBD Oils

    An Old Company With New Life

    In 2018, The Hemp Company approached a digital design agency with a single, important objective in mind. They wanted to update their business and image so they could enter the rapidly growing CBD market, and show them what real quality is.

    Over their 20 year history, the Hemp Company has proven that they were able to adapt and grow time and time again. This new boom for hemp products was a challenge that they were more than ready for.

    They used their experience with hemp distribution, manufacture, and retail to create a range of fantastic products that are among the finest to come out of the Irish Republic. They rebranded to celebrate this new chapter in their business, teaming up with design company, Good as Gold to invent a new vision and aesthetic.

    This vision can be seen on the packaging of their products. Made from hemp paper and sporting a striking natural texture that speaks volume about their long history working with all-natural hemp. To show their new vigour and to stand out in the crowded CBD market place, their packaging also features tasteful and modern bright colours.

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