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    Bloom Botanics Guide to CBD for Dogs, Cats and Pets

    Bloom Botanics Guide to CBD for Dogs, Cats and Pets

    Is CBD Safe for Pets?

    Recently, there has been a rise in popularity in the number of people using CBD for their pets, and there have been many many products which have appeared on the market due to it's rising popularity. But many pet owners in the UK have been wondering whether or not CBD is safe for pets or if it is not. This guide will explain to you whether or not CBD is safe for pets, how to give them the proper dosage, and explain to you a little bit more about the risks and facts which are important to know as a pet owner who is considering CBD as a good option.

    CBD is processed through what we call the endocannabinoid system, a system which all mammals have in their bodies. Just like us, your furry friend will have no problem processing the CBD given to them. You just have to make sure you are not giving them too much as they are much smaller than we are.

    CBD is a great option for pet owners who are seeking to treat their pet with a natural alternative. CBD has become one of the best organic and natural remedies with which one can use on their pet.

    One thing to make sure of is checking that the CBD you are buying your pet follows the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) standards for CBD. If you are not sourcing your CBD products from a professional and trustworthy brand, there is a risk that you may be getting CBD with higher traces of THC. It is important to note that THC can produce very harsh side effects in pets. So the best thing to do is to always check the packaging, check third-party test results on the product you are thinking of buying, and do your research before buying anything. A vast majority of the CBD on the market in the UK today is on par with the MHRA regulations, but I always want to make doubly sure that our furry friends are safe and going to be taken care of properly.

    THC vs CBD For Pets


    Apart from wondering whether CBD is actually safe for pets, many have been debating whether THC, like CBD, is good for pets as well. But the difference between THC and CBD are quite significant, especially when thinking of giving it to pets. As stated before, THC can have very harsh side effects on your pet.

    As you know, both THC and CBD are both naturally occurring components called cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis plants. THC is extremely different from CBD in the fact that it causes psychoactive effects or as we know it a high. The way the body processes THC and CBD are very different, and it is especially different in how pets process it and can cause some pretty scary symptoms in our furry friends.

    The psychoactive effects are much stronger on pets than they are humans, and the experience can be extremely overwhelming for them. Our pet’s brains don't respond the same as humans brains do and cannot control or moderate the reaction which is caused due to the THC. Cannabinoids are metabolised a lot slower in pets, so the harsh effects of THC on your pet can also last up to 24 hours.

    Pets that have consumed too much THC can lose control over their own bodies with incontinence, seizures, and even excessive vomiting or irregular heartbeats. In extreme cases, it can cause comas. This is very sad, because many people have tried to help their pets by giving them forms of edible marijuana, without knowing that they're doing their pets more harm than good; but I am here to help you put an end to that cycle by informing you and educating you more about CBD, and treating your pets with it.

    While all of this may sound very scary, it is important to note that CBD does not affect your pet in this same manner and actually has positive effects on animals, just like it does with people. Many people are also concerned that some Full Spectrum CBD products that contain the 0.2% maximum amount of THC will affect their pet in the same harsh ways that we listed above, but just know that this amount of THC is so minuscule that it is safe to use on your pet, and be sure to use a hemp-based CBD. If you are ever worried, it is always best to monitor your pet’s reactions to CBD.

    How Much CBD Should I Give My Pet?


    Once you have decided you are ready to try CBD with your pet, you need to be mindful of how much you will be giving to them. Because Pets are much smaller than us we need to be careful not to give our pets the same dosage of CBD we would give ourselves. Just like if a person was to have too much CBD, it is known to have sedative-like effects and can even cause diarrhoea. Again, this is only when used in high doses, so please always be mindful of how much CBD you are giving your pet.

    There are a few different ways in which you can give your dog, cat or pet the correct dosage of CBD. Ideally, you should start your pet off on a small dose of CBD, monitor the effects and then gradually increase their dose over several weeks. Just like every person reacts to CBD different, the same goes for pets.

    The best way to give your pet the right dosage is based on body weight. First, you need to weigh your pet, then you need to do the math. Again, always monitor your pet’s reaction before beginning to give a higher dose.

    • Lower doses (this is best to start at): 0.05 mg per pound is a great start
    • Middle range doses: 0.125 mg per pound will suffice
    • Higher doses: 0.25 mg per pound (this is plenty of CBD for your pet)

    You can follow the instructions on the packaging, but just be mindful of how much they recommend. Many hemp products for petscome in the form of appealing snacks or treats so it makes it easier for both owner and pet. This means that each snack or treat for your pet comes already dosed with what the company or brand thinks the best. Just remember to keep in mind the doses above just to be safe.

    Tips and Tricks


    Sometimes getting your pet to eat anything can be quite a task, especially when it's something which is not bacon, their favourite treat, or a nice can of tuna. We’d like to pass on a few tips and tricks when it comes to giving your picky pets CBD (or any medication in that matter).

    The best and most reliable trick if you're using CBD in oil form is by incorporating it into bacon grease. Yes, I know that incorporating anything into bacon grease sounds a bit tedious and a little gross to be honest. However, I'm sure your dog or cat is sure to love this trick. All you need to do is make up a batch of your favourite bacon, set aside and cool the grease leftover in the pan, and mix of CBD oil into one tablespoon of bacon grease. After you have mixed the CBD oil infused bacon grease together, I highly suggest warming it back up a little bit and pouring it over their food. Your dog or cat will love this trick, and they won't know the difference. In fact, they'll think that they're having a special meal each time their CBD dosage comes around, and they'll begin to look forward to it.

    Always remember

    Girl holding dog

    As we mentioned numerous times throughout this post, THC can have severe and negative effects on your pet, but CBD is safe. Always be cautious of what type of product you are using to ensure there is no more than 0.2% THC in the product. Our pets are our family after all, and we would never want to give them anything but the best, or anything that is bad for them.

    If you are ever worried about giving your dog, cat or pet CBD we strongly suggest speaking to their veterinarian first. Just like we suggest speaking to a doctor or medical professional if you were to think about taking CBD for yourself. Also, if you are thinking about giving your dog/cat/furry friend CBD in place of a medication they are already taking, ALWAYS speak to your vet first. Just like grapefruit can affect certain medications we take, CBD can do the same.
    If you have used CBD with your fuzzy friends please let us know how it has worked for them in a comment below!


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